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  1. Jun 2024
    1. he read Buddhapalita’s commentary and came to a full realisation of emptiness

      for - quote - emptiness - Je Tsongkhapa's realization

      quote - (see below) - Je Tsongkhapa was dissatisfied with explanations he had - received - sought out and - read - all the extant texts on emptiness and their commentaries and - analysed what he read to reach the correct view. - In retreat he had a vision of Manjushri, after which - he read Buddhapalita’s commentary and - came to a full realisation of emptiness. - He understood that - because things are dependent on other factors - they are empty of inherent existence; - but they are not non-existent. - Neither - non-existent nor - inherently existent, - they exist as functional phenomena, - but only by way of designation.

  2. Jul 2023
    1. here's also a kind of Shadow side to this approach which is which we could call maybe religios as opposed to religious in in 00:03:51 English it's religious o-s-e adjective and um this is very very common actually in ecological language whether it's in newspapers or books or anything music art anything that says that there needs 00:04:05 to be a very profound sudden massive change in ourselves um is is I think a dangerous
      • for: progress trap, unintended consequence, ecological realization, ecological awakening
        • claim
          • the idea that we need a profound, sudden and massive change in ourselves in a dangerous notion
          • comment
            • why?
            • it presumes we have a deficit as an ecological being
            • when in actual fact, we cannot be otherwise
            • so instead, our job is to awaken our already ecological nature
            • by this, we mean our deep, intrinsic ecological nature as ecological (interdependent) beings
            • we humans have a strange and very limited kind of interdependence, which is exploitative to other people and other species
            • we have to become aware of that culturally conditioned limitation
    2. you don't 00:33:51 have to be ecological because you are ecological yeah you do not require some kind of massive transformation something in here knows that you're an ecological being 00:34:06 because you are you're a life form yeah all you have to do is notice right that you are already yeah and my cat for real knows I'm an ecological being right that my cat Oliver is relying on me to give 00:34:20 him the food every day he knows that he coexists with me in some kind of relationship right so we don't have to think anything special right we have to do things right we have to do things and 00:34:33 the thing we have to do is incredibly simple to say we have to stop burning carbon um that's it right you just have to stop it
      • for: rapid whole system change, transformation, inner/outer transformation
      • key insight

        • we just have to realize we already are an ecological being
        • we are already in inter-relationship
        • we already are the individual entangled with the collective
      • comment

        • we can call this "ecological realization"
        • seeing that we already are an ecological being
  3. Feb 2023
    1. But the book’s enduring appeal—the reason it might interest someone whose life no longer demands the writing of anything longer than an e-mail—has little to do with the rigors of undergraduate honors requirements. Instead, it’s about what, in Eco’s rhapsodic and often funny book, the thesis represents: a magical process of self-realization, a kind of careful, curious engagement with the world that need not end in one’s early twenties.
  4. Nov 2022
    1. Computers can only deal with well-structured problems

      ie, "well-defined problems" in John Vervaeke's language. Cultivation of wisdom, per Vervaeke, is developing the capacity to navigate a ill-defined problem space, and realize (ie, recognize, and make real) what is relevant to resolving the situation.

      Examples of ill-defined problems: - how to take good notes? - how to tell a funny joke? - how to go on a successful 1st date? - how to be a good friend?

      May relate to Shapiro's "role theory". Needs further research

  5. Jun 2021
    1. I could see them--that they were advancing in life, and I was still in the same spot. So I asked my mom if I could get a job, and that's when she broke it down to me that I wasn't even from here. And that was right there like a slap in the face.

      Time in US - immigration status - being secretive - lost opportunities

  6. Feb 2021
  7. Apr 2020
  8. May 2016
    1. Whether or not you have gotten any clear grasp of what has just been stated, do not discard it asimpossible of comprehension. For in every line is hidden a meaning that will more than repayyou for the study necessary to make it become clear.This Message is to awaken you to a realization of what You are, to a realization of your real Self.It is intended to make you once more conscious of Me, your Divine Self, so conscious that neveragain will you be deceived by that other self, which you have imagined as being you and whichso long has lured you on by feeding you with its unsatisfying sense pleasures, its mentaldissipations and emotional delights