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    1. 'CONVERT'.  There is no fee on this, but the price will depend on market conditions.

      What exactly is the difference between "convert" and "create/redeem"? Is it correct to say that there is no fee?

  3. Aug 2017
    1. To conclude, the possibility of receiving a loan increases based on our experience. In some cases, we have even seen a drop in the interest rate. This results in more people receiving access to credit with a better interest rate thanks to increase of scoring model accuracy. We believe that designing systems from the start in discrimination-conscious way will reduce the risk of machine-learning algorithms introducing unintentional bias much like humans do. This should avoid the moral problem of discrimination. In addition, requiring drivers to pass an eye test discriminates against the blind, but eyesight is quite essential to safely drive a car. As the last exclusion is justified then loaning to people who are not creditworthy should be an acceptable exclusion as well.
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    1. From 14 to 15 February EventHorizon 2017 brought together 550 international first movers andthought leaders from the energy as well as the Blockchain sector in the Hofburg Vienna – andimperial conference and event centre, where for over 700 years, both past and modern historyhave been written within its walls – to discuss and develop the energy solutions for the future.Please find more detailed information on our event website: www.eventhorizon2017.com

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    2. Advantages of decentralization

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