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    1. How to Serve Customers Better in 2020? 4.6 Thank you for your rating! Why not leave a message? Any additional feedback or questions are welcome below. Your Name Your Email Address Phone Number Message the Author Cancel By Shiv | Contact Author 3 minutes ago Serving customers is the primary motive of a business but, providing better customer service makes a real difference, here, the guide to serve customers better Serving customers is the primary motive for any business but, providing a better and improving customer service is what makes a real difference. Don’t you think? What comes to your mind when I say “E-commerce”? 99.99% of the time it’s “Amazon”, it's not because it is famous although it is an important factor, the customer service provided by Amazon is exceptional. This is the quote by Jeff Bezos, the founder of the e-commerce giant and the world’s richest man- “If there’s one reason we have done better than of our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter, I think, in any business. It certainly matters online, where word-of-mouth is so very, very powerful.”                                                                                      -Jeff Bezos He also encourages businesses to optimize businesses to become more customer-oriented. The key to the success of small business ideas into a very successful enterprise is the products and services being customer-centric. In this article, we have curated 5 best tips to better serve your customers better in 2020- Create an Amazing Customer Journey Process The customer journey process is the process that your customer has to follow in order to finally use your product. Creating an effective customer journey process is essential for every business and this is the point where every business lacks. By mapping the customer journey process you can get an idea of what, where and how your customer thinks, feels and solves their problems. When you work on this process, you can enhance your customer experience and get insight into your audience. After you have mapped the customer’s journey process, it’s time to optimize it. Optimizing this process regularly helps the customers in buying your product without any problem or issue. That’s our goal! Build Your Brand Image Customer service and brand image both are directly proportional to each other meaning when you increase or decrease one the factor in this equation the other is going to change. Having a reputable brand image in your niche attracts natural leads and valuable customers towards your brand. There are a lot of ways of increasing your brand image in the market, You would want your brand image to be appealing and attractive for your clients. One of the best ways to build your brand image is by using elements of the visual branding in your business. There are multiple layers of branding your business and developing a reputable business image, therefore, you should be improving your reputation via reputation management. Use Promotional Tools for Marketing Marketing is essential if you want your business to grow. There are different types of marketing that you would want to implement in your business and it totally depends on your business which type of marketing you want to implement. When speaking broadly, there are two types of marketing- online and offline which can be further bifurcated into precise categories, but the concept of online and offline remains the same among its sub-categories only the medium varies. For offline marketing, you can use a business card to attract customers, flyers, posters, etc. and for online marketing, you can use social media, website, SEO, etc. Solve Your Customer’s Pain Points The customer’s pain points are the specific areas where your customer is experiencing issues. When you work on these issues you tend to move your business more towards the customer-oriented business. Your customer can be experiencing problems in different areas like during sales, after-sale, beginning, etc. It’s your job to solve these issues in order to wake your business to the next level. Engage your Customer on Multiple Platforms Social media is a great platform to engage with your customers and communicate with customers directly. There are different platforms that you can use to engage your customers like your website, social media, customer rating sites, etc. Conclusion You can use all these methods to improve the customer experience that EveryDesigns uses to serve them better. The implementation of these tips is what’s going to make a change in your business growth. This is where planning and strategizing become very important. You should always plan your moves and execution strategy. Tags Serve Customers / customer service management

      Serving customers is the primary motive of a business but, providing better customer service makes a real difference, here, the guide to serve customers better in 2020.

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    1. In Philadelphia, a small group of transit riders sat down to talk about what sucks about the bus. “What is it about the bus?” the interviewer said, and they were off.“They got to stop at every corner,” one rider said. “That’s going to be an inconvenience if you are trying to get someplace fast.”“They don’t come,” said another. “Like, you will just wait at the corner and they don’t come. And sometimes the bus will come but it will just go right by you, so you have to wait for the next one. It happens way too much for me.”

      in person experiences with bad transit

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    1. For the uninitiated, Granny Smith was Maria Ann Smith, a resident of the area who in 1868 "accidentally" grew the first batch of green apples that now bear her name.

      Yes, good thinking. Throw in a truthful fact or two. Impressive!

    2. Labor councillors are suspicious about Mr Booth's pageant. In 2014, then councillor George Simon - now assistant general secretary of NSW Labor - called for the "archaic" event to be killed off.

      This is a great example of the risks involved in using background paragraphs from incomplete coverage. George Simon will no doubt be over the moon that you've given him a plug, along with his courageous but failed efforts to kill off the event.

      It's likely you found your re-used paragraph in the story previewing George Simon's courageous failure. Unfortunately, The Hasbeen was MIA when the motion was shot down in flames.

      But your competitor - and also TWT competitor - News Ltd's (NDT) report on failed attempt to ban Queen Questl was there at the meeting in which the motion suffered a humiliating defeat.

      Even a niche womens issues publication, Womens Agenda, noted George Simon was branded a wanker for his bungled efforts..

      Nevermind, you're not expected to get everything right as a work experience student, but you'll be relieved to know someone in the former Fairfax - now Nine - publishing empire did.

      Watch and learn how the pros like Peter Munro do it. In his 'Six Degrees' column he mentioned Simon was chastised for his fruitless cruisade by Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins.

      That was a report, of course, before Simon ended up with egg on his face, as was the earlier one selectively regurgitated.

      But surely you could have also regurgitated these John Booth pearlers from the same story:

      Mr Booth said contestants were judged on responses to questions about local knowledge, ambition and involvement in the community: "Beauty doesn't come into it - but we don't penalise them for being beautiful either.

      "They're trying to make it out as disparaging to women but it's politically correct rubbish. There's no swimsuit competition and most judges are women," Mr Booth said. "Two women's libbers [councillors] tried to [cut support for the contest] a few years ago but they got voted down 10-2."

      And on Simon's spectacular failure - one of many:

      "That nitwit?" Mr Booth said. "I'm thinking about mocking him up in a dress and Orphan Annie wig in our next edition. I haven't decided yet".

    3. At first blush

      Work experience student from The Shrinking Morbid Hasbeen (SMH) kicks off with a crusty cliche. Journalists back at the office he's been supporting with coffee runs impressed they've been matched for mediocrity.

    1. He is five feet four and he hardly ever weighs more than a hundred pounds.

      From the common experience, this is the substandard for most American males. The average adult American male is 5 feet 9 inches tall and 195.7 pounds.


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    1. How to Use Psychology in Web Design – A Complete Guide

      With years of experience in the web designing industry, we’ve delivered hundreds of projects for our clients that have significantly increased the business conversion rates for them, using our web design psychology.

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    1. "But in moving towards flat design we are losing much of the wisdom that was embedded in the old 3D style of UI, for example: a user must be able to glance at a screen and know what is an interactive element (e.g., a button or link) and what is not (e.g., a label or motto); a user must be able to tell at a glance what an interactive element does (does it initiate a process, link to another page, download a document, etc.?); the UI should be explorable, discoverable and self-explanatory. But many apps and websites, in the interest of a clean, spartan visual appearance, leave important UI controls hidden until the mouse hovers over just the right area or the app is in just the right state. This leaves the user in the dark, often frustrated and disempowered."
    1. that they are often technology-driven without the involvement of the end user

      O desafio é envolver o usuário. Usar o design centrado no usuário (human centered design.

    2. starts with understanding and influencing the experience of patients for the best possible outcome.

      Papel inicial do design é entender a experiência do paciente.

    1. When researchers at Johns Hopkins gave psilocybin to healthy participants with no history of hallucinogen use, nearly eighty percent reported that their experiences "increased their current sense of personal well-being or life satisfaction 'moderately' or 'very much'"—effects that persisted for more than a year.‌
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    1. Unfortunately, misguided views about usability still cause significant damage in today's world. In the 2000 U.S. elections, poor ballot design led thousands of voters in Palm Beach, Florida to vote for the wrong candidate, thus turning the tide of the entire presidential election. At the time, some observers made the ignorant claim that voters who could not understand the Palm Beach butterfly ballot were not bright enough to vote. I wonder if people who made such claims have never made the frustrating "mistake" of trying to pull open a door that requires pushing. Usability experts see this kind of problem as an error in the design of the door, rather than a problem with the person trying to leave the room.
    2. The web, in yet another example of its leveling effect, allows nearly everyone to see nearly every interface. Thus designers can learn rapidly from what others have done, and users can see if one web site's experience is substandard compared to others.
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    1. In 1953 I realized that the straight line leads to the downfall of mankind. But the straight line has become an absolute tyranny. The straight line is something cowardly drawn with a rule, without thought or feeling; it is the line which does not exist in nature. And that line is the rotten foundation of our doomed civilization. Even if there are places where it is recognized that this line is rapidly leading to perdition, its course continues to be plotted. ..Any design undertaken with the straight line will be stillborn. Today we are witnessing the triumph of rationalist know-how and yet, at the same time, we find ourselves confronted with emptiness. An aesthetic void, dessert of uniformity, criminal sterility, loss of creative power. Even creativity is prefabricated. We are no longer able to create. That is our real illiteracy.   Friedensreich Hundertwasser
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    1. !..�P'�r\0CA \= e,;4 ��'-"-'

      Could empirical data made up of experiences present in the form of an ethnography? Or autoethnography? I'm not sure if this is what you were getting at here, but it is a thought that came to mind!

    2. hari-

      There's a strong call for the primacy of experience here, likely stemming from Hume's emphasis on an epistemology generated through sensory input. In this instance, the concept of charity is only realized through acts of charity, not simply the symbolic gesture of the word through vocalization.

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    1. factors. Number one is like where, where the trader is at in their life. For me, this is what I'm doing full time. I don't have like a real income stream coming in, so I'm living off my savings.
    2. I'm trading these who has these like how to videos, video tutorials and they really go in to the nitty gritty. I think they also have like a Wiki fac or like a wiki tutorial that is just like a whole encyclopedia of trading view and have every indicator you want, you click it and it expands and you can read about everything
    3. on me. At first it seemed clunky and slow, but now I understand like it's just very like logical, uh, from like a Ux perspective.
    4. I would say intermediate.
    5. ould be beginner, novice, intermediate, some other type of intermediate higher, and then maybe maybe advanced.
    6. Yes. Experience is so much people, I talk to people now, people at varying skill levels with various experience and crypto and they, a lot of them are just saying like, they're just losing interest at these prices and this is exactly what was happening when I went through in 2011, 2014.
    7. I don't. Um, I would like to get to that point. I would argue that I'm still too much of a novice at this point to do that.
    8. Coinagy I actually still usually prefer to use to buy on Bittrex because I'm usually signed into Coinagy for the simpllicity. And if I have money in multiple areas, I can do it all from one platform. And because I just, I hate Bittrex. They redid their entire platform. I think they dropped the ball
    1. That’s true not just within the classroom environment, but in the web of interactions students experience

      Subtle call for more cross-campus collaborations between faculty and administration. A productive form of shared governance.

    1. No technique, no professional skill can be acquired without exercise; nor can the art of living, the technê tou biou, be learned without askesis that should be understood as a training of the self by oneself.

      Like any other skill, living "well," which differs depending on the person, requires lived experience. It involves navigating life through achievements and failures through which skills are acquired.

    2. As an element of self-training, writing has, to use an expression that one finds in Plutarch, an ethopoietic function: it is an agent of the transformation of truth into ethos.

      This reminds me of Robert Yagelski's Writing as a Way of Being, where writing as the act, the experience, is what's valuable, not so much the product that results. The experience of writing allows a transformation of the writer.

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    1. hard work and exploration are valued over always knowing the right answer.

      The open program does this, to an extent. How can this be improved upon?

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    1. As with other forms of value-based health care, patient-centered care requires a shift in the way provider practices and health systems are designed, managed, and reimbursed. In keeping with the tenets of patient-centeredness, this shift neither happens in a vacuum, it driven by traditional hierarchies in which providers or clinicians are the lone authority. Everyone, from the parking valet and environmental services staff to c-suite members, are engaged in the process, which impacts hiring, training, leadership style, and organizational culture. Patient-centered care also represents a shift in the traditional roles of patients and their families from one of passive “order taker” to one of active “team member.” One of the country’s leading proponents of patient-centered care, Dr. James Rickert, has stated that one of the basic tenets of patient-centered care is that “patients know best how well their health providers are meeting their needs.” To that end, many providers are implementing patient satisfaction surveys, patient and family advisory councils, and focus groups, and using the resulting information to continuously improve the way health care facilities and provider practices are designed, managed, and maintained from both a physical and operational perspective so they become centered more on the individual person than on a checklist of services provided. As the popularity of patient- and family-centered health care increases, it is expected that patients will become more engaged and satisfied with the delivery of their care, and evidence of its clinical efficacy should continue to mount.

      Cultural shift to patient-centered care

    1. Deyo et al. (8) demonstrated a reduction in the adverse impact of inadequate health literacy in the neurosurgical field. The impact of an interactive videodisc program that informs patients of their treatment options for back surgery on patient outcome and surgical choices was evaluated. The program helped facilitate decision making and ensured informed consent. It also reduced surgery rates for patients with herniated disks. The authors of this study also implemented the use of patient-oriented multimedia to augment comprehension and advocated a similar strategy for other clinicians. Further commitment is needed to put health literacy at the forefront of improving health care and reducing health expenditures, especially in neurosurgery.
    1. Adult Graduate Student VoicesGood and Bad Learning Experiences

      This article reviews a longitudinal study of graduate students in a Master's degree program that collected both good and bad learning experiences. The comments collect from the participants resulted in themes that were repeated throughout all three years of comments. The comments were compiled to and reviewed to determine adult student perspectives on the learning process. The authors noted that their is a need to balance suppor of students with challenging students. This is a ground work of student perspective and requires further investigation to implement appropriate changes and then review student perspective after the changes.

      Rating: 7/10

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  15. cloud.degrowth.net cloud.degrowth.net
    1. There are all these different structures. Thirdly, we need to inter-pollinate, and share these experiences. We need the culture of dialogue. We need to learn how to communicate in different ways- to share patterns, dance, paint etc. Finally, I would like to call it a carnival, and not a confluence- including different worlds,
    1. the final call will have to come from the human in the loop.

      Do you agree that AI is incapable of decision-making, and that a human will always have to make the final call? Why or why not? How might this vary in different fields, including the ones you are interested in pursuing?

    1. implicit gender bias

      Have you ever experienced or witnessed implicit gender bias? Share your thoughts with a classmate of a different gender.

    2. Sadly, these patriarchal attitudes prevail today.

      Do you think this is a fair claim? What examples of patriarchal attitudes can you think of in Singapore?

      You may include photos, videos, or hyperlinks.

  16. Sep 2018
    1. implicit gender bias

      Have you ever experienced or witnessed implicit gender bias? Share your thoughts with a classmate of a different gender.

    2. Sadly, these patriarchal attitudes prevail today.

      Do you think this is a fair claim? What examples of patriarchal attitudes can you think of in Singapore?

    1. A bit of a personal connection here, but I participate in activities such as these! I recently started my own fanart blog and the feedback I've received boosted my confidence in my art! It also pushed me to improve my technique and learn new styles!

      There's a huge difference between drawing art for a blog and for education. When you're drawing for your blog, it's up to you to push yourself to learn and whatnot. In a way, it's easier to do because you get to choose what you learn, but it's also a nonlinear type of learning. While a professor will typically push you on a linear path on what skills to learn.

  17. Aug 2018
    1. ut it will also have to come to terms with confronting 'the Other' (Fabian, 1983), with 'the curious asymmetry' still prevailing as a result of advanced industrial societies receiving a mainly endogenous and synchronic analytic treatment, while 'developing' societies are often seen in exogenous, diachronic terms. Study of 'Time and the Other' presupposes, often implicitly, that the Other lives in another time, or at least on a different time-scale. And indeed, when looking at the integrative but also potentially divisive 'timing' facilitated by modern communication and information-processing technology, is it not correct to say that new divisions, on a temporal scale, are being created between those who have access to such devices and those who do not? Is not one part of humanity, despite globalization, in danger of being left behind, in a somewhat anachronistic age?

      Nowotny argues that "the Other" (non-western, developing countries, Global South -- my words, not hers) is presumed to be on a different time scale than industrial societies. Different "cultural variations and how societal experience shapes the construction of time and temporal reference..."

      This has implications for ICT devices.

    2. At present, information and communication technologies con-tinue to reshape temporal experience and collective time consciousness (Nowotny, 1989b)

      Get this paper.

      Nowotny, H. (1989b) 'Mind, Technologies, and Collective Time Consciousness', in J. T. Fraser (ed.) Time and Mind, The Study of Time VI, pp. 197-216. Madison, CT: International Universities Press.

  18. Jul 2018
    1. er. Each of these choices reflect power dynamics and conflicting tensions. Desires for ‘presence’ or singular focus often conflict with obligations to be responsive and integrate ‘work’ and ‘life

      Are these power dynamics/tensions: actor or agent-based? individual or technical? situational or contextual? deliberate or autonomous?

    2. How do we understand such mosaictime in terms of striving for balance? Temporal units are rarely single-purpose and their boundaries and dependencies are often implicit. What sociotemporal values should we be honoring? How can we account for time that fits on neither side of a scale? How might scholarship rethink balance or efficiency with different forms of accounting, with attention to institutions as well as individuals?

      Design implication: What heuristics are involved in the lived experience and conflicts between temporal logic and porous time?

    3. rid. The apparent equivalency of thesetime chunksmask the affective experiences and emotional intensities of lived temporality

      Lived experience spotlights the tension/stress between managing chunkable time vs accepting spectral time.

      How to accommodate unequal units of time? Or units that have different contextual meanings?

    4. What would it look like to more explicitly acknowledge power dynamics in information and communication technologies? In the tradition of critical and reflective design [50], how might CSCW scholarship think about designing technologies that ‘protect’ users from temporal obligations and render messiness and disorganization a possible way of engaging with time?

      Design implication: What if porous time was considered a feature not a bug?

      How to better integrate personal agency/autonomy and values into a temporal experience?

      How could a temporal artifact better support a user flexibly shifting/adapting temporal logic to a lived experience?

  19. Mar 2018
    1. What’s more, the many options offered in “What is DH?” pieces rarely clarify the question

      This is true. When I first heard about digital humanities my instincts led me to Google the term for more information and an explicit definition. What I found was many articles talking about everything BUT the definition of the term.

  20. Jan 2018
    1. They focus on what happens at the time of the trip or stay, eventually taking into account the preparations and ensuing memories. On the other hand, these works do not pay attention to the way in which the instantaneous experience falls within the individual’s life trajectory, or in which way it depends on a previous tourist experience and influences subsequent experiences1.

      This is interesting!

  21. Oct 2017
    1. Table 1. Characteristics of people interviewed for this study.

      The thumbnail preview of the table is irritating in that it suggests there are only three content rows in the table, when there are several times as many.

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    1. T. Nagel (1974) argues that some facts can only be captured ‘from a subjective perspective’ and uses his famous example of bats to illustrate the point: Even if we knew everything there is to know ‘from an objective perspective’ about a bat's sonar system, certain factual questions concerning bats would remain unanswered. We still would not know ‘what it is like’ to perceive a given object with a bat's sonar system.
    2. the Martian would be lacking completely in the sort of imagery and empathy which depends on familiarity (direct acquaintance) with the kinds of qualia to be imaged or empathized.
    3. advantages of knowledge by acquaintance over knowledge by description
  24. Mar 2017
    1. expressing their inner lives, whether consciously or unconsciously, and she attempts to represent her own inner life in her novels

      Seems as though she believes the most successful novels stem from true experience, I wonder where we have heard that before.

    1. telling the truth about my own experiences as a body

      Woolf is so difficult because of her contradictions.She often seems to advocate that there is some essence in women which they haven't been able to discover; but here she seems to suggest a lower-case "truth," in which truth is confined to individual experience. I wonder if the contradictions of her text are part of her mission for "elasticity."

  25. Feb 2017
    1. Discovery is based on experience (observation, experiment, and tes· timony);

      So true. Our experience dictates what we see, do, and say. It's the same experience we all have with our classes. We need prerequisites in order to take certain classes. Why? So, we discover the "right" aspects of the class.

    1. if lhe principal content of Methodist spiritual discourse comprised accounts of one's own spiritual progress, then training in biblical scholanihip, theology, and rhetoric, all largely unavailable lo women, was not required for such preuching

      This is the first week we've read about speakers who, not only weren't academics, but were actually in positions where academia wasn't valued or even a possible detriment: experience is most valued in Methodist preaching, and Douglass was used to describe the experience of slavery; sometimes his intelligence even hurt his credibility as an actual former slave. I'm curious how/if Methodist spiritual discourse and Douglass challenge Campbell and Hume's takes on experience.

    2. decisive emotional experienc

      A very compelling phrase here in terms of rhetoric with its triple emphasis on decision, emotions and experience.

    1. The authorities responded by citing findings from large epidemiologic studies, but much of the press coverage highlighted anecdotal accounts and human-interest stories.

      Campbell argues pretty heavily for testimony as a solid form of evidence (pages 919-20).

    2. But no one had claimed that the steel had melted, only that it had gotten hot enough to weaken and collapse, which it did.

      Campbell: "The like may be said of what is melted, or hardened, or otherwise altered by it. If then, for the first time, I try the influence of fire on any fossil, or other substance, whatever be the effect, I readily conclude that fire will always produce a similar effect on similar bodies. This conclusion is not founded on this single instance, but on this instance compared with a general experience of the regularity of this clement in all its operation" (918).

    1. that there is some foundation for the prelerencc of one man's taste to that of another, or that there is a good and a bad, a right and a wrong in taste, as in other things.

      Perhaps we can link this to Campbell's idea of experience molding us and our ideas?

    1. It is precisely in the same manner, and with the same success, that you might train a dog, or accus-tom a child to expect food on your calling to him in one tone of voice, and to dread your resentment when you use another.

      The comparison of a dog and a child is a very useful way to explain, not only the notion of experience and how we come to adapt to the world, but also in saying that without experiencing human interaction being given to us, we truly are no different than beasts. Feral children and all that jazz.

    1. as the names of colours to a blind man, or sounds to a deaf man, need not here be mentioned.

      Language and its meaning is determined by each individual's unique experience.

  26. Jan 2017
    1. experience;

      This is a key term here, which Hume is very diligently working through. Experience also becomes important to the American pragmatist tradition in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

  27. Dec 2016
    1. people live in their minds and not in life. This is the source of all of your difficulties. You are more engaged with your ideas than you are with life. Being engaged with life means that you are directly involved and are having a direct experience.
  28. Oct 2016
    1. I speak as one who knows your nature because I understand the fabric of life into which your life is interwoven, and I do not see you as separate or apart from this. I see you as part of a greater tapestry of life, a greater tapestry of life in this time, in this world, in this place, in these circumstances, for the tapestry is changing. Let us not confuse, then, your life within the world withyour life beyond, for they are different. If you think they are the same, you will underestimate your life beyond the world, and you will overestimate your life within the world, and you will make some grave misinterpretations of your abilities and your nature while you are here. You are working in a very limited context. You have physical and mental limitations while you are here. You have experienced these limitations, perhaps painfully, but you need to understand them, and you need to recognize them without self-condemnation, for you have limits. You are working through a limited vehicle in your body and a limited vehicle in your mind. The spirit of you, which we call Knowledge, must exercise its Wisdom and its beneficence and its purpose through these limited vehicles and through the circumstances that you face in everyday life.
      • "we are spirits in the material world"
      • "We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

      or as I jokingly say:

      • 'I am a Pleiadian being having a Human experience.'

      Of course you're in a limited state. Being in a body is a limited state. It's a great nuisance carrying around this hunk-feeding it, housing it, keeping it clean, clothing it, making it beautiful, keeping it comfortable and attending to its many aches and pains. A nuisance, my God! Don't you just want to fly away sometimes? But the body is the garment you wear in being in this world, and it enables you to communicate here. You don't get much attention if you don't have a body and you want to communicate. Then it is hard to get people's attention. And if you do get their attention, you scare the daylights out of them, and they never want to have an experience like that again! So, obviously, our ability to communicate with people in the world seems very limited. We still give them something, but it will arise from within them and they will think it is from themselves.


    1. Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song

      This repetition in words seems to be a song or chant of some sort. The writer is describing all this trash around him but then jumps to the perspective of others.

  29. Sep 2016
    1. design this class, I found I was seeking an experience of learning

      Just highlighting and annotating the obvious, lest we forget. There is so much of design = pathway to objectives that I want to linger over, signal boost, Mia's fundamental point: design = the learning experience. A crucial distinction.

  30. Aug 2016
    1. In the end, most Symfony developers will be declaring each form field manually in a special class file, for each entity that needs a form. It is a painstaking and repetitive process that is somehow more tedious than writing the entire form in raw HTML.
    2. It became clear that, while Backbone is commonly referred to as a framework, its name tells the real story: it is really just a skeletal add-on to JQuery that provides a few useful features.
  31. Jul 2016
    1. Large lecture classes may go through the content too quickly for the typical student to understand. That's why so many schools follow the practice of breaking the class cohort into smaller sections led by teaching assistants.
  32. Feb 2016
    1. The viewer should be able to obtain a complete understand from various levels and mediums of information. One way to effectively convey information to the patron is through the use of technology

      Multiple senses should be activated in a museum environment

  33. Jan 2016
    1. This book will require you to move beyond understanding and dare to live from there!

      Yes, the lived experience....

    2. This book will require you to move beyond understanding and dare to live from there!

      The lived experience, YES!

  34. christmind.info christmind.info
    1. It is just that now it is necessary for you to understand that when you are inquiring, and when I am answering, You are answering. And that when You are answering, I am answering. And therefore all of this is absolutely relevant to you as an actual experience of your divinity, not just a means of getting information to help you experience your divinity.

      When it it Self answering, ultimately there is only one Self!

    2. Good. Just let yourself be where you are. Don’t grasp for what is coming next and don’t grasp for what has been. As I let what was said sink in, you continued to give your attention to what I would say next. You did not try to grasp what I had said and purposely embody it. You also let it sink in. Then when a sense of urgency arose regarding other issues, and what would come next, you did not energize it. You did not become full of active expressions of questions. You remained present with me, Listening for the next words, the next “Knowing’s,” whenever they might occur. This is where your Peace lies, Paul—in that willingness to be present in the now with your calm attention where the Knowing is experienced. You literally have no other place to be, nor is there any need to be anywhere else, truly.

      "You remained present with me, Listening for the next words, the next “Knowing’s,” whenever they might occur. This is where your Peace lies, Paul—in that willingness to be present in the now with your calm attention where the Knowing is experienced. You literally have no other place to be, nor is there any need to be anywhere else, truly."

      Peace comes from a willingness to be present with attention where the Knowing is experienced!

    3. How do you eat dinner from your Center? How do you play Pictionary from your Center? How do you hug someone from your Center? How do you observe the scenery from your Center? I am not going to answer that. I am going to say, explore doing it! And explore doing it on purpose, just as much as you engage in Workshops and private conversations from your Center on purpose. And remember, because this is the key point for you at this time, that in doing it, you will experience the integrity, the congruence, the Peace of your Being which is fulfilling, and will constitute an experience of Self—minus fear, minus the sense of incompetence, minus all the characteristics of the sidekick.

      The importance of practice in every day life and Raj suggests that this is what builds "the integrity, the congruence, the Peace of your Being which is fulfilling, and will constitute an experience of Self."

    4. If you will pay attention, and if you will accept the fact that the experience of fulfillment you are having is an experience of congruence with your Self, you will realize that the integrity of it hasn’t been derived from me and not from you. And because it constitutes a real experience of You, there is even less reason for you to release it at the end of the last conversation [of the day] as though now all there is left is you—meaning the sidekick.

      The sense of fulfilment IS an experience of congruence of Self!

    5. The experience of a question is nothing more and nothing less than the giving permission for Knowing to be experienced. It becomes quite obvious, then, that any attempt to understand the nature of the questioner by virtue of the questions constitutes a complete distraction from the real meaning of the question—which is a giving permission for Knowing—and thus Knowing is never arrived at. The experience of one’s Self remains hidden. The Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being is swallowed up in a “mirror image” of something that doesn’t even exist.

      So the only purpose of a question is to give permission to Know and nothing else...

  35. Dec 2015
    1. Now, let’s move on. I want to correct a misconception on your part—a spatial misconception. you are feeling that you are moving forward along a path, building upon a foundation of knowledge and ability to reason, which you have developed and exercised in the past. This is not the case. The fact is that you are moving backwards on the path which you have come. This is because, to a large degree, your path took you away from your Being and into a three-dimensional frame of reference. You are, so to speak, relaxing back out of that thinking process—that finite, reasoning, intellectual structure which you felt was getting you somewhere in a progressive sense. Our conversation right now is not the result of a thinking process at all. When you stand at the Door as the Door, the Wisdom, the Truth, the Knowledge that flows through and as your conscious experience of Being, is not the result of thought processes, nor of reasoning. Because It continues to flow on past you, It truly does not become a stored body of knowledge from which you may draw in the future. Standing as the Door means that, in this so-called “future,” whatever Knowledge and Understanding is applicable to the unfolding at that time will be there in exactly the same manner that It is here right now. You see, Paul, we are beginning to redefine what constitutes your conscious experience of Being.

      Description of how Being operates.

      Not by storing knowledge...

    1. You certainly know that, because you exist, you have purpose or intent—there is a design to your Being. You should also know that every single event which is unfolding in and as your conscious experience of being is in perfect harmony with that design. They are all part of the intent of your Being to fulfill Itself specifically and flawlessly, both individually and Universally, since all of you is always unfolding all of Itself with total success.

      Further clarity on Being.

    1. Although we are going to be conversing more continuously today and tomorrow than we have in the past, it need not involve any sense of urgency or rush. Let it flow at its own rate, and you float with the current. The river will get to its destination. the river, of course, is the flow of your own Being unfolding Itself as Itself, and constituting your conscious experience of Being.

      River is a metaphor the unfolding of your conscious experience of Being.

    1. I want you to consider that in everything we are doing, we are harmonizing and flowing with the divine energies—with the outpouring of the river of Life, right at Its source. This river of Life flows freely and totally through and as your conscious experience of Being. It is always doing this, whether or not you have placed yourself properly in that Place. This is important to understand, since it makes clear that the only thing we need to do in order to find the resolution to whatever situation we are faced with, is simply go to the Source as the Door.

      The simplicity of life comes in harmonizing with the source of life that is continuously flowing freely through your conscious experience of Being.

    1. You must be alert at the inception. Then you will not waste your time attempting to do something which is already done by virtue of the immovable completeness of your Being. Indeed, your Being will be identified completely, and is identified completely—and that means manifest completely. Otherwise, the omnipresence of your Being would be only partial, which is an impossibility. You must be willing to face the suggestion of lack, and meet it head on, with the recognition that such a suggestion is an exact opposite of the Fact. If you will reverse the suggestion and be conscious of the specific truth which you will discover in that Place where you are right now, and abide with that truth, then you will be able to respond appropriately. Everything you do will identify the Fact. It is not enough to know what the Fact is. You must also include consciously in your awareness of the Fact that It is not omnipresent if It is not present as that which identifies your completeness. This must be done from that Place wherein you are experiencing the omnipresence of your Being as Conscious Being. It is essential that you keep this in mind.

      Use time wisely: don't try to fix what is not true.

      Be willing to face illusion - head on, recognizing that it cannot be true from the place of conscious Being.

      What is True (not illusion, not FACT) is present only from that place of being conscious of Being. Here Truth is what identifies your completeness.

      He is not talking about a concept of Truth but and experience of Truth.

    1. RAJ: I think you can see that unfoldment is really a matter of how quickly or slowly we are willing to let go of limitations, rather than the presence or availability of something to expand into, since Infinity is the Actuality of every moment of conscious experience. This is important to understand, because we often feel that we are held back by the limitation as though it had the ability to influence or deprive us of our Good. Not true! There is never anything holding us!

      Quote: Infinity is the Actuality of every moment of conscious experience.

      We are never limited by anything.

  36. Nov 2015
    1. RAJ: Paul, when you ask that question, you are seeing Substance gathered together in clumps, so to speak—objects—which imply that Substance is absent in the spaces between those objects. In other words, you are thinking of Substance three-dimensionally. In fact, Substance is Fourth-dimensional or non-dimensional. It constitutes every aspect of conscious experience as Conscious Being. You must remember that none of what you see, hear, taste, smell, or feel is going on external to the conscious experience of it, even though that is the way it appears. All of it is Consciousness. All of it is Mind’s Self-experience.

      There is no separation, Substance is everything...

    2. When you are observing the three-dimensional universe, and you are interpreting it as existing and functioning on its own, then substance, as you are seeing it, has absolutely nothing to do with Substance as It Is. The flaw in your interpretation—the distortion of this partial or finite view—causes what is seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled to seem to be capable of sickness, decay, and death. These are dysfunctions which the Actuality of what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is totally incapable of. The shift we have been discussing for the past few months involves a shift of the point of awareness from an objective placement to a subjective placement, wherein each and every Actual idea of Mind is experienced and recognized as being absolutely mental.

      3d Perception of Reality is a partial or finite view that includes the distortion of sickness and death that is not present in Reality.

      To shift perception from 3d Illusion to what is Real involves a shift in awareness from an objective to subjective placement where every Actual idea of Mind is experienced as being absolutely mental.

    3. You must remember that none of what you see, hear, taste, smell, or feel is going on external to the conscious experience of it, even though that is the way it appears. All of it is Consciousness. All of it is Mind’s Self-experience.

      This is getting esoteric and I don't understand it. I see a tree but the tree doesn't exist outside of my experience of it???

      I can apply my logical thinking to this idea but that doesn't help me to grok it. I need to have the experience to really get it.

    1. As I said yesterday, lean on your Self. Depend on It. Trust It. Demand the answers from It rather than what appear to be “others.” Remember that whether I truly am a separate individual or not, I am Your Conscious Experience when we are together. This is imperative and it is a key to further unfoldment. I know that you grasp this from an experiential standpoint and that this is not just a “head trip.“
    1. As I observe myself, it seems incredible to me that there is this definite reluctance to get into the subject of Substance, or into the specific answer to the problems we have been faced with over the past number of months. It is extremely strong. RAJ: And, Paul, it is entirely operating at the level of belief. It is a totally ignorant experience. That is what makes it most incredible. It simply means that you are going to have to move through it purposely, and not hope for some way to get around it.

      Paul is having financial problems. He is following Raj's suggestions but it is not helping. I think he is feeling victimized - no matter what he does it is not helping - even being open and receptive to Guidance.

      Now he doesn't want this conversation because he wants to maintain his belief about his situation and is afraid he won't be able to - that Raj will tell him something where he won't be able to maintain his belief. He wants to keep it!!

      Raj says his reluctance and its physical result is a totally ignorant experience operating at the level of belief.

      He needs to be honest about it and purposefully move through it and stop hoping for some magical means to get around it.

    2. Be aware of your reluctance to have this conversation. Simply recognize it. Notice that the reluctance is because you are wanting to glide over the information and understanding which you imagine you are going to be confronted with. You imagine it is going to discredit you in some way. Realize, further, to what extent this fear or reluctance is manifested physically in terms of strong perspiration, discomfort in the pit of your stomach, and just a general yukkiness. I am going to suggest that you clean up your act mentally and physically before we continue further. Go take a bath! And while you’re taking the bath, refresh your consciousness also.

      Paul believes this upcoming conversation with Raj will discredit what he believes and so he doesn't want to have the conversation. His discomfort is felt physically also - strong perspiration, discomfort in the stomach, etc.

      Raj suggests that he simply recognize it - bring his attention to the discomfort and - clean up your act and refresh your consciousness before continuing.

    3. Law is intelligent Principle—principled Intelligence—and this constitutes the omniactive Nature of Substance. The Light which is divine, intelligent Love is the means by which divine Mind reveals Itself to Itself infinitely as the omnipresently active Experience of Revelation. It allows Soul to respond. “And, behold, it was very good.“2

      "Law is intelligent Principle—principled Intelligence—and this constitutes the omniactive Nature of Substance. The Light which is divine, intelligent Love is the means by which divine Mind reveals Itself to Itself infinitely as the omnipresently active Experience of Revelation. It allows Soul to respond. “And, behold, it was very good"

    1. Because it is a well-established habit, it is so very easy to attempt to take the infinite unfoldments of our Being and try to channel them into habits of action. The need is to give up our habits of “doing,” and replace them with being what the infinity of our Being is being at every moment. The call for action this evening is for you to consciously relinquish your attempts at control and conceptualization and get back to that Point where you stand as Nothing. Thereby you allow the Somethingness of your Being to become apparent as your conscious experience of being.

      Give up your habits of doing, relinquish your attempts to control and conceptualize and return to the place where you stand as Nothing thereby allowing the Somethingness of your Being to be your conscious experience.

    2. You will remember that, at the beginning of our conversations, we talked about the necessity of being willing to stand at the edge of the Unknown—knowing nothing. And at this point, you are attempting to take what we have been speaking about and using it as the basis for knowing something now. In Actuality, the necessity still remains, and will forever remain, for you to continue to stand at the edge of the Unknown—knowing absolutely nothing. Let the infinitude of your Being flow through and as your conscious experience at each and every moment. This is essential.

      To be a successful student it is necessary to lay aside everything we have learned from the 3d frame of reference and be willing to stand at the edge of the Unknown.

      It is always important to do this. Do not use what you have learned by being a good student as the basis for now knowing something!!

      Doing that is called spiritual ego.

      Stand at the edge of the Unknown - knowing nothing and let your Being flow through and as your conscious experience in each and every moment.

    3. It is equally imperative for you to begin to really grasp that your “others” are your Self seen infinitely. Therefore, “competition” is useless and baseless. No one can control you, and you can control no one, because there is only One Thing going on. You must stop challenging Susan, and you must stop seeing Susan as someone separate who is challenging you. This is extremely important, because none of it is happening that way. The necessity here is for you to own all of yourself as your Self. The infinity of your experience is your Infinitude identifying the Oneness of your Being.

      You must grasp that others are your Self seen infinitely. No one can control you Stop challenging Susan and seeing her as someone separate who is challenging you.

      The infinity of your experience is your Infinitude identifying the Oneness of your Being.

    1. PAUL: I feel really shaky. RAJ: No, Paul, it is not You. Ego is feeling really shaky right now. That’s a positive indicator!

      Paul has the experience of feeling shaky but Raj corrects him, "It's not You, rather it is ego that's feeling shaky."

    1. RAJ: Yes, I did, and you handled it very well. It was calculated to arouse your personal indignation. The fact that you find yourself shaking inwardly and outwardly is an indication of the ego viewpoint, rather than the Identity standpoint. But, under the circumstances, you remained relatively clear of getting into the three-dimensional, reactive frame of reference, which he hoped you would utilize.

      Paul is shaking as a result of his phone conversation and Raj says that is an effect of ego identification.

    1. Since you are presently at the point of experiencing the change line, you are finding that the dynamics apparently are greater and somewhat confusing, unsettling, and disorienting. Do not get caught up in any of those points. Allow them. Adjustment is very rapid once the shift has been made, and things will become spontaneously clear to you.

      I hear Raj say to be present with what is occurring, allow them without getting caught up.....Raj shares that at the change line, the shift, dynamics are apparently greater, confusing, unsettling, disorientating...

    2. Right now ego is confused—you are not, even though what seems most forcible in your thought at the moment is the feeling of confusion.

      Raj says, ego is confused, you are not - even though it seems like it.

    3. You are truly beginning to experience the Fourth- and third-dimensional frames of reference existing side by side. You are able to observe yourself, and actually experience what seems to you to be yourself, being depressed. At the same time, you are able to experience your Self as being totally clear, at peace, in harmony with your Being, and not emotionally vexed in any way.

      A description of simultaneous experience of 3d and 4d frame of reference.

    1. RAJ: Good morning, Paul. I can see you are definitely in that Place this morning, and that is a wonderful way to start out your day. I would like you to not attempt to take on anything today in the sense of being responsible for it—no matter what you do. I do not mean for you to do nothing, but I mean for you to do it with no sense of personal responsibility. I mean for you to do it from exactly that Place wherein you find yourself at this very moment. You feel somewhat too relaxed to type accurately, but you have already found out to some degree that, as you are very relaxed and not attempting to maintain control over your fingers, your fingers are more accurate and speedier than when control is attempted. You do not have to be concerned that you will become too relaxed. The more relaxed you are, from a three-dimensional standpoint, the more all of You is available to respond to the demands and needs of the moment, and the fulfillment of these will become more simultaneous with the perception of the need.

      That Place is Paul's present experience when he is consciously aware of Being. He is very relaxed and not attempting to control the flow moving through him.

      From this place he is faster and more accurate in his typing in this place of no control.

      The more relaxed he is, from a 3d reference point, the more all of you (Being**) is available in the moment.

      Raj suggests that taking personal responsibility creates the need for control and inhibits the flow of Being (all of you) and replaces it with motivation based on his beliefs and ideas.

    1. The reason you find yourself feeling challenged is because you are not yet totally secure with the ideas which your Being is unfolding to Itself, and which appears to be a conversation between yourself and myself. The result, inevitably, will be a strengthening of your standpoint through experience—that is, as long as you continue to remain in contact with your experience of your Self as Conscious Being. I reiterate: Do not be discouraged. you are not lost, and you should not indulge in the imagination that you can somehow get outside the infinitude of your own Being and become isolated from your God.

      Your journey of awakening will strengthen as long as you continue to remain in contact (Practice) experiencing yourself as Conscious Being.

      This is the idea of starting at the end - to practice being what you are (Christ) rather than what you think you are (a separated being - Ego) but are not.

    2. PAUL: I have had a difficult day today. RAJ: I know you have. It would not have been necessary for you to have had a difficult day if you had been willing to remain with the ideas which we have discussed in the last few days, since it would have been clear to you that everything is functioning in perfect order and harmony, and is totally and completely constructive. I reminded you of the necessity of staying with this Fact and cultivating It.

      Faith and Trust are required in order to change experience. Before we have experienced the truth of an idea we must be willing to trust that it is true in order to "test" the theory and have the experience.

      It is only in experience that we can accept an idea or concept as true. The words alone, just a teaching, no matter how much it resonates, does not provide proof that it is true.

      Experience is everything.

    1. As long as we hold dear our concepts of righteousness, education, and highly-developed ability to reason, our conscious experience of Being is so full of the “noise” of our ego that we cannot hear the “still, small voice” of our true Identity—the still, small voice of God, as it is called. This is why we are cautioned to “Be still, and know that I am God.“2 You are really beginning to see this point, and are really beginning to feel that it is a valid point—valid enough to trust yourself to completely.

      Stillness - being quiet allows us to move from rational mind to hear the still small voice of God.

    1. Do not be discouraged. As Susan suggested, by all means begin to set aside a time each day for at least one conversation with me. As you begin to do this, I want you to examine and be consciously aware of the differences between your experiences of life during our prior regular conversations, this period wherein we have not had regular conversations, and now, as we begin again. This will serve to help you understand and feel just exactly what benefit you experience from these conversations. It will also help you to give priorities based on the perspective you have gained.

      Become aware of your experience - use it as an aid to learn what supports you and what doesn't and prioritize activities in your life accordingly.

    2. You will never be able to experience the infinitude of your Being clearly if you think that there are nooks or crannies—or “levels of belief”—in which the omnipresent Love which constitutes your Being is somehow not present. You must come to the realization that all of you truly is always available to you, no matter how things seem to be. Right now, I am aware that you are feeling as though you are somehow beyond the range of the direct perception and experience of the Reality of your Being as Love. It simply is not true.

      You will not be able to experience your infinite Being if you believe there are conditions under which the Love that constitutes your Being is not present.

    3. I want to remind you that your Being is constituted of infinite Love. That Love constitutes the Substance of your total experience. I want to remind you of that, because the apparently external demands which you have been faced with have caused you to withdraw your attention from your awareness of that fact. As a result, you have not been feeling the loving kindness and the totally constructive and harmonious Nature of your Being as It is unfolding Itself as your conscious experience. Objectively speaking, Love is all around you, because Love is what constitutes your subjective Being. Whether or not you are temporarily caught up in the three-dimensional appearance of things, you are never removed from the ability to perceive the omnipresence of Love, because It is the warp and woof of all four dimensions. I want you to consciously and conscientiously open yourself up to the perception and the experience of the Love that constitutes your infinite Being, no matter from what apparent point or dimension you seem to be experiencing that infinitude.

      Being is made up of (constituted) infinite Love.Love is the substance of your experience - every aspect of it.

      3d demands (worldly demands) can cause us to withdraw our attention from the Fact that every aspect of our experience is comprised of Love.

      Love constitutes your personal experience of (subjective) Being. No matter what is going on in your experience you always have the ability to perceive Love.

      Practice: No matter what is happening in your experience, consciously and conscientiously open yourself to the perception and experience of the Love that constitutes your Infinite Being.

    1. RAJ: That will be a good idea, Paul. The wheel of history repeats itself, but Being never repeats Itself. It is forever making Itself new. The dilemma in which you seem to find yourself is just such an example of Being making Itself new. This Being which is making Itself new is your Being. You are having difficulty because there seems to be a gap between what your Being is being, and what you are conscious of your Being as being. This is because you are, so to speak, riding bareback on the surface of your three-dimensional, or objective, sense of being conscious. You find yourself involved in the drama, and experiencing the need of responding to demands which, apparently, are coming from outside yourself. These demands are your Self declaring the presence of that which appears to be absent when viewed from the standpoint of the apparent drama. It will not appear truly as your conscious experience of being until you are viewing from the point of your Being as Conscious Being—not that of finite man.

      Being is forever making itself new. It is not understood when seen from 3dRef and results in the experience of drama and the need to respond to outside influences.

      You will not be able to transcend the drama until you view things from 4dRef. Being

  37. Oct 2015
    1. RAJ: Paul, you must realize that you are not “in the woods” in the fist place. The “woods” are in you. You are that omnipresent conscious experience of Being which constitutes Fourth-dimensional Man. You will always feel trapped when you are seeing yourself as being inside that Omnipresence which constitutes your Being. You will always feel uncomfortable because you are believing something which is not true. I see that you have gotten the point that you can utilize your ability to think and reason when it is based upon what you have learned when you have been experiencing your being as Conscious Being.

      You will always feel trapped when you believe what is not true.

      Make use of thought and reason that are based upon lessons learned from Conscious Being

    1. RAJ: This Light energy, which is constituted of the Christ-consciousness—God’s view of Himself—is what constitutes your consciousness and your experience, Totally and Completely. you must understand that there is nothing else going on—no other Presence but this Light. It is the Light of Living Love.

      Christ Consciousness is God's view of Himself, is what constitutes Light.

      Light constitutes your consciousness and experience totally and completely.

      There is nothing else going on - no other Presence but this Light, the Light of Living Love.

      This is a description of Christ and of Heaven.

    2. RAJ: The delight of Life is the signal which indicates the successful completion or Awakening in individual thought. This is because it indicates the amalgamation or connection of the Alpha and Omega—the inside and the outside—the spiritual and material—the Fourth Dimension with the first three as Conscious Experience. I know that this is very difficult for you to put up with, because you feel there are more pressing needs, but if you will bear with me a little longer, it will be worth your while.

      Awakening is complete when you delight in Life. Delight indicates union of spiritual and material, the inside and outside, the 3D and 4D.

      Paul finds it very hard to accept this, he is distracted by his present financial challenges.

      Isn't this (focus on 3dRef) what keeps us bound to the illusion?

    1. I understand completely, Paul. This is when you are experiencing the cohesiveness, the Oneness, of your Being. Your conscious experience should constantly be experienced from this Place. Go ahead and feel it and be consciously there. Notice that although you are relaxed, you are totally aware, and you are totally capable of movement and activity. But, you are quite aware that you are not in it and you are not investing your Self into any single experience. This is important.

      A description of the conscious experience of Being.

    1. I want you to understand that my primary purpose is with you and your individual unfolding of your Self as your conscious experience of Being. That will become No.1 with you, because you are the one that constitutes the Eternal Constant. The apparent three-dimensional event of the reappearance of the Christ is one of the millions of events which will occur to you as your experience eternally. You must keep in mind that no single event in your experience takes precedence over that which is experiencing it—You. You must be very careful not to classify yourself as a follower of Maitreya, or a follower of any Master, or any Teacher. You are to follow the Inner Path of the evolving of your very own Being as It unfolds and reveals Itself as your conscious experience. This must be a rule, a guidepost for you to refer to often.
    1. every moment you are feeling the Reality of your Being, you are giving extremely clear messages—the thought processes are not cloudy or diffused. You are constantly invoking the Substance of your Being by virtue of such clear awareness. The omnipresent Substance of your Being brings forth exactly what is needed.

      What is the experience of 4dRef? What is stated here, clear thought, clear messages, clear awareness. Being in this place is the experience of fulfillment.

    1. I want you to begin to let your experience teach you. I would like for you to back off to one conversation a day with me. You have learned how to get into that Place and stay there, and how to get back if you need to. Now I want you to begin to do that. Experience the events of your day, each day, from that environment. You will begin to find your experience explaining itself. You will find your enlightenment to be equally as meaningful as our many conversations have seemed to you. As you have already discovered, your daily experience supplies you with optimum opportunity to learn about your Self, and about the places in which you need further growth.

      Allow the experience of life, lived from the 4dRef, teach you about your Self.

    1. RAJ: Paul, sooner or later it has to become clear to you that the All is One. None of it exists objectively as a static bunch of stuff. All of your Being is alive. All of it reflects the Activity, the Life, the active Intelligence that constitutes your Being. None of it exists in the limited way in which you have perceived it from a three-dimensional view. In the same way that your Substance is always available to you, all of your experience is always available to you. That does not mean that it is just available to see with your eyes. It is available for you to experience as Meaning, as Texture, as Color, as Intent or Purpose, in broad ranges of Hue. et cetera. These words actually are very inadequate to express the experience of their meaning, which you will have as you open yourself up to it. Yet, they give some hint of what I am trying to communicate.

      Not only are all things available to me - because they are apart of me so is all of my experience.

      That must mean that All experience, not just my experience of life, in the dream, but All of it since All is One!!

      That would mean that I can experience Jeshua's life and Hitler's too.

  38. Sep 2015
    1. But Krajewski makes the case that the origin of the index card should be considered to go as far back as 1548 with Konrad Gessner who described a new method of processing data: to cut up a sheet of handwritten notes into slips of paper, with one fact or topic per slip, and arrange as desired.

      The "one fact or topic per slip" was an essential part of what I learned from Mrs. McLaughlin -- precisely to allow for the rearrangement of "atomic" units of thought.

    2. If I was able to pitch a library-related design to host, Roman Mars for an episode, I would suggest the history of the humble 3 x 5 index card.

      Indeed -- my high school teacher Ruth McLaughlin introduced me to using index cards (specifically 4x6 cards) for doing research. It felt like a revolutionary process when I first learned it. Maybe it's time to come back to using honest-to-goodness paper cards.

  39. Mar 2015
    1. But something began to compel me. How might I discover how to see only that Shimmering Radiance? Would it be possible for me to see my brothers and sisters as my Father sees His Children? And, in Truth, I discovered that the way to see with the Eyes of Christ begins with the acceptance that I, as a creator, created in the image of God, indeed, literally choose every experience, and call it to me; that I create the veils through which I view Creation.
    1. Although people weren’t used to scrolling in the mid-nineties, nowadays it’s absolutely natural to scroll. For a continuous and lengthy content, like an article or a tutorial, scrolling provides even better usability than slicing up the text to several separate screens or pages.
  40. Dec 2014
    1. Trying to embed something in here from the atlantic article

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  41. Oct 2013
    1. It is they that the child will hear first; it is their words that he will try to form by imitation.

      early experience is the most formative. We learn through imitation

  42. Sep 2013
    1. Both ways being possible, the subject can plainly be handled systematically, for it is possible to inquire the reason why some speakers succeed through practice and others spontaneously; and every one will at once agree that such an inquiry is the function of an art.

      Art vs. experience

    1. For ability, whether in speech or in any other activity, is found in those who are well endowed by nature and have been schooled by practical experience