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  1. May 2019
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    1. clear plans to integrate digital projects and/or methodologies into their course.

      Rather than "clear plans": multiple plans! So much food for thought. So many possibilities and options.

  3. Nov 2016
    1. infrastructure (the Internet is slower in Egypt)

      It's even more of a challenge in Lebanon (the internet is even slower).

    2. Do students recognize the importance of password-protecting their devices and having different passwords across platforms?

      I'm curious to know if the answer to this question would differ from Generation Y to Generation Z.

    3. Unfortunately, many focus on skills rather than literacies.

      True. It's also worth noting that some may be tempted to think that 21st century learners are "tech savvy" by default...but this is not really the case. The students were born and brought up during the age of digital technology but that doesn't mean they will naturally excel in the digital world without any form of guidance.