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  1. May 2019
    1. I published the Level manifesto with great fanfare: The War on Developer Productivity (And How I Intend to Win It).

      Quite a fascinating and interesting way to kick-off such endeavor. This can act as a major source of encouragement for giving one's 100% to the purpose. Of course, avoiding the risks of over-committing without periodic self-examination.

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    1. What are some things they want?

      Different people want different options regarding their data/info, and it's the ethical duty of the service provider to inform their users vividly the stuffs they're gonna do with the data. If the provider can't supply their products accordingly then it must clarify it to the user and warn them about it, in stead of apologizing after serious digital rights violation. Education of users first and then FREE shiny services promotion later.

    1. But that's not addiction! That's just managing time so kids can do a lot of [other] things. The problem with Fortnite and many games is this is where they have their social life. And they meet with friends and they play with friends. They hang out and are creative. It's not like they're mindlessly shooting, they do a lot of other things.

      Nothing, but just WOW.

    1. StackOverflow answers), I also use a screenshot instead of dealing with formatting. I'm lazy.

      I feel this wouldn't work for me at all, digital networks like Stack Exchange gets updated every now & then. Even the answers which were approved of earlier could be disqualified by the team of reviewers later on. Thus, it'd be better to simply save the permalink to the discussion . Static screenshots are quite inefficient in my opinion. Plus, not quite index-able or searchable either.

    2. Adding cards when offline studying is risky, it's too easy to end in a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

      Very true, circumstances like these are great time-killers, always try your best to avoid going though this hole, always ‼

    3. Avoid importing online Anki decks. Similar to note taking, your own materials have better retention and comprehension.

      I would definitely import relevant online Language decks filled with tons of glossaries on foreign languages i.e other's years of hard work, but yeah, I would not import others' programming/science notes/cards/decks for sure. ✌🏽

    1. What if instead of getting together for mutual private acts of kindness, the teachers and the community and Good Morning America all got together and demanded human dignity and decency as foundational working conditions for everyone?

      Is this also a sign of lack of moral enlightenment in our educational curriculum, but in my opinion these moral and characteristic aspects of humanity can't be theorized on sheets of paper, and can only be felt via experience, esp. tragic encounters involving oneself.