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  1. Sep 2023
  2. May 2022
  3. Nov 2021
    1. free and open source authoring tools

      When fully implemented, the H5P OER Hub will be an invaluable tool for finding, reusing, and readily modifying interactive content that is platform independent and all of which carries rights metadata for the item and attribution for any media elements.

      A preview and opportunity to try this out early is available here https://kitchen.opened.ca/2021/07/07/inside-the-hub/

  4. Sep 2021
  5. Aug 2021
    1. (I have to credit Oliver Tacke for listening here and submitting a few H5P improvements we’ve grumbled about)


    2. This means when you search in the Pressbooks Directory for content with H5P, soon the icon in the search results will link to the H5P Listing page.
  6. Jul 2021
    1. Allow content created on your site to be shared on a global H5P Hub Done - June 2021 release
  7. Mar 2021
    1. CLAMP does not recommend one option over the other, but we do recommend that you make a choice

      Look at this.

  8. Feb 2021
  9. Jul 2019
    1. Even in the 1950s

      Another idea for a related assignment: challenge students to create a timeline of controversial art using H5P, and then embed the timeline into the text.

  10. Feb 2019
  11. Oct 2018
  12. Jan 2018
    1. H5P as a Service coming Q1 2018

      Worth keeping an eye on. It could be a good way to embed questions for students to answer on hypothes.is.

  13. Nov 2017
    1. The H5P format is open and the tools for creating H5P content are open source. This guarantees that creatives own their own content and are not locked into the fate and licensing regime of a specific tool. Read more about how H5P ensures that the content remains yours in our blog.
    1. JavaScript widgets create simple graphs to quickly and concisely display activity by exhibit and by student

      Wonder if these were custom-made or if they relate to other initiatives.

    1. Text and graphics, multiple-choice and multiple-response, free-text entry, drag-and-drop, and other interactive techniques

      Sounds like H5P.

    1. H5P elements naturally emit xAPI statements

      Some of them, at least. There are content types which do not emit xAPI statements, sadly enough.

    1. At the very least, the tool should allow for robust formative assessment, and should be capable of giving timely, helpful feedback to learners.

      The “at the very least” part makes it sound as though this were the easy part.

    1. We know that there are few sticky security and implementation issues

      Which is probably why @judell’s tate doesn’t show up in Chrome on my system and there’s weirdness with the scrolling once we accept to load unsafe scripts.