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  1. May 2017
    1. So to a start up founder, timing correctly when to do something is far more important than doing that thing amazingly well

      Words of wisdom - The act of doing should go hand in hand with the act of figuring out when to do something.

    2. "I don't have a system and need to build one."

      It's a POC - GSD and most importantly see what sticks.

    1. ($20*3)-($20*3*.1) = $54

      10% of $2000(cost of camer) * 3days = Rental Price

      Rental Price - Commission = Rental Made This guy totally forgot taxes here.... :)

      54$ for 3 days 365 days a year about 50 % usage so roughly 180 days. $54 for 3 days $? for 180 days = $3240 about 740$ profit per year for a $2000 investment if he's 50% utilized over the year.

      Camera's Man this guy needed to crunch some more numbers. Camera's have compatibility issues....

    2. We should have built the absolute minimum and then manually maintained transactions through the backend if need be. To hell with formality. We were in the business of proving a hypothesis yet we acted as if it had already been proven.

      quick and dirty solution and see if it sticks...