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  1. Sep 2019
    1. MicroBio Engineering Inc., a research and engineering consulting firm specializing in developing improved algal strains and cultivation processes for wastewater reclamation, animal feeds, higher value products and, yes, biofuels.
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  4. May 2019
    1. I published the Level manifesto with great fanfare: The War on Developer Productivity (And How I Intend to Win It).

      Quite a fascinating and interesting way to kick-off such endeavor. This can act as a major source of encouragement for giving one's 100% to the purpose. Of course, avoiding the risks of over-committing without periodic self-examination.

  5. Mar 2019
    1. So, if you’re liable to start a small business in any of the following fields, you just might find some serious success by striking out on your own.

      So, if you’re liable to start a small business in any of the following fields, you just might find some serious success by striking out on your own.

    1. The New Small Business ideas, yes this is the main reason, before starting to work out on your best small business idea, you need to make sure that it is powerful and unique enough.

      The New Small Business ideas, yes this is the main reason, before starting to work out on your best small business idea, you need to make sure that it is powerful and unique enough.

  6. Jan 2019
    1. 以太坊社区及以太坊主要开发团队对以太坊的技术纯净性的追求较高,我们无法用工程化融合的方案来看待以太坊的进度,完美的世界计算机和一个全面的区块链工程化应用解决方案在本质上会有性能的个性差异。但相对于看好以太坊的创业者来说,熊市之中,性能较弱的尴尬涉及到了团队的生存问题,以太坊的信仰和共识可能被环境所打败,开发团队转移其他战场。


      在求变的过程中,总会有两派行动纲领互为对斥的声音站出来相互抨击。例如当人们谈论「本土」和「外域」时,本土原教旨主义者和全球化开放主义者之间的吵闹声总是尖锐刺耳,但恰恰是在这种极端到偏颇的较量之中产生了张力,推动现世朝着互不偏倚的方向演进,避免了演化成所谓的「分叉」(fork)。 <br/><br/> 有趣的是,即使是处在矛盾两端的反义词也可以互相转化,就像「草食男」也可以被视作「性感」一样,清晰的定义为「模糊另面」赋予了合理性。既然如此,那么像商业应用这么中庸且自制的容器也就更没有理由冒天下之大不韪去自立门户。创业者们不应该用工程化融合的方案看待技术,他们应该用这种视角去审视技术背后的人。

  7. Dec 2018
    1. “They’re actively, actively recruiting,” said Cheddar’s Alex Heath. “They’re also trying to scoop up crypto start-ups that are at the white-paper level, which means they don’t really even have a product yet.”
  8. Oct 2018
  9. Nov 2017
    1. I sought to shut down a startup culture at the school that was resulting in sites built with decidedly unregulated palettes and proportions.
  10. Aug 2017
    1. mClinica’s mobile technology connects drug companies, their distributors, pharmacies, and patients on a common platform. By unifying them, the company’s network collects comprehensive data that allows for the deployment of programs to improve patients’ health outcomes and access to affordable medicine
  11. Jun 2017
    1. Quick Start Foundational Stack Here’s a handful of critical apps you’ll need to get any organization up and running quickly and cost effectively.

      using saas to boost your startup

  12. May 2017
    1. So to a start up founder, timing correctly when to do something is far more important than doing that thing amazingly well

      Words of wisdom - The act of doing should go hand in hand with the act of figuring out when to do something.

    2. "I don't have a system and need to build one."

      It's a POC - GSD and most importantly see what sticks.

    1. ($20*3)-($20*3*.1) = $54

      10% of $2000(cost of camer) * 3days = Rental Price

      Rental Price - Commission = Rental Made This guy totally forgot taxes here.... :)

      54$ for 3 days 365 days a year about 50 % usage so roughly 180 days. $54 for 3 days $? for 180 days = $3240 about 740$ profit per year for a $2000 investment if he's 50% utilized over the year.

      Camera's Man this guy needed to crunch some more numbers. Camera's have compatibility issues....

    2. We should have built the absolute minimum and then manually maintained transactions through the backend if need be. To hell with formality. We were in the business of proving a hypothesis yet we acted as if it had already been proven.

      quick and dirty solution and see if it sticks...

    1.  “Our ‘secret sauce’ is storytelling. Ninety-nine percent of video companies are started by video producers and animators. Splainers, on the other hand, was started by writers and journalists. If the story isn’t compelling, no amount of flashy graphics will save your video.”

      This is the essence of why journalism and writing are important, even for technical people.

  13. Dec 2016
    1. In 2012, AKQA’s chief creative officer Rei Inamoto debuted a new wisdom at SXSW: “To run an efficient team, you only need three people: a Hipster, a Hacker, and a Hustler.” The startup trifecta was born.
  14. Mar 2016
  15. Dec 2015
    1. STARTUPSTASH A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup

      Wszystko co trzeba do prowadzenia startupu

    1. The problem with early stage investing is that markets can never be sized in Excel. If they could be reduced to a formula, we’d all be working at hedge funds. No, the essence of early stage investing is more instinctual.

      you can never size a market in excel

  16. Nov 2015
    1. Snapchat, the messaging company, and Dropbox, the online storage business, were recently marked down in value by mutual fund investors. Zenefits, a human resources start-up, has said it missed sales targets and that it is slowing its hiring. On Wednesday, the payments company Square, which was valued at $6 billion by private investors last year, priced its public offering at $2.9 billion. Silicon Valley venture capitalists such as Bill Gurley of Benchmark and Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital have warned that a unicorn shakeout is coming.
  17. Aug 2015
    1. the true hacker spirit does not reside at Google, guided by profit targets
    2. The gentrification of hacking is… well, perhaps a perfect hack.
    3. And before you know it, an earnest Stanford grad is handing me a business card that says, without irony: ‘Founder. Investor. Hacker.’

      Mi "emprendimiento", mutabiT, muestra varias cosas de la cultura hacker que pueden tener potencial en contextos educativos, empresariales o gubernamentales entre otros, pero sigue alineada a la construcción de procomún y no de lucro para la propia empresa o sus propietarios (como muestran los balances y las apuestas hechas ;-))

    4. ‘hacking’ as quirky-but-edgy innovation by optimistic entrepreneurs with a love of getting things done
    5. the revised definition of the tech startup entrepreneur as a hacker forms part of an emergent system of Silicon Valley doublethink
  18. Jul 2015
    1. Your response has signaled that you think anyone can step into education and immediately make an impact.

      Questo atteggiamento, nel mondo edtech può essere ancora più deleterio che in altri contesti e business.

  19. Apr 2014
    1. Every company, especially startups, will experience random events that will help or hurt. It is impossible to fully anticipate these events ahead of time. That’s not the question. The question is how your organization will react to the series of inevitable unknown and random events.
  20. Feb 2014
    1. alk. Over the last seven years, I’ve pitched technical or otherwise innovative services to publis

      great post!