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  1. Nov 2020
    1. So, whether you’re already running a business or planning to start a new venture, cloud integration will be a mandatory thing. But, when you deep dive into the ocean of cloud computing, you may get confused between the top three service models – Iaas vs PaaS vs SaaS.

      article, we will be going through many aspects of SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS. Stay tuned till the end of the blog to know which one will suit best for your business.

  2. Aug 2020
    1. For most software businesses in the US, the problem isn’t technical knowledge anymore. The problem is getting a wedge into distribution — also known as marketing.

      Building a website has become a utility. This has shifted the domain of competitive advantage to distribution, which in this case means marketing.

  3. Apr 2019
    1. SaaS Application Development

      This blog is going to change your business perspective if you have a SaaS business idea, but if you are still in search of that million dollar idea, then this blog is an even better fit for you.

  4. Mar 2019
  5. Jan 2018
    1. H5P as a Service coming Q1 2018

      Worth keeping an eye on. It could be a good way to embed questions for students to answer on hypothes.is.

  6. Jun 2017
    1. Quick Start Foundational Stack Here’s a handful of critical apps you’ll need to get any organization up and running quickly and cost effectively.

      using saas to boost your startup

  7. Mar 2017
  8. Jun 2016
    1. The establishment tends to pour its resources into refining or improving what it already knows. MPPC focused on the short film format. The aging studios made spectacular flops. The ed tech establishment sells next generation learning management systems and publishes on learning analytics

      This is an incredibly interesting analogy to me. So much SaaS companies are just bloating their products more and more and it's difficult for teachers and schools to choose which to use because of "feature" overload.