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    1. However, if these timeouts are moved into a web worker, they should run to time and not get de-prioritised by the browser.
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    1. Table 3. WBGT exposed levels in °C at different work intensities and rest/ work periods for an average worker with light clothing.

      worker productivity relation to the WBGT heat stress levels using work intensity and rest relation

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    1. Nguyen, L. H., Drew, D. A., Graham, M. S., Joshi, A. D., Guo, C.-G., Ma, W., Mehta, R. S., Warner, E. T., Sikavi, D. R., Lo, C.-H., Kwon, S., Song, M., Mucci, L. A., Stampfer, M. J., Willett, W. C., Eliassen, A. H., Hart, J. E., Chavarro, J. E., Rich-Edwards, J. W., … Zhang, F. (2020). Risk of COVID-19 among front-line health-care workers and the general community: A prospective cohort study. The Lancet Public Health, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1016/S2468-2667(20)30164-X

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    1. By nature, they’re well suited to thrive in a constantly changing environment.

      Polymath adalah orang yang terbiasa menyelesaikan masalah dengan menggabungkan beberapa disiplin yang dipelajari dengan cara unik.

      Secara alamiah polymath lebih adaptif terhadap perubahan.

    2. Workers need to embrace a life of learning and self-evolution in order to thrive.

      Namun pekerja yang memiliki pengetahuan di banyak bidang, akan bersikap lebih adaptif. Apalagi situasi krisis seperti COVID 19 ini mengharuskan kita bersikap kreatif dan tidak bertumpu pada 1 pendapatan.

      Pertanyaannya apakah pekerja yang sudah lama bekerja di satu perusahaan dengan mengembangkan hanya 1 keahlian tetap bisa bersikap adaptif?

    3. A few days without healthcare and a single accident can push someone into financial ruin.

      Di Amerika Serikat dimana biaya kesehatan sangat tinggi. Pekerja akan berpikir berulangkali untuk pindah-pindah perusahaan karena takut kehilangan proteksi atas kesehatan.

    4. In exchange for their loyalty, the company offers its employees the security of long-term employment, along with additional incentives including tax-sheltered retirement accounts and access to healthcare.

      Pekerja yang terfokus dalam keahlian tertentu, akan bekerja dalam waktu lama pada perusahaan tersebut dan menjadi loyal.

      Sebagai timbal balik atas loyalitas pekerja, perusahaan memberikan jaminan kesehatan dan hari tua.

    5. By dividing the tasks needed to produce goods and services, individual workers could focus on specific tasks rather than developing a variety of expertise.

      Pengelompokan pekerja membuat pekerja bisa fokus di keahlian masing masing, dan menghasilkan produk yang berkualitas.

  12. Jun 2020
    1. One of the new tools debuted by Facebook allows administrators to remove and block certain trending topics among employees. The presentation discussed the “benefits” of “content control.” And it offered one example of a topic employers might find it useful to blacklist: the word “unionize.”

      Imagine your employer looking over your shoulder constantly.

      Imagine that you're surveilled not only in regard to what you produce, but to what you—if you're an office worker—tap our in chats to colleagues.

      This is what Facebook does and it's not very different to what China has created with their Social Credit System.

      This is Orwellian.