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  1. Feb 2024
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    1. Chaque élève a droit au respect de son intégrité physique et morale, au respect de sa libertéde conscience, au respect de son travail et de ses biens, à la liberté d’expression. Chacun doituser de ces droits dans un esprit de tolérance et de respect d’autrui (article R. 421-5 du codede l’éducation)
    1. And here are King’s early thoughts on this biblical passage, written in 1953 as a Ph.D. student:God (Amos)5:21:24—This passage might be called the key passage of the entire book. It reveals the deep ethical nature of God. God is a God that demands justice rather than sacrifice; righteousness rather than ritual. The most elaborate worship is but an insult to God when offered by those who have no mind to conform to his ethical demands. Certainly this is one of the most noble idea ever uttered by the human mind.One may raise the question as to whether Amos was against all ritual and sacrifice, i.e. worship. I think not. It seems to me that Amos' concern is the ever-present tendency to make ritual and sacrifice a substitute for ethical living. Unless a man's heart is right, Amos seems to be saying, the external forms of worship mean nothing. God is a God that demands justice and sacrifice fo can never be a substitute for it. Who can disagree with such a notion?3Notice how King wrote the topic (God) and his source (Amos 5:21:24) at the top of the note card for easy reference.

      example of a note from King's zettelkasten

    2. one of King’s note cards on the Old Testament’s Book of Amos which includes the linesBut let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. These lines would feature in many of King’s speeches—including his famous “I Have a Dream Speech,” where King said: …we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.

      Some of King's note cards later figured in his speeches including his "I Have a Dream" speech.

  3. Dec 2023
    1. Ron White recommends taking notes on 3 x 5 inch index cards. One should place the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress catalog number in the upper left of their bibliography card and in the upper right corner one should number their cards consecutively (1, 2, 3, etc.). White indicates the importance of these numbers is primarily that they are unique, presumably so one can refer to them or reorder them if they are put out of order. (p46-7)

  4. Nov 2023
      • for: conflict resolution - Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Toda Peace Institute, Lisa Schirch, 5 point peace plan

      • title: 5-Point Peace Plan to Protect Civilians, Address Trauma, Invest in Democracy, and Dismantle Hamas and the Israeli Occupation

      • author: Lisa Schirch
      • date: Nov 2023

      • Abstract

        • There is no military solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
        • A just political solution is essential.
        • This article expands the narratives of what is necessary at this moment when too many simply say “there is no other way” or “ceasefire” which both leave many questions unanswered.
        • This 5-point peace plan identifies a range of strategic principles and bridgebuilding processes to protect the safety and ensure the democratic freedoms of both Israelis and Palestinians.
        • It emphasises the shared humanity and traumas of both Palestinians and Jewish Israelis.
        • A sustainable peace will require that journalists and political leaders use their power to focus on
          • protecting civilians,
          • dismantling Hamas,
          • ending occupation,
          • addressing trauma, and
          • investing in democracy.
  5. Oct 2023
    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shmita

      During shmita, the land is left to lie fallow and all agricultural activity, including plowing, planting, pruning and harvesting, is forbidden by halakha (Jewish law).

      The sabbath year (shmita; Hebrew: שמיטה, literally "release"), also called the sabbatical year or shǝvi'it (שביעית‎, literally "seventh"), or "Sabbath of The Land", is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah in the Land of Israel and is observed in Judaism.

    1. frank danielle at the 1:29 american film institute 1:30 who was dean of the school uh center for 1:33 advanced film studies 1:34 and he taught a way to do it 1:39 um you get yourself a pack of three by 1:42 five cards 1:44 and you write a scene 1:47 on each card and when you have 70 scenes 1:52 you have uh a feature film 1:56 so on each card you write the heading of 1:58 the scene 1:59 and then the next card the second scene 2:00 the third scene four scenes so you have 2:03 70 cards 2:04 each with the name of the scene then you 2:07 flesh out each of the cards 2:09 and walk away you got a script

      David Lynch described the method from Frank Daniel (1926-1996) of the American Film Institute and Dean of advanced film studies who taught students to plot out their screenplays using 3 x 5" index cards. One would write out a total of 70 cards each with scene headings. Once fleshed out, one would have a complete screenplay.

      via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yngWNmouhP0

  6. Sep 2023
    1. I have run across Jeff Shelton's Analog system (originally via Kickstarter) before. Thanks for the reminder.

      There's also a slew of others, especially for folks looking at commercially preprinted cards (though I tend to think they're overpriced compared to blank cards): - The Hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid) https://web.archive.org/web/20040906150523/https://merlin.blogs.com/43folders/2004/09/introducing_the.html - Pile of Index Cards (PoIC) https://www.flickr.com/photos/hawkexpress/albums/72157594200490122/ - Levenger https://www.levenger.com/products/triple-decker-pocket-planner?variant=42485422424213 (among others they carry including pocket briefcases) - Notsu https://notsubrand.com/ - Baronfig / Strategist: https://baronfig.com/products/strategist?variant=39787199529043 - Jeff Shelton's Analog system https://ugmonk.com/ - 3x5 Life https://www.3x5life.com/ - Foglietto https://www.nerosnotes.co.uk/collections/foglietto

      Am I missing any significant or influential examples, particularly branded ones?

      Hubnote for 3 x 5" index cards for productivity

  7. Aug 2023
    1. The Personally Responsible Citizen

      "The personally responsible citizen contributes to food or clothing drives when asked and volunteers to help those less fortunate."

      I agree with the programs that help students be more engaged in volunteer activities, It makes students appreciate things more and can hopefully solve "serious social problems.

    1. Writing on small cards forces certain habits which would be good even for larger paper, but which I didn’t consider until the small cards made them necessary. It forces ideas to be broken up into simple pieces, which helps to clarify them. Breaking up ideas forces you to link them together explicitly, rather than relying on the linear structure of a notebook to link together chains of thought.

      A statement of the common "one idea per card" (or per note). He doesn't state it, but links to an article whose title is "One Thought Per Note".

      Who else has use this or similar phrasing in the historical record? - Beatrice Webb certainly came pretty close. - Others?

    2. one early reader of this write-up decided to use half 3x5 cards, so that they’d fit in mtg deck boxes.

      First reference I've seen for someone suggesting using half size 3 x 5" index cards so that they could use commercially available Magic: The Gathering (MTG) boxes.

      Oxford and possibly other manufacturers already make 1/2 size 3 x 5" index cards.

    1. https://www.attorneyatwork.com/analog-attorney-5-best-index-cards/

      Article about general usefulness of index cards written by a lawyer and for them, though not specific to them as a subgroup.

      Makes not of Nock's Dot-Dash cards which were apparently 3 x 5" dash gridded cards similar to Midori's grid notebooks. The website for the company is no longer active. Archived site: https://web.archive.org/web/20171007102414/https://nockco.com/paper/dotdash-3-x-5-note-cards

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  9. Jun 2023
    1. The solo is unified through the use of similar melodic devices at the same locations withinthe form. For instance, in mm. 4, 12, and 28 of the form, Jones frequently employs adom7(≥5) chord (mm. 4, 12, 36, 92, 100, and 108).
    2. Chapter 5 expands the repository of harmonic structures to 35 five-part chords. They aredivided into five categories: major, minor, dominant 7th, suspended dominant, and inter-mediary

      Chordal extensions consist of different forms of the ninth, the eleventh, and the thirteenth and can be divided into two broad categories: diatonic and chromatic. Diatonic extensions enhance the structure of chords, whereas chromatic extensions modify that structure in a considerable way. The ninth has three distinct forms: a diatonic major 9th, a chromatic ≤9th, and a chromatic ≥9th. The eleventh has two forms: a diatonic perfect 11th and a chromatic ≥11th. The thirteenth has two forms: a diatonic major 13th and a chromatic ≤13t

    3. The intermediary category contains three modes: Dorian, Locrian, and Locrian Ω2
    1. Most older card indexes are common enough, but I thought I'd tip off anyone who is all in on 5x8" index cards and may be looking for a permanent home for their growing collection that there's a reasonably rare, but lovely looking Yawman & Erbe card catalog for sale right now.

      Syndication link: https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/14jlk69/beautiful_18_drawer_yawman_erbe_card_catalog/

    1. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1568150/

      Based on having watched the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work and the depictions of Rivers' card index in the film and using her hands and a lateral file for scale, her cards seem to have been 3 x 5" index cards.

      cross reference: https://hypothes.is/a/RvLTZjCQEe2uuaNwpTBNuA

    1. How Harriet Tubman is remembered and honored

      I want this Harriet Tubman stamp more than I'd like the $5 Bill Murray version... at least until the new $20 is released.


    1. A five -dollar Bill Murray.

      See a ‘$5 Bill Murray’ by Eliot Glazer

      When did this idea enter the culture? This 2011 post may have helped it enter the zeitgeist.

    1. rebuke

      to speak angrily to someone because you disapprove of what they have said or done 斥責;指責;訓斥

    2. ensue

      to happen after something else, especially as a result of it (尤指作爲結果而)接著發生,繼而發生,因而産生

    3. vouchsafed

      to tell or give something to someone 告知;提供;給予

    4. piazza

      especially in Italy, an open area with a hard surface in a town, especially where there is no traffic (尤指義大利城鎮中無車輛行駛的)露天廣場

    5. sundry

      several different; various 幾個不同的;各種各樣的

  10. May 2023
    1. - Set of 52 weekly 3 x 5 accordion tri-folded cards - Undated planner with ruled lines and shaded blank areas for writing appointments, notes or lists on each day of the week - Thick and substantial 250-gsm card stock - Friendly to all types of ink - Unfolded, 9W x 5H

      A 9 x 5" card that folds in three to make a 3 x 5" card for planning out one's entire week.

      This is quite clever with respect the space of cards like Analog and 3x5 Life.

    1. What's included in the 3x5 Life System: 6 months of Daily cards **Schedule version** (186 cards) Monthly/Year Goal Cards (1 year of cards) Habit Tracker Cards (1 year of cards) Weekly Review Cards (1 year of cards) Storage Box with 3x5 logo on lid Monthly dividers to keep your storage box organized Mobile Phone Sleeve Stainless Steel Stand MINI COURSE: Outlining how best to utilize the system

      via: https://www.3x5life.com/collections/frontpage/products/3x5-life-system-with-mini-course

      They apparently offer a mini course outlining the system.

      One wonders how much "why" they offer?

    1. Frictionless Tools Capture Cards – Red — These are my index cards of choice. More sturdy than the standard variety. I like the grid design. Takes fountain pen ink better too. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. I purchased several packages before they stopped being sold.

      Frictionless Tools' Capture Cards were custom 3 x 5" index cards, printed in vertical orientation with a square grid pattern on most of the card. The top was usually split in half between equal grey and red rectangles for titles/dates/headings and a slightly thinner single long rectangle as a footer at the bottom.

      Patrick Rhone indicates on 2018-01-24 that they had quit manufacturing them by that date.

    1. ingenuity

      skill or cleverness in devising or combining 聰明才智

    2. Licentiate

      中文翻譯:取得執照, meaning: "a person who has a license granted especially by a university to practice a profession."

    3. vanquish

      overcome or defeated in battle or in a conflict or contest 征服

    4. curate

      中文翻譯:策畫, meaning: "it means to carefully select, organize, and present a collection of items or information." Synonym: Select, Arrange, Organize.

    5. divinity

      the quality or state of being godlike 神性

    6. chivalry

      中文翻譯:騎士精神, meaning: "a code of conduct with medieval knighthood and the ideals of medieval knights." Synonym: Knightliness, Gallantry, Nobility.

    7. conceits

      excessive appreciation of one's own worth or virtue 自負

    8. aptly

      中文翻譯:恰當地, meaning: "in a way that is fitting or appropriate in conditions." Synonym: accordingly, duly, judiciously.

    9. harangue

      中文翻譯:長篇大論, meaning: "a lengthy and forceful speech or verbal attack." Synonym: Tirade, Diatribe, Rant.

    10. lucidity

      clearness of thought or style 清晰明瞭

    11. credulous

      ready to believe especially on slight or uncertain evidence

    12. Personages

      a person of rank, note, or distinction.

    13. decreed


    14. chaste


    15. enacted


    16. misshapen

      畸形的 (adj.)

    17. discretion


    18. misshapen

      having an ugly or deformed shape 畸形

    19. purblind,


    20. stealth

      a cautious, unobtrusive, and secretive way of moving or proceeding intended to avoid detection

    21. ordained

      to establish or order by appointment, decree, or law

    22. conspiracy

      to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement 陰謀

    23. institute

      to originate and get established 建立

    24. Gold give us, God forgive us,And from all woes relieve us;That we the treasureMay reap of pleasure,And shun whate’er is grievous,Gold give us, God forgive us.

      Why did he asked for god's forgiveness? Does that mean that he admits his request are greedy and not inclusive?

    25. Abbot

      a man who is the head of an abbey of monks. 男修道院長

    26. mutual

      Having the same feelings one for the other. 共同的、相互的。

    1. Each Analog Card Pack include 50 cards - enough cards to get you through an entire month (with a few extras in case you need to start over). 35 Today Cards 10 Next Cards 5 Someday Cards
    1. For $1,900.00 ?

      reply to rogerscrafford at tk

      Fine furniture comes at a fine price. 🗃️🤩 I suspect that it won't sell for quite a while and one could potentially make an offer at a fraction of that to take it off their hands. It might bear considering that if one had a practice large enough to fill half or more, then that price probably wouldn't seem too steep for the long term security and value of the contents.

      On a price per card of storage for some of the cheaper cardboard or metal boxes you're going to pay about $0.02-0.03 per card, but you'd need about 14 of those to equal this and those aren't always easy to stack and access regularly. With this, even at the full $1,900, you're looking at storage costs of $0.10/card, but you've got a lot more ease of use which will save you a lot of time and headache as more than adequate compensation, particularly if you're regularly using the approximately 20,400 index cards it would hold. Not everyone has the same esthetic, but I suspect that most would find that this will look a lot nicer in your office than 14 cheap cardboard boxes. That many index cards even at discount rates are going to cost you about $825 just in cards much less beautiful, convenient, and highly usable storage.

      Even for some of the more prolific zettelkasten users, this sort of storage is about 20 years of use and if you compare it with $96/year for Notion or $130/year for Evernote, you're probably on par for cost either way, but at least with the wooden option, you don't have to worry about your note storage provider going out of business a few years down the line. Even if you go the "free" Obsidian route, with computers/storage/backups over time, you're probably not going to come out ahead in the long run. It's not all apples to apples comparison and there are differences in some of the affordances, but on balance and put into some perspective, it's probably not the steep investment it may seem.

      And as an added bonus, while you're slowly filling up drawers, as a writer you might appreciate the slowly decreasing wine/whiskey bottle storage over time? A 5 x 8 drawer ought to fit three bottles of wine or as many fifths of Scotch. It'll definitely accommodate a couple of magnums of Jack Daniels. 🥃🍸🍷My experience also tells me that an old fashioned glass can make a convenient following block in card index boxes.

      A crystal old fashioned glass serves as a following block to some index cards and card dividers in a Shaw-Walker card index box (zettelkasten). On the table next to the index are a fifth of Scotch (Glenmorangie) and a bowl of lemons.

  11. Apr 2023
    1. aught

      anything 任何話

    2. yonder

      something that is or is in an indicated more or less distant place 旁邊

    3. zounds

      used as a mild oath 誓言

    4. eath

      easy 簡單

    5. noddle,

      head, pate 點頭

    6. hindrance

      the act of interfering with or slowing the progress of someone or something : the action of hindering 阻礙、阻力

    7. prating

      to talk long and idly 啐唸、喋喋不休

    8. friar,

      a member of a mendicant order 修士

    9. abode

      a temporary stay 暫住

    10. multitude

      the state of being many 多數

    11. lest

      for fear that 免得

    12. amicable

      characterized by friendly goodwill 友好的

    13. eke

      also 也

    14. avowed

      openly acknowledged or declared 宣達、宣布

    15. dainty

      something delicious to the taste 可口的

    16. thence

      from that fact or circumstance 因此

    17. fillies

      a young female horse usually of less than four years 年輕母馬 ; a young girl 女孩

    18. whence

      from what place, source, or cause 何處

    19. comrades

      an intimate friend or associate 同伴們、同志們

    20. confections

      something confected 醋漬物

    21. fortify

      to make strong 強化

    22. cavalier

      a gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship 騎士

    23. behoved

      chiefly British spelling of BEHOOVE: to be necessary, proper, or advantageous for 理應、應該、必須

    24. exultation

      the act of exulting : the state of being exultant: filled with or expressing great joy or triumph 狂喜

    25. requital

      something given in return, compensation, or retaliation 回禮、還禮

    26. consolation

      the act or an instance of consoling, the state of being consoled 安慰

    27. whilst

      while 當

    28. sagely

      in a sage or wise manner 有禮的、明智的

    29. limned

      to outline in clear sharp detail 被描繪輪廓的

    30. groat

      hulled grain broken into fragments larger than grits 碎穀物、燕麥

    31. blest

      to hallow or consecrate by religious rite or word 祝福

    32. hither;

      being on the near or adjacent side 在附近、靠近

    33. guise

      a form or style of dress 裝扮成

    34. delectation

      Pleasure, delight, and enjoyment 快樂、喜悅

    35. avai

      to be of use or advantage 有用、能用

    36. hath

      archaic present tense third-person singular of HAVE 有著、懷抱著

    37. sendeth

      the person to whom something is sent 發送、收件人

    38. irketh

      furious, angry 憤怒

    39. affright

      frighten, alarm 驚嚇、使恐懼

    40. bade

      past tense and past participle of BID: to issue an order to 命令

    41. mar

      to ruin or diminish the perfection or wholeness of 掃興、毀壞

    42. gospel

      something accepted or promoted as infallible truth or as a guiding principle or doctrine 真理

    43. scant

      barely or scarcely sufficient 不足

    44. you fort

      adj. free from ambiguity or evasiveness : going straight to the point

    45. shalt

      archaic present tense second-person singular of shall 將

    46. woeful

      full of woe : grievous 可悲的、多災多難的

    47. bout

      a spell or period of activity 一回合、一段時間

    48. , leaving h

      adj. cheerless, dejected, downcast

    49. mayst

      archaic present tense second-person singular of MAY 可能

    50. celestial

      As in heavenly: of, relating to, or suggesting heaven 天堂的

    51. suffering

      n. the state of being interfered with, held back, or slowed down : the state of being hindered

    52. disparage

      As in to dismiss: to express scornfully one's low opinion of 貶損、批評

    53. e, studi

      Adj. assiduous in the pursuit of learning

    54. drubbing

      As in whipping: to defeat by a large margin 以很大差距輸掉(動詞); As in defeat: failure to win a contest 輸掉(名詞)

    55. h a tran

      n. The act of exulting : the state of being exultant

    56. cudge

      As in cane: a heavy rigid stick used as a weapon or for punishment 棍棒/長杖

    57. stout

      As in sturdy: able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure 穩固的 ; As in stocky: being compact and broad in build and often short in stature 粗壯的 ; As in valiant: feeling or displaying no fear by temperament 勇敢的 ; As in solid: not showing weakness or uncertainty 堅定的、堅固的、堅強的

    58. ere

      As in before: earlier than 在...之前

    59. orisons

      As in prayers: an address to God or a deity 禱告(名詞)

    60. chastised

      to inflict a penalty on for a fault or crime 懲罰、懲戒、責罵

    61. bespoke

      to make known (something abstract) through outward signs 展示/顯示

    62. whenas


    1. Catalog cards were 2 by 5 inches (5 cm × 13 cm); the Harvard College size.

      Early library card catalogs used cards that were 2 x 5" cards, the Harvard College size, before the standardization of 3 x 5" index cards.

  12. Mar 2023
    1. we propose five cornerstones that help deal with the highlighted issues and categorize unintended consequences.

      5 principles for mitigating progress traps - 1) - a priori assessments of potential unintended consequences of policies - should be conducted by - multidisciplinary teams - with as broad a range of expertise as possible. - This would require decision-making - to flex around specific policy challenges - to ensure that decision-makers reflect the problem space in question. - 2) - policy plans made in light of the assessment should be iterative, - with scheduled re-assessments in the future. - As has been discussed above, - knowledge and circumstances change. - New consequences might have since - become manifest or new knowledge developed. - By planning and implementing reviews, - organizational reflexivity and - humility - needs to be built into decision-making systems (e.g., Treasury, 2020).

      • 3)
        • given the scale of systems
          • such as the water-energy-food nexus
        • and the potential for infinite variety and nuance of unintended consequences,
          • pragmatism necessitates specification of boundaries
            • within which assessments are made.
        • It should be noted that this can in itself give rise to unintended consequences
          • through potential omission of relevant areas.
        • Hence, boundary decisions regarding
          • where the boundaries lie
            • should be regularly revisited (as per 2) above.
      • 4)
        • unintended consequences identified
          • should be placed in the framework
            • with as much consensus among decision-makers as possible.
        • The positioning does not need to be limited to a single point,
          • but could be of the form of a distribution of opinions of range
            • of knowability and
            • avoidability;
          • the distribution will be indicative of
            • the perspectives and
            • opinions of the stakeholders.
        • If a lack of consensus exists on the exact position,
          • this can highlight a need to
            • seek more diverse expertise, or
            • for further research in order to improve consensus, or
            • for fragmenting of the issue into
              • smaller,
              • more readily assessable pieces.
      • 5)
        • there is a need for more active learning
          • by decision-makers
            • about how to avoid repeating past unintended consequences.
        • To support this,
          • assessment process and
          • outcomes should be
            • documented and
            • used
          • to appraise the effectiveness of policy mechanisms,
            • with specific attention on outcomes
              • beyond those defined by policy objectives and the
                • assumptions and
                • decisions
              • which led to these outcomes.
        • Such appraisals could reflect on - the scope of the assessment, and - the effectiveness of specific groups of stakeholders
          • in being able to identify potential negative outcomes,
            • highlighting gaps in knowledge and limitations in the overall approach.
        • Additional records of the level of agreement of participants
          • would allow for re-evaluation with new learning.
    1. it is for the parents to guide them frominfancy in the ways of virtue, propriety, and worthy Christian conduct, so that when grown up they may be thestaff of their parents’ old age, and the glory of their posterity; and to force them to study this or that science I donot think wise, though it may be no harm to persuade them; and when there is no need to study for the sake ofpane lucrando, and it is the student’s good fortune that heaven has given him parents who provide him with it, itwould be my advice to them to let him pursue whatever science they may see him most inclined to

      This may be the best way to teach children, nowadays.

    2. I, Senor Don Quixote,” answered the gentleman, “have one son, without whom, perhaps, I should count myselfhappier than I am, not because he is a bad son, but because he is not so good as I could wish. He is eighteen yearsof age; he has been for six at Salamanca studying Latin and Greek, and when I wished him to turn to the study ofother sciences I found him so wrapped up in that of poetry (if that can be called a science) that there is no gettinghim to take kindly to the law, which I wished him to study, or to theology, the queen of them all. I would like him tobe an honour to his family, as we live in days when our kings liberally reward learning that is virtuous and worthy;for learning without virtue is a pearl on a dunghill. He spends the whole day in settling whether Homer expressedhimself correctly or not in such and such a line of the Iliad, whether Martial was indecent or not in such and suchan epigram, whether such and such lines of Virgil are to be understood in this way or in that; in short, all his talkis of the works of these poets, and those of Horace, Perseus, Juvenal, and Tibullus; for of the moderns in our ownlanguage he makes no great account; but with all his seeming indifference to Spanish poetry, just now his thoughtsare absorbed in making a gloss on four lines that have been sent him from Salamanca, which I suspect are for somepoetical tournament.”

      I think Don Quixote thinks this is not why we study poetry.

    3. squire

      in the past in England, a man who owned most of the land around a village (舊時英格蘭的)鄉紳,大地主

    4. enmity

      a feeling of hate仇恨,怨恨;敵意

    5. Don Quixote turned to look and found that it was true, and rejoicing exceedingly, he concluded that they weretwo armies about to engage and encounter in the midst of that broad plain;

      His bravery is his biggest trait.

    6. sonorous

      having a deep, pleasant sound (聲音)渾厚的

    7. it was not right thata horse belonging to a knight so famous, and one with such merits of his own, should be without some distinctivename

      The question of identity is always intriguing.

    8. ed away by theintense enjoyment he found in these pleasant fancies, he sethimself forthwith to put his scheme into execution

      This is what I like about Don Quixote. He think of what he wants to do first and execute it, instead of what he can do, because I know that if I only think of what I can do in the beginning, then I will achieve nothing.

    9. In short, his wits being quite gone, he hit upon the strang-est notion that ever madman in this world hit upon, and thatwas that he fancied it was right and requisite, as well for thesupport of his own honour as for the service of his country,that he should make a knight-errant of himself,

      Mostly, ambition is perceived as mad, but being mad is not always a bad thing.

    10. curate

      a priest of the lowest rank, especially in the Church of England, whose job is to help the vicar (= priest of a particular area) (尤指英國國教會的)助理牧師

    11. mutton

      the meat from a goat or sheep eaten as food 羊肉,山羊肉

    12. convent

      a building in which nuns (= members of a female religious order) live 女修道院

    13. thereupon

      immediately after something that is mentioned 隨即,立即

    14. For how shall I be able, said he, to rule over others, that havenot full power and command of myself?

      Many leader lead other very well, but lose control of their own life.

    15. hereafter

      starting from this time; in the future 此後,今後

    16. peremptory

      expecting to be obeyed immediately and without asking questions 不容置辯的;專橫的,霸道的

    1. abstinence

      not doing something, such as drinking alcohol or having sex 節制;戒絕

    2. meek

      quiet, gentle, and not willing to argue or express your opinions in a forceful way 溫順的;謙和的

    3. solicit

      to ask someone for money, information, or help 請求,索求,乞求

    4. countenance

      the appearance or expression of someone's face面容;臉色;面部表情

    5. enamoured

      liking something a lot 喜愛的;迷戀的

    1. http://www.shopbrodart.com/Library-School-Furniture/Adult-and-Teen-Furniture/Computer-Furniture/Card-Catalog-Trays-and-Cabinets/_/Brodart-Wood-Charging-Trays/?q=tray&s=MToyNTY6NDo6Ojo6OjA6

      Brodart Mini Single Charging Tray Mini single charging tray with 600-card capacity More Info Price: $76.76

      • Adjustable steel follower block with automatic lock
      • Felt pads on tray bottom protect desktop
      • Mini charging tray fits on your lap
      • 4"H x 4"W x 8"D
      • Holds 600 5"H x 3"W cards
      • Includes antimicrobial finish
      • Made in the USA

      This could be used for a modern day Memindex box for portrait oriented 3 x 5" index cards.

  13. inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net
    1. 2 3-4 x 4 3-4 inches in size, made of seal grain , real sealor Russia leather, in a thoro

      Memindex dimensions mentioned in a 1904 advertisement<br /> cards: 2 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches<br /> case: 2 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches

    1. 1930s Wilson Memindex Co Index Card Organizer Pre Rolodex Ad Price List Brochure

      archived page: https://web.archive.org/web/20230310010450/https://www.ebay.com/itm/165910049390

      Includes price lists

      List of cards includes: - Dated tab cards for a year from any desired. - Blank tab cards for jottings arranged by subject. - These were sold in 1/2 or 1/3 cut formats - Pocket Alphabets for jottings arranged by letter. - Cash Account Cards [without tabs]. - Extra Record Cards for permanent memoranda. - Monthly Guides for quick reference to future dates. - Blank Guides for filing records by subject.. - Alphabet Guides for filing alphabetically.

      Memindex sales brochures recommended the 3 x 5" cards (which had apparently been standardized by 1930 compared to the 5 1/2" width from earlier versions around 1906) because they could be used with other 3 x 5" index card systems.

      In the 1930s Wilson Memindex Company sold more of their vest pocket sized 2 1/4 x 4 1/2" systems than 3 x 5" systems.

      Some of the difference between the vest sized and regular sized systems choice was based on the size of the particular user's handwriting. It was recommended that those with larger handwriting use the larger cards.

      By the 1930's at least the Memindex tag line "An Automatic Memory" was being used, which also gave an indication of the ubiquity of automatization of industrialized life.

      The Memindex has proved its success in more than one hundred kinds of business. Highly recommended by men in executive positions, merchants, manufacturers, managers, .... etc.

      Notice the gendering of users specifically as men here.

      Features: - Sunday cards were sold separately and by my reading were full length tabs rather than 1/6 tabs like the other six days of the week - Lids were custom fit to the bases and needed to be ordered together - The Memindex Jr. held 400 cards versus the larger 9 inch standard trays which had space for 800 cards and block (presumably a block to hold them up or at an angle when partially empty).

      The Memindex Jr., according to a price sheet in the 1930s, was used "extensively as an advertising gift".

      The Memindex system had cards available in bundles of 100 that were labeled with the heading "Things to Keep in Sight".

    1. 312 Oak Midget Tray WWeesCoverEquipped same as]No.324,price.55CTohold cards14x3.No.423.Equippedasabove,tohold65Ccards 24x4, priceNo. 533. Standard size.to hold card 3x5, equip-ped as above,price..........No. 7- Nickel ....PrepaidinU. S.onreceiptofpriceNo. 324OakMidgetTraytheCoverWeis75cNo. 644. To hold cards4x6,equipped$1.10(StyleNos.312,423.533and644)asabove......(Style No. 324,213.335and446.)Send for catalog showing many other time-saving office devices. Our goods are soldyour dealer does not carry our line we can supply you direct from the factory.To hold cards 24x4. lengthof tray2%in..equippedwithAtoZindexand100record cards 45cNo. 213. To hold cards 14x3in,, lenght of tray 24in..equipped asabove40cNo.335.Standardsize,tohold3x5 cards.equipped asabove50c80cNo. 446. To hold 4x6 cards,equipped asabove.Any of these trays sent pre-paid in U. S. on receipt ofpriceby stationers everywhere. IfNo. 6 Union St.The WeisManufacturing Co.,Monroe,Mich.,U. S.A.Please mention SYSTEM when writing to advertisers

      Notice the 1 1/4" x 3" cards, 2 1/4 x 4" cards in addition to the 3 x 5" and 4 x 6".

    1. RECOMMANDATION N°8La Défenseure des droits recommandeau ministre des Solidarités, de l’Autonomieet des Personnes handicapées et à la ministredéléguée chargée des Personneshandicapées :• De rappeler aux MDPH d’adopter un PPSafin, conformément à l’article D. 351-5 ducode de l’éducation, de définir et coordonnerles modalités de déroulement de la scolaritéet les actions pédagogiques, psychologiques,éducatives, sociales, médicales etparamédicales répondant aux besoinsparticuliers des élèves présentant unhandicap ;• D’inviter les CDPAH à préciser, dansleurs décisions, les activités à réaliserpar les AESH affectés auprès des enfants

      Recommandation 08

  14. Feb 2023
    1. Considering the above120 and in light of the specific circumstances of the processing, the EDPB finds that the IE SA could not have concluded in paragraph 115 of the Draft Decision that the contact information processing may be regarded as necessary for the performance of a contract between Meta IE and child users.

      Holding. Not necessary.

      "As a consequence, the EDPB finds that Meta IE could not have relied on [[Article 6(1)(b)]] GDPR as a legal basis for the contact information processing.”

    2. As noted by the IE SA, the HTML publication of contact information was not considered necessary by Facebook’s Security Team and was subsequently discontinued117. The EDPB considers that the analysis of the principle of data minimisation (Article 5(1)(c) GDPR) is relevant for the necessity assessment on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) GDPR118. Consequently, the EDPB further finds that such analysis should have complemented the LSA’s assessment on the necessity of the processing for the performance of the contract, with specific regard to the publication of the contact information in the HTML source code on the Instagram website. The EDPB considers that the IE SA could not have concluded that the publication of the contact information of child users in the HTML source code may be regarded as

      EDPB rightly smacks the IE SA around a bit for generally cocking this all up.

    1. shall be reasonably necessary and proportionate to achieve the purpose(s) for which thepersonal information was collected or processed

      Reasonable & proportionality. Set to expectations of what a consumer would expect of use.

      Cannot be used for other disclosed purposes if they are compatible with what's reasonably expected. This is Article 5 lite.

    1. Conversation Hey, JB, I played a pickup game at the Rec today. At first, the older guys laughed and wouldn’t let me in unless I could hit from half-court . . . Of course, I did. All net. I wait for JB to say something, but he just smiles, his eyes all moony. I showed them guys how the Bells ball. I scored fourteen points. They told me I should try out for junior varsity next year ’cause I got hops . . . JB, are you listening? JB nods, his fingers tapping away on the computer, chatting probably with Miss Sweet Tea. I told the big guys about you, too. They said we could come back and run with them anytime. What do you think about that? HELLO—Earth to JB? Even though I know he hears me, the only thing JB is listening to is the sound of his heart bouncing on the court of love.

      Conversation Dad, this girl is making Jordan act weird. He’s here, but he’s not. He’s always smiling. His eyes get all spacey whenever she’s around, and sometimes when she’s not. He wears your cologne. He’s always texting her. He even wore loafers to school. Dad, you gotta do something. Dad does something. He laughs. Filthy, talking to your brother right now would be like pushing water uphill with a rake, son. This isn’t funny, Dad. Say something to him. Please. Filthy, if some girl done locked up JB, he’s going to jail. Now let’s go get some doughnuts.

      Basketball Rule #5 When you stop playing your game you’ve already lost.

      Showoff UP by sixteen with six seconds showing, JB smiles, then STRUTS side steps stutters Spins, and SI NKS a sick SLICK SLIDING SWeeeeeeeeeeT SEVEN-foot shot. What a showoff.

      Out of Control Are you kidding me? Come on. Ref, open your eyes. Ray Charles could have seen that kid walked. CALL THE TRAVELING VIOLATION! You guys are TERRIBLE! Mom wasn’t at the game tonight, which meant that all night Dad was free to yell at the officials, which he did.

      Mom calls me into the kitchen after we get home from beating St. Francis. Normally she wants me to sample the macaroni and cheese to make sure it’s cheesy enough, or the oven-baked fried chicken to make sure it’s not greasy and stuff, but today on the table is some gross-looking orange creamy dip with brown specks in it. A tray of pita-bread triangles is beside it. Maybe Mom is having one of her book club meetings. Sit down, she says. I sit as far away from the dip as possible. Maybe the chicken is in the oven. Where is your brother? she asks. Probably on the phone with that girl. She hands me a pita. No thanks, I say, then stand up to leave, but she gives me a look that tells me she’s not finished with me. Maybe the mac is in the oven. We’ve talked to you two about your grandfather, she says. He was a good man. I’m sorry you never got to meet him, Josh. Me too, he looked cool in his uniforms. That man was way past cool. Dad said he used to curse a lot and talk about the war. Mom’s laugh is short, then she’s serious again. I know we told you Grandpop died after a fall, but the truth is he fell because he had a stroke. He had a heart disease. Too many years of bad eating and not taking care of himself and so— What does this have to do with anything? I ask, even though I think I already know. Well, our family has a history of heart problems, she says, so we’re going to start eating better. Especially Dad. And we’re going to start tonight with some hummus and pita bread. FOR MY VICTORY DINNER? Josh, we’re going to try to lay off the fried foods and Golden Dragon. And when your dad takes you to the recreation center, no Pollard’s or Krispy Kreme afterward, understand? And I understand more than she thinks I do. But is hummus really the answer?

      35–18 is the final score of game six. A local reporter asks JB and I how we got so good. Dad screams from behind us, They learned from Da Man! The crowd of parents and students behind us laughs. On the way home Dad asks if we should stop at Pollard’s. I tell him I’m not hungry, plus I have a lot of homework, even though I skipped lunch today and finished my homework during halftime.

      Too Good Lately, I’ve been feeling like everything in my life is going right: I beat JB in Madden. Our team is undefeated. I scored an A+ on the vocabulary test. Plus, Mom’s away at a conference, which means so is the Assistant Principal. I am a little worried, though, because, as Coach likes to say, you can get used to things going well, but you’re never prepared for something going wrong.

      I’m on Free Throw Number Twenty-Seven We take turns, switching every time we miss. JB has hit forty-one, the last twelve in a row. Filthy, keep up, man, keep up, he says. Dad laughs loud, and says, Filthy, your brother is putting on a free-throw clinic. You better— And suddenly he bowls over, a look of horror on his face, and starts coughing while clutching his chest, only no sound comes. I freeze. JB runs over to him. Dad, you okay? he asks. I still can’t move. There is a stream of sweat on Dad’s face. Maybe he’s overheating, I say. His mouth is curled up like a little tunnel. JB grabs the water hose, turns the faucet on full blast, and sprays Dad. Some of it goes in Dad’s mouth. Then I hear the sound of coughing, and Dad is no longer leaning against the car, now he’s moving toward the hose, and laughing. So is JB. Then Dad grabs the hose and sprays both of us. Now I’m laughing too, but only on the outside.

      He probably just got something stuck in his throat, JB says when I ask him if he thought Dad was sick and shouldn’t we tell Mom what happened. So, when the phone rings, it’s ironic that after saying hello, he throws the phone to me, because, even though his lips are moving, JB is speechless, like he’s got something stuck in his throat.

      i·ron·ic [AY-RON-IK] adjective Having a curious or humorous unexpected sequence of events marked by coincidence. As in: The fact that Vondie hates astronomy and his mom works for NASA is ironic. As in: It’s not ironic that Grandpop died in a hospital and Dad doesn’t like doctors. As in: Isn’t it ironic that showoff JB, with all his swagger, is too shy to talk to Miss Sweet Tea, so he gives me the phone?

      This Is Alexis—May I Please Speak to Jordan? Identical twins are no different from everyone else, except we look and sometimes sound exactly alike.

      Phone Conversation (I Sub for JB) Was that your brother? Yep, that was Josh. I’m JB. I know who you are, silly—I called you. Uh, right. You have any siblings, Alexis? Two sisters. I’m the youngest. And the prettiest. You haven’t seen them. I don’t need to. That’s sweet. Sweet as pomegranate. Okay, that was random. That’s me. Jordan, can I ask you something? Yep. Did you get my text? Uh, yeah. So, what’s your answer? Uh, my answer. I don’t know. Stop being silly, Jordan. I’m not. Then tell me your answer. Are y’all rich? I don’t know. Didn’t your dad play in the NBA? No, he played in Italy. But still, he made a lot of money, right? It’s not like we’re opulent. Who says “opulent”? I do. You never use big words like that at school . . . I have a reputation to uphold. Is he cool? Who? Your dad. Very. So, when are you gonna introduce me? Introduce you? To your parents. I’m waiting for the right moment. Which is when? Uh— So, am I your girlfriend or not? Uh, can you hold on for a second? Sure, she says. Cover the mouthpiece, JB mouths to me. I do, then whisper to him: She wants to know are you her boyfriend. And when are you gonna introduce her to Mom and Dad. What should I tell her, JB? Tell her yeah, I guess, I mean, I don’t know. I gotta pee, JB says, running out of the room, leaving me still in his shoes. Okay, I’m back, Alexis. So, what’s the verdict, Jordan? Do you want to be my girlfriend? Are you asking me to be your girl? Uh, I think so. You think so? Well, I have to go now. Yes. Yes, what? I like you. A lot. I like you, too . . . Precious. So, now I’m Precious? Everyone calls you JB. Then I guess it’s official. Text me later. Good night, Miss Sweet— What did you call me? Uh, good night, my sweetness. Good night, Precious. JB comes running out of the bathroom. What’d she say, Josh? Come on, tell me. She said she likes me a lot, I tell him. You mean she likes me a lot? he asks. Yeah . . . that’s what I meant.

      JB and I eat lunch together every day, taking bites of Mom’s tuna salad on wheat between arguments: Who’s the better dunker, Blake or LeBron? Which is superior, Nike or Converse? Only today I wait at our table in the back for twenty-five minutes, texting Vondie (home sick), eating a fruit cup (alone), before I see JB strut into the cafeteria with Miss Sweet Tea holding his precious hand.

      Boy walks into a room with a girl. They come over. He says, Hey, Filthy McNasty like he’s said forever, but it sounds different this time, and when he snickers, she does too, like it’s some inside joke, and my nickname, some dirty punch line.

      At practice Coach says we need to work on our mental game. If we think we can beat Independence Junior High— the defending champions, the number one seed, the only other undefeated team— then we will. But instead of drills and sprints, we sit on our butts, make weird sounds— Ohmmmmmmmm Ohmmmmmmmm— and meditate. Suddenly I get this vision of JB in a hospital. I quickly open my eyes, turn around, and see him looking dead at me like he’s just seen a ghost.

      Second-Person After practice, you walk home alone. This feels strange to you, because as long as you can remember there has always been a second person. On today’s long, hot mile, you bounce your basketball, but your mind is on something else. Not whether you will make the playoffs. Not homework. Not even what’s for dinner. You wonder what JB and his pink Reebok–wearing girlfriend are doing. You do not want to go to the library. But you go. Because your report on The Giver is due tomorrow. And JB has your copy. But he’s with her. Not here with you. Which is unfair. Because he doesn’t argue with you about who’s the greatest, Michael Jordan or Bill Russell, like he used to. Because JB will not eat lunch with you tomorrow or the next day, or next week. Because you are walking home by yourself and your brother owns the world.

      Third Wheel You walk into the library, glance over at the music section. You look through the magazines. You even sit at a desk and pretend to study. You ask the librarian where you can find The Giver. She says something odd: Did you find your friend? Then she points upstairs. On the second floor, you pass by the computers. Kids checking their Facebook. More kids in line waiting to check their Facebook. In the Biography section you see an old man reading The Tipping Point. You walk down the last aisle, Teen Fiction, and come to the reason you’re here. You remove the book from the shelf. And there, behind the last row of books, you find the “friend” the librarian was talking about. Only she’s not your friend and she’s kissing your brother.

      tip·ping point [TIH-PING POYNT] noun The point when an object shifts from one position into a new, entirely different one. As in: My dad says the tipping point of our country’s economy was housing gamblers and greedy bankers. As in: If we get one C on our report cards, I’m afraid Mom will reach her tipping point and that will be the end of basketball. As in: Today at the library, I went upstairs, walked down an aisle, pulled The Giver off the shelf, and found my tipping point.

      The main reason I can’t sleep is not because of the game tomorrow tonight, is not because the stubble on my head feels like bugs are break dancing on it, is not even because I’m worried about Dad. The main reason I can’t sleep tonight is because Jordan is on the phone with Miss Sweet Tea and between the giggling and the breathing he tells her how much she’s the apple of his eye and that he wants to peel her and get under her skin and give me a break. I’m still hungry and right about now I wish I had an apple of my own.

      Surprised I have it all planned out. When we walk to the game I will talk to JB man to man about how he’s spending way more time with Alexis than with me and Dad. Except when I hear the horn, I look outside my window and it’s raining and JB is jumping into a car with Miss Sweet Tea and her dad, ruining my plan.

      Conversation In the car I ask Dad if going to the doctor will kill him. He tells me he doesn’t trust doctors, that my grandfather did and look where it got him: six feet under at forty-five. But Mom says your dad was really sick, I tell him, and Dad just rolls his eyes, so I try something different. I tell him that just because your teammate gets fouled on a lay-up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever drive to the lane again. He looks at me and laughs so loud, we almost don’t hear the flashing blues behind us.

      Game Time: 6:00 p.m. At 5:28 p.m. a cop pulls us over because Dad has a broken taillight. At 5:30 the officer approaches our car and asks Dad for his driver’s license and registration. At 5:32 the team leaves the locker room and pregame warm-ups begin without me. At 5:34 Dad explains to the officer that his license is in his wallet, which is in his jacket at home. At 5:37 Dad says, Look, sir, my name is Chuck Bell, and I’m just trying to get my boy to his basketball game. At 5:47 while Coach leads the Wildcats in team prayer, I pray Dad won’t get arrested. At 5:48 the cop smiles after verifying Dad’s identity on Google, and says, You “Da Man”! At 5:50 Dad autographs a Krispy Kreme napkin for the officer and gets a warning for his broken taillight. At 6:01 we arrive at the game but on my sprint into the gym I slip and fall in the mud.

      This is my second year playing for the Reggie Lewis Wildcats and I’ve started every game until tonight, when Coach tells me to go get cleaned up then find a seat on the bench. When I try to tell him it wasn’t my fault, he doesn’t want to hear about sirens and broken taillights. Josh, better an hour too soon than a minute too late, he says, turning his attention back to JB and the guys on the court, all of whom are pointing and laughing at me.

      Basketball Rule #6 A great team has a good scorer with a teammate who’s on point and ready to assist.

      Josh’s Play-by-Play At the beginning of the second half we’re up twenty-three to twelve. I enter the game for the first time. I’m just happy to be back on the floor. When my brother and I are on the court together this team is unstoppable, unfadeable. And, yes, undefeated. JB brings the ball up the court. Passes the ball to Vondie. He shoots it back to JB. I call for the ball. JB finds me in the corner. I know y’all think it’s time for the pick-and-roll, but I got something else in mind. I get the ball on the left side. JB is setting the pick. Here it comes— I roll to his right. The double-team is on me, leaving JB free. He’s got his hands in the air, looking for the dish from me. Dad likes to say, When Jordan Bell is open you can take his three to the bank, cash it in, ’cause it’s all money. Tonight, I’m going for broke. I see JB’s still wide open. McDonald’s drive-thru open. But I got my own plans. The double-team is still on me like feathers on a bird. Ever seen an eagle soar? So high, so fly. Me and my wings are— and that’s when I remember: MY. WINGS. ARE. GONE. Coach Hawkins is out of his seat. Dad is on his feet, screaming. JB’s screaming. The crowd’s screaming, FILTHY, PASS THE BALL! The shot clock is at 5. I dribble out of the double-team. 4 Everything comes to a head. 3I see Jordan. 2 You want it that bad? HERE YA GO! 1 . . .

      Before Today, I walk into the gym covered in more dirt than a chimney. When JB screams FILTHY’S McNasty, the whole team laughs. Even Coach. Then I get benched for the entire first half. For being late. Today, I watch as we take a big lead, and JB makes four threes in a row. I hear the crowd cheer for JB, especially Dad and Mom. Then I see JB wink at Miss Sweet Tea after he hits a stupid free throw. Today, I finally get into the game at the start of the second half. JB sets a wicked pick for me just like Coach showed us in practice, And I get double-teamed on the roll just like we expect. Today, I watch JB get open and wave for me to pass. Instead I dribble, trying to get out of the trap, and watch as Coach and Dad scream for me to pass. Today, I plan on passing the ball to JB, but when I hear him say “FILTHY, give me the ball,” I dribble over to my brother and fire a pass so hard, it levels him, the blood from his nose still shooting long after the shotclock buzzer goes off.

    1. It turns out he had a secret arsenal: stacks of 3x5 index cards filled with one-liners, which he kept in his desk to append to speeches.

      Ronald Reagan used 3 x 5" index cards.

    1. Is Muni, is the Sage, the true Recluse! He who to none and nowhere overbound By ties of flesh, takes evil things and good Neither desponding nor exulting, such Bears wisdom’s plainest mark!

      In this excerpt, Krishna is explaining yoga and mindfulness to Arjuna. He describes how the saint, or "Muni", stays awake when the world is asleep, and does not take interest in what the world lives for. "Muni" translates to "the silent one"; someone who can "control and silence their illogical thoughts". (Prasad). By practicing silence, munis are able to reach a higher level of consciousness and more spiritual holiness is achieved.

  15. Jan 2023
    1. About twenty thousand of those cards are 3 × 5 inches and seven thousand 5 × 8 inches.

      Goitein's zettelkasten is comprised of about 20,000 3 x 5" index cards and 7,000 5 x 8" index cards.

      Link to: https://hypothes.is/a/TEiQ5H1rEe2_Amfzi4XXmg

      While not directly confirmed (yet), due to the seeming correspondence of the number of cards and their corpus descriptions, it's likely that the 20,000 3 x 5" cards were his notes covering individual topics while the 7,000 5 x 8" cards were his notes and descriptions of a single fragment from the Cairo Geniza.

    1. Weread, for example, of Philistine incursions into the hill country, toMichmash in Benjamin (1 Samuel 13:23), and the Rephaim Valley nearJerusalem (2 Samuel 5:17–22). It was in one of these border disputes thatthe city at Khirbet Qeiyafa was conquered and destroyed.
    1. TIPOFF was created in 1987 for the express purpose of using biographic information drawn from intelligence products for watchlisting purposes. In 1987 TIPOFF began keeping track of suspected terrorists literally with a shoebox and 3 by 5 cards. Since then the program has evolved into a sophisticated interagency counterterrorism tool specifically designed to enhance the security of our nation's borders.