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  1. Feb 2023
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      Always looking at the reviews first, have to examine how many people they have done buisness with.

    2. Notre

      I first see the novel they just gave us to describe this place.

    1. dans le centre ville de Reims

      They describe this place as in downtown Reims with access to a lot of scenic locations.

    2. Elle est calme et lumineuse, très bien placée pour visiter la ville et la région Champenoise, vignobles et caves de Champagne.

      This passage makes me think that the place is big, bright, and warm. The place has amenities for families to use when renting.

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      Q1 The number of good reviews grabs my attention first

      Q2 This is the first place I look then, the length of the text

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      They seem trustworthy, they gave good pictures the article was put together well and they have many good reviews

    2. Julie

      I believe she is educated, respectable, and showy. The way she talks about the apartment is theatric, but it is balanced with the structure of the sentences, and the the flow that she is formal and educated. Her pfp is definitely showy.

    3. Équipements

      There is no talk about if there is a garage

    4. La

      I would have expected the pictures to have more plants within with all the talk of the garden, but is does show the calm that they described

    5. Je suis disponible :)

      The writing is not overly formal, but retains buisness formality, with complete sentences. It is broken up by colorful language to describe the place, and the smile at the end gives this a very personable feeling

    6. ans un jardin fleuri plein de charme.

      This place sounds nice to read in

    7. km de la cathédrale et du centre vill

      This place is in a cultured area with a lot of food options available nearby. A pizzeria, butcher-shop?, a deli?, and a kebab place all said was close. As well as being 2km from downtown Reims

    8. jardin fleuri plein de charme.

      The lister paints a picture of a small space with a lot of life, in the garden the place has.

    9. 5 couchages

      This captures my attention because I think there are 5 beds in this one bedroom studio apartment

    10. I see how many reviews and the reliability of the lister.

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    1. “During that week, everything was hitting me,” Camellia Brown said. “I tried to come up to [my professor] and say I wouldn’t be able to afford the textbook. And you know, I started crying.”