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  1. Jan 2024
    1. In this way, plenty of children and politicians alike are able to express genuine remorse and true regret when caught in the act of a bad deed that they would gleefully do again if they thought they could get away with it. The shame they feel is true and real — but it does not require them to share society’s value system, only the ability to model it when caught.

      shame as an instrument

    2. We told you not to eat the marshmallow.

      tests as instructions

    3. it is everyone else's job not to provoke fights with those you know will fight, even if you're in the right

      is it failing a test or an aversion to negative effects?

    4. in attempting to select our modern elites purely through meritocratic academic competition, we inadvertently also select heavily for the psychology profile that drives a teenager to study 8 hours a day throughout childhood

      other examples of societal incentives?

  2. Aug 2022
  3. Apr 2022
    1. ☠️ Duygu Uygun-Tunc ☠️. (2020, October 24). A bit cliché but ppl will always find it cooler to point out that a given proposal is not the only one/has shortcomings/is not the Truth itself etc. Than making or improving a proposal. I keep being reminded of this every single day, esp on twitter. [Tweet]. @uygun_tunc. https://twitter.com/uygun_tunc/status/1319923563248353281

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  7. Sep 2021
    1. Shawn Dowling. ‘Vaccine Passports Work! @CBCCalgary Just Reporting 175% Increase in AB Vaccination Bookings after BC Implemented Vaccine Passport. Imagine the Increase in Vaccinations If,Heaven Forbid,We Implement a Similar Strategy in AB? @CBCFletch -Would Be Great to See the Reference for This’. Tweet. @shawnkdowling (blog), 26 August 2021. https://twitter.com/shawnkdowling/status/1430956667814907904.

  8. Aug 2021
    1. Zeke Emanuel on Twitter: “Masks are off, theaters and indoor dining are back: Life seems to be returning to normal. But the highly transmissible Delta variant is spreading quickly, & we aren’t even halfway to a fully vaccinated population. It’s time for employer vaccine mandates. Https://t.co/34UArFfHN5” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved August 1, 2021, from https://twitter.com/ZekeEmanuel/status/1418266496749428737?s=20

  9. Jul 2021
  10. Jun 2021
    1. And she ended up telling me all that happened, because of that we decided—well, my mom decided—that she wanted a better life for us. So we ended up crossing the border to Arizona. It actually took us three days.

      reason for coming to America - economic prosperity, a better life

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    1. Unlike the latter, however, the neurosciences are extremely well funded by the state and even more so by private investment from the pharmaceutical industry.

      More reasons to be wary. The incentive structure for the research is mostly about control. It's a little sinister. It's not about helping people on their own terms. It's mostly about helping people become "good" citizens and participants of the state apparatus.

  14. Feb 2021
  15. Oct 2020
    1. In Cantrell's view, pharmaceutical companies are the only ones that have the money to do long-term studies on drug's efficacy, "but there's absolutely no financial incentive for them to do it." (When the medicine you need expires, you, or your insurer, pay for more.)
    1. To empower municipalities to build more homes, a new Conservative government will introduce the Build More Homes Competition.

      How much red tape are we talikg> The assumption here would be that there is currently an infeccient level of zonig/red tape

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  22. Sep 2019
    1. Good incentive systems create good behavior.Reputation systems create facades.

      Reputation is the OG incentive system.

      Our legacy reputation tracking capabilities haven't adapted to the age of internet, yet. I'm betting it will.

  23. Apr 2019
  24. Jan 2019
    1. #快如科技2019发布会# 聊天给钱、看新闻给钱、买东西给钱、玩游戏给钱……在聊天宝,几乎干啥都给钱。

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/> 这一次,罗永浩的发布会上有一张幻灯片如是写道: <br/><br/> 「为什么 Facebook 挣到的钱大部分进了马克扎克伯格的口袋?」 <br/><br/> 对于上述设问,想必罗永浩早已得出自己的答案。但从此次推出的聊天软件「聊天宝」来看,他似乎一直在刻意强调「激励机制」的作用,而这点也被许多内容公链方拿来借势营销了一把。「拿出部分利润来回报用户参与」看似要革老平台的命,实则只是刺激流量的运营手段,同那些鼓励用户主动观看广告以换取游戏道具的手游并无本质差异,而这与区块链社交的设计蓝图相差甚远——社交产品最重要的激励凭证不是金钱,而是人际关系,更何况你我都同处在「『关系』等同于金钱」的社会大环境里。当我们谈论区块链社交产品时,我们应首先关注新秩序下人际关系网的重塑,其次才是利益的重新分配。 <br/><br/> 或许可以说,驾驭产品,就是驾驭那些随时随地能满足的欲望,包括匹配得很精准的欲望,但欲望并不等同于需求,亦或是利益。当产品经理试图深刻地理解人性时,我们就应当往更深处去进化自己的人性。经理可以钻研产品之道,但我们要当魔。

  25. Oct 2018
    1. NPOS is 100% open-access publication by 2020, i.e. all scientific publications (articles, books, book excerpts, reports) funded with public money must be freely available for viewing or reuse by anyone in the world as from 2020.

      need to look up the incentive/punishment details for this...

  26. Apr 2018
    1. the right to exclude is not a necessary incentive – it is but one way to secure money in exchange for the fruits of one’s labor

      Agreed. Then again, pointing this out does little for the creative professionals for whom we expressed great concern at the opening of this piece.

  27. Jun 2016
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    1. achievement goal theory (Ames, 1992; Butler,1987; Nicholls, 1984) has consistently argued that grades engendera performance focus, as performance achievement goals are ge-nerically considered as normative in content (Elliot & Murayama

      achievement goal theory argues that grades engender performance focus.

  29. Feb 2014
    1. By contrast, any positive or negative effects that intellectual property rights have on the wider populace are diffused, and any individual member of the wider populace has little motive (and potentially insufficient means) to overco me the significant barriers to active political lobbying. As a result, the intrinsic trend is for intellectual INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: POLICY FOR INNOVATION 11   property holders to actively lobby, largely unopposed, for greater rights protections. (Fisher, 1999, Sect. II. C.)

      Both positive and negative effects stemming from intellectual property rights to the wider populace are diffused, thus the wider populace has little motive to oppose changes to laws and policies that support intellectual property.

    2. In addition to broad economic trends affecting domestic politics evenly, Fisher also notes the uneven distribution of effects stemming from intellectual property rights (1999, Sect. II. C.). The positive effects of intellectual property rights accrue strongl y to a small number of rights - holders (the paper assumes that there are no significant negative effects to rights - holders); for this reason, rights - holders have significant motive (and potentially greater means) to overcome the significant barriers to acti ve political lobbying.
  30. Jan 2014
    1. By documenting your data and recommending appropriate ways to cite your data, you can be sure to get credit for your data products and their use

      Citation is an incentive. An answer to the question "What's in it for me?"