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    1. it learned of the possibility that one student admitted to Georgetown may have engaged in inappropriate transfer of online credits.

      pay for credit scandal - where identity was not confirmed.

    1. State Issued Driver’s License, State Identification Card, Military Identification Card, Passport/Visa, Permanent Residence Card

      Valid Ids shown and compared to student school ids - you ight could fake this but it would take effort

    2. Method: Instructors use check-ins and/or office hours to discuss content, previous assignments, and progress on existing assignments.   Process: Instructors ask for identification and/or confirm student identity via official UConn photo in StudentAdmin.

      This is an interesting way to verify student identity. Required check-ins. but it also makes the professor feel more "real"

    1. Instructors should check student identity by verifying IDs in a one-on-one online meeting prior to the presentation.

      I didn't realize that instructors had to verify student identity via ID.

    2. Federal Regulation §602.17: Application of Standards in Reaching Accreditation Decisions requires that all public universities have processes in place through which the institution establishes that a student who registers in any course offered via distance education or correspondence is the same student who academically engages in the course or program; and makes clear in writing that institutions must use processes that protect student privacy and notify students of any projected additional student charges associated with the verification of student identity at the time of registration or enrollment. Please see the Electronic Code Federal Regulations for more information.

      regulation about identify verification of students in Online courses

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    1. ConfidentialityInformation regarding families shall remain confidential and available only for the purposesauthorized by federal or State law as described in Section 3.609.73, Protections to the Individual.
    2. In cases whereverification is incomplete, the county department shall provide the client with a statementof required verification
    3. The application form shall be used as the primary source of information
    4. The countydepartment/agency must provide specific reasons for the proposed action, and theapplicable state department's rules or county policy.

      uhhhm....because um, that's our policy

    5. The person designated to conduct the conference shall be in a position which, based onknowledge, experience, and training, would enable him or her to determine if theproposed action is valid. This could include, but is not limited to, a supervisor, qualityassurance personnel, or a manager with no previous knowledge of the case

      Lauren, whomever she is, did not say a word. AND,

      She obviously had knowledge of the case because she was CCed on all the email exhibits

    6. The county worker or contractor who initiated the action in dispute shall notconduct the county conference.

      Elizabeth Antus was obviously the one who initiated because she was the one emailing FCS

    7. The county conference shall be held before a person in the county department or agency wherethe proposed decision is pending who was not directly involved in the initial determination of theaction in question
    8. The county department, prior to taking action to deny, terminate, recover, initiate vendorpayments, or modify financial assistance provided under the Colorado Works program to a client,shall, at a minimum, provide the client an opportunity for a county conference.1. The right of a client to a county conference is primarily to ensure that the proposed actionis valid, to protect the client against an erroneous action concerning grant payment
    9. The client shall be offered an in-person interview at redetermination
    1. 4.803.2 Determination of an IPV /Fraud [Rev. eff. 1/1/16]A. An intentional program violation shall be established only if an administrative disqualificationhearing official or a court of appropriate jurisdiction has found a household member hascommitted an intentional program violation or fraud or if a signed waiver of administrative hearingor a signed disqualification consent agreement has been obtained.

      If I intentionally did it, I'd be afforded a trial before any removal of benefits. AND

      The evidence against me, which the burden is on the agency, would need to be clear and convincing. .... “Clear and convincing” means evidence which is stronger than a “preponderance of evidence” and which is unmistakable and free from serious or substantial doubt

    2. The right of a household to a DRC and state-level hearing is primarily to ensure that a proposed eligibilitydetermination or action is valid, to protect the person against an erroneous action concerning benefits,and to ensure reasonable promptness of local office action.
    3. The local office shall send a verification request notice requesting the household toprovide the specific information or verification within ten (10) calendar days plus one (1)additional calendar day for mailing.
    4. additional verificationis required in the following instances:A. Unclear Information1. If the local office receives information about changes in a household's circumstances butcannot determine if or how the change will affect the household's benefits and theunclear information is:a. Fewer than sixty (60) days old relative to the current month of participation; andb. Was required to have been reported per simplified reporting rules; orc. Appears to present significantly conflicting information about the household’scircumstances from that used by the local office at the time of certification,including changes to the household’s categorical eligibility tier, then:
    5. on reported changes
    6. If the reportedchange has not been verified, or is considered questionable, and it cannot be determined whetherbasic categorical eligibility, expanded categorical eligibility, or standard eligibility criteria should beused, a request for verification shall be initiated.


    7. 4.504.6Information Considered Verified Upon Receipt

      Reading the case notes of a TANF meeting is not on the list of "Verified Upon Receipt".

    8. In cases in which the information from another source contradicts statements made by thehousehold, the household shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to resolve the discrepancyprior to an eligibility determination
    9. If written verification cannot be obtained, theeligibility technician shall substitute
    10. 4.504 Sources of VerificationThe local office shall accept any pertinent documentary evidence provided by the household and shall beprimarily concerned with how adequately the verification proves the statements on the application, duringrecertification
    11. Ifinformation is considered questionable or if an alternate source of verification was requested, the reasonfor additional verification
    12. Such statements must be sufficiently detailed to supportthe determination of eligibility or ineligibility
    13. The local office shall provide each household at the time of application for initial certification, redetermination, and periodic report form with a notice that informs the household of verification requirements that the household must meet as part of the application, redetermination, or periodic report process.

      Need for verification

    14. shall not be required unless these eligibility factors are not already collected andverified by the other PA program, are considered questionable,
    15. The household has the primary responsibility for providing documentary evidence for requiredverification and to resolve questionable information.
    16. The case record shall consist of statements and documentation regarding the sources and resultsof verification used to determine a household’s eligibility. Such statements must be sufficientlydetailed to support the determination of eligibility or ineligibility
    17. The local office must act on all changes reported by those households filing a PRF.
    18. In cases where verification is incomplete, the local office shall provide the household with astatement of required verification on the state-prescribed notice form and offer to assist thehousehold in obtaining the required verification.
    19. The eligibility technician shall not simply review the information entered on the application butshall explore and resolve with the household unclear and incomplete information
    20. 4.201 APPLICATION PROCESSINGA. Local offices shall not apply additional conditions or processing requirements that are beyondthose prescribed by State SNAP rules.
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    1. La raison graphique dans cette approche du signe est déconditionnée

      Il était question dans la précédente version de l'imprécision du terme signe, est-ce que le paragraphe ainsi remanié rend l'idée plus claire ?

    2. émerge d’un a priori de la trace

      dans la précédente version, il avait été demandé de développé cette idée. Si avec le développement de la pensée de Christin, cela n'est pas clair, je le ferai !

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    1. federated mastodon is neat. that “ericajoy”can exist on any server is going to be a problem, especially around impersonation. a third party “verification” player will be necessary if mastodon gains broad traction.

      Poster implies that a benefit of globally centralised structures like Twitter, FB and LinkedIn is verification. I think impersonation is rife there, and will be less on Mastodon. Apart from basic measures (rel-me verification against your website, use your own domain for an instance), there are similar to T/FB/LinkedIn ways to verify someone outside the platform itself, where people check it's you through a channel they already know it's you. Above all the potential benefit of impersonation does not exist on M: no immediate global audience, no amplification of messages through self-feeding loops of engagement. Your reach is limited to your own follow(er)s mostly, and they won't fall for an impersonation, as you're already there among them. The power assymmetry inherent in T/FB's algo's doesn't exist on M. So impersonating would cost the impersonator way more, and become unsustainable to them.

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    1. Benefits verification

      Insurance Benefits Verification Upon receiving a booking form, insurance benefits can be verified allowing the facility to make a quick determination of the patient's responsibility and profitability of the case.

    1. Vendor management

      Vendor Coordination Vendors are linked with the booking form so they are informed of any changes in schedule or procedure. With email and text confirmation tracking vendors show up at the right place, at the right time, with the right products freeing up your materials manager!

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    1. Last 4 of SSN
    2. Full Card Number
    3. First and Last Name
    4. For Outbound Calls
    5. Last 4 of SSN
    6. Last 4 of the Card
    7. First and Last Name
    8. For Inbound Calls
    9. you may proceed with standard verification
    10. advise the CH they will need to be routed back to the IVR to complete verification of their PIN before we can proceed with the call
    11. Mr./Mrs. Cardholder, please note that we’ll not be able to assist you if you have not entered your card information using the right prompts in our Automated Telephone System/IVR. Therefore, I am going to have to transfer you to the Automated Telephone System so you can enter your card information using the relevant prompts and, if needed, press the right option to talk to one of our customer service representatives.
    12. select IVR State and Card Verification
    13. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you; however, your PIN must be verified in the automated system before I am able to share account specific information for your security.
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    1. For example, a parent or guardian could be asked to make a payment of€0,01 to the controller via a banktransaction, including a brief confirmation in the description line of the transaction that the bank account holderis a holder of parental responsibility over the user. Where appropriate, an alternative method of verificationshould be provided to prevent undue discriminatory treatment of persons that do nothave a bank account.
    2. The EDPBacknowledges that there may be cases where verification is challenging (for example wherechildren providing their own consent have not yet established an ‘identity footprint’, or where parentalresponsibility is not easily checked.
    3. If the user states that he/she is below the age of digital consent then the controller can accept thisstatement without further checks, but will need to go on to obtain parental authorisation and verifythat the person providingthat consent is a holder of parental responsibility.
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    1. Comment savoir si l’élève fait son travail tout seul?La continuité pédagogique est destinée à s’assurer que les élèves poursuivent des activités scolaires leur permettant de progresser dans leurs apprentissages. Il s’agit d’attirer l’attention des élèves sur l’importance et la régularité du travail personnel quelle que soit l’activité, même si elle est réalisée avec l’aide d’un pair ou d’un tiers. Des travaux réguliers et évalués régulièrement y contribuent. Toutefois, le professeur ne peut contrôler l’assiduité dans ce cadre, ni sanctionner son éventuel défaut.
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    1. One of the men being beaten in this video is speaking Foulfoulde, which is a commonly spoken language in the Far North region of Cameroon.

      Different to image verification, with video we can check on languages which could help us determine an location

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    1. global technology firm with social and economic justice at its very core

      Social Justice Pillar.

      Global IT Solutions: Your Quality Solutions Partner.

      1. emphasis on partnership and collaboration
      2. technologies influencing client business decisions