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    1. When the card guidesare also used for classification purposes (144) a specially strongguide should be selected, as their replacing entails a great dealof re-writing.



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    1. MFA Salesforce setup is not mandatory for your company’s Experience Cloud sites, employee communities, help portals, or e-commerce sites/storefronts. You have the flexibility to choose whether or not to activate MFA for Salesforce Experience Cloud external users accessing these sites. External users can be identified based on the following types of licenses:

      Implementing MFA is a proactive approach to ensuring that even if a password is compromised, unauthorized access can still be prevented.

  5. Jul 2023
    1. The toughest part of the game is easily deciding which club you will use because the game gives you absolutely no clue on how long a club will take you, if you use its full potiental. Well, I calculated the distances... use this table to find which club you would use when in need. ---------------------------- | Club | Max. Distance | |----------------------------| | 1W | 260 yards | | 3W | 230 yards | | 4W | 220 yards | | 1I | 210 yards | | 3I | 190 yards | | 4I | 180 yards | | 5I | 170 yards | | 6I | 160 yards | | 7I | 150 yards | | 8I | 140 yards | | 9I | 125 yards | | PW | 100 yards | | SW | 75 yards | | PT | 30 yards

      Guide for club distance in original Game Boy Golf.

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    1. A quick and dirty guide to choosing "slow carbs" (low GLI) and "fast carbs" (high GLI). Purportedly, insulin spikes (from high GLI foods) and prevent amino acids from entering the blood brain barrier. Need to fact-check this

    1. PDF summary by Cochrane for planning a meta-analysis at the protocol stage. Gives guidance on how to anticipate & deal with various types of heterogeneity (clinical, methodological , & statistical). Link to paper

      Covers - ways to assess heterogeneity - courses of action if substantial heterogeneity is found - methods to examine the influence of effect modifiers (either to explore heterogeneity or because there's good reason to suggest specific features of participants/interventions/study types will influence effects of the intervention. - methods include subgroup analyses & meta-regression

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    1. Best Ways to Scale a Startup or Business Successfully

      Your dream project is no longer merely a concept. It's now a reality. You've successfully launched your product, and it's gradually growing in popularity. You might be wondering now, "How does one scale a startup?"

      However, there is another critical question to consider: Is your project ready to scale?

      According to the Startup Genome Report, up to 90% of all startups fail because they try to scale too quickly. You risk a lot if you make a mistake and start scaling a business before you're ready.

      It's not easy, but you can avoid those dangers. In this blog post, we'll show you how to tell if your startup is ready for scale, and if it isn't, how to get ready. We’ve

  11. Dec 2021
    1. How to Start an Online Consulting Business

      One of the last industries to embrace digital transformation is consulting. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the process far more than planned. According to Forbes, the globe will adopt a new normal, with work, study, and leisure shifting online. Globally, the consulting sector is worth $160 billion. In 2020, though, sales is likely to drop to $130 billion. As a result, most consulting firms are no longer solely focused on providing consulting services. Small and mid-sized businesses would struggle to stay afloat if they didn't make the switch from offline to online. But how can you get started as an online consultant and, more importantly, what tools should you use?

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  14. www.multiplikatoren-projekt.peoplemanagement.uni-muenchen.de www.multiplikatoren-projekt.peoplemanagement.uni-muenchen.de
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    1. STM views all scholarly, scientific, technical, medical and professional publishers as reputation managers not only of themselves, but of the whole community as well.

      STM encourages "reputation management".