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  1. Sep 2020
    1. ZDB-ALT-110215-5

      DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.108054

      Resource: ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-110215-5

      Curator: @Naa003

      SciCrunch record: RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-110215-5

      Curator comments: allele name: rw0143aTg Danio rerio ZFIN Cat# ZDB-ALT-110215-5

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    1. and Gilgamesh [carried] the head of Humbaba.

      Short, but main conclusion.

    2. 'My friend, Humbaba who guards the Forest [of Cedar-] [finish him,] slay him, [do away with his power,] before [Enlil] the foremost hears what we do!

      Enkidu trying to encourage Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba.

    3. Do not listen, my [friend,] to Humbaba's words,

      warning from Enkidu to Gilgamesh.

    1. ZDB-ALT-080808-5

      DOI: 10.1016/j.devcel.2020.03.017

      Resource: (ZFIN Cat# ZDB-ALT-080808-5,RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-080808-5)

      Curator: @ethanbadger

      SciCrunch record: RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-080808-5

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    2. ZDB-ALT-170224-5

      DOI: 10.1016/j.devcel.2020.03.017

      Resource: (ZFIN Cat# ZDB-ALT-170224-5,RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-170224-5)

      Curator: @ethanbadger

      SciCrunch record: RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-170224-5

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  2. Jul 2020
  3. Jun 2020
    1. vous

      Pourquoi est ce que pour cette question il a fallu calculer a nouveau le rayon de la terre alors qu'elle était déjà donnée dans un document et que nous l'avons calculer dans la question 13 ? Et que les 3 valeurs ( valeur donnée dans le doc et dans les calculs ) ne sont pas les mêmes

  4. Apr 2020
    1. Quand on sait que parmi les figures les plus valorisées au sein des identités journalistiques, on trouve d’une part, le journaliste-reporter – toujours sur le terrain, en train de traquer l’événement là où il se passe – d’autre part, le journaliste-auteur, toujours en train d’écrire, on perçoit bien que le travail qui coince derrière un bureau un journaliste découpant et collant des morceaux de textes produits ailleurs, n’est pas exactement celui qui fait rêver.

      Met directement en confrontation l'investigation et le coté bureaucratique d'un journaliste.

    2. Des journalistes en train de jouer des ciseaux et de la colle ? Voilà qui flirte dangereusement avec le plagiat !

      Notifie explicitement la notion du plagiat qui n'est pas sans sanction ni conséquence qui découle d'une malhonnêteté intellectuelle

  5. Jan 2020
    1. Joint laxity
    2. Slender limbs
    3. carinatum
    4. Scoliosis
    5. Tall stature
    6. large ears
    7. Midface hypoplasia
    8. Open mouth appearance
    9. Long face
    10. aggressive behavior
    11. intellectual disability
    12. Developmental delay
    1. RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-160122-5

      DOI: 10.7554/eLife.42881

      Resource: (ZFIN Cat# ZDB-ALT-160122-5,RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-160122-5)

      Curator: @evieth

      SciCrunch record: RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-160122-5

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    1. 5
    2. 5
    3. 5
    4. 5
    5. 5
    6. 5
    7. 5
    8. 5
    9. muscular hypotonia
    10. motor development
  6. Nov 2019
    1. Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 19 (November 8, 1957)

      This was in the legal topics section of the Densho Digital Repository. It speaks about racial hate groups and their rise in the west. This was after the internment ended and a few years after Pearl Harbor so this tells me there is still animosity and hate in the communities in regards to the Japanese.

    1. The myths then become a way to denounce Somalis as potential renewers by insisting on their status as guests, and specifically as recipients of charity, burdened by the gift of humanitarianism

      Somalis are what is keeping a struggling Lewiston alive.

    2. There can only be one dominant central culture: American.”

      Again racism and nationalism are still alive today.

    3. Reports in the paper of car accidents involving Somalis always provoke a slew of comments that they should not be allowed to drive at all.

      This again has to do with stereotypes regarding refugees. Americans treat immigrants as people who have never experienced driving or other luxuries. These type of thoughts provoke quite negative comments about refugees.

    4. The dol report also did not include the time Somalis donate to the city, through participating in the numerous focus groups of researchers and other organizations, giving (uncompensated) presentations to local organizations and schools, and vol-unteering in support of other city projects

      Some of these studies tend to leave out the good details behind something, it a way it gets society thinking about what THEY want them to think. In a way, this is pushing prejudice and racism.

    5. Less than 15 percent of the Somali population is on welfare. If you look at old Mainers, more of them are on welfare! We’re see-ing second- and even third-generation Mainers who are on welfare!

      Even more prejudice.

    6. When non-Somali clients whose tanf benefits are re-duced or denied because of household changes blame Somalis for their loss of benefits, he patiently explains that “everyone is getting exactly what they’re eligible for and Somalis don’t get any more than anyone else.” He is frustrated by the accusations that somehow Somali eligibility impacts the eligibility of other Mainers, and when I suggest it may reflect a perception of a zero-sum game—t he more they get, the less there is for me—he replies, “It’s not about the division of resources. It’s about prejudice.”

      It's hard to conceptualize this because our society thought they had moved past the discrimination when in reality nothing has changed when it comes to racism.

    7. They don’t know. No one’s ever explained it to them....[Our mu-seum visitors] didn’t have any idea they spent time in refugee camps and how horrible it was. They didn’t know about the war, about the loss, the horror....Viewers never realized how hard they had it in their country and why they had to leave. Genocide was never on their radar. Rape was never on their radar.

      Our society is so quick to judge and hate when someone knew comes into their community.

    8. When did maine become the welfare state to house and feed the worlds misfits.

      Why are people so upset about this?

    9. Areas that used to be decent to live in are now infested with them. Seriously, find twenty people in Lewiston who are glad they are here.

      Thats pretty racist

  7. Oct 2019
    1. None of that is possible with free but traditionally copyrighted content.

      I disagree again. Fair use in LMSs afford lots of pedagogical innovation, such as Hypothesis discussion of pdfs housed inside the shell and offered under fair use. I think the author is holding to tightly to his own 5-R formula, which is powerful but not omnipotent.

  8. Sep 2019
    1. systematic domination of women by men

      "systematic domination of women by men" the beside statement is varies according to person to person, that is the right each one but according to my perspective the idea is wrong because after a long period of time each girl will feel some loneliness. This isolation can be avoided if you have some to care you. No women in the could be independent but they can live independently only a certain period after they miss something in their life. Everyone will leave you but the one who love you will stick with your downs and ups. Your parents will pass you but your husband be with you until something has happen. Below you have five important benefits.

    1. “i want to live in the unknowing where everything is possible,”

      This sentence alludes to José Olivarez' mother, specifically his childhood with his mother where he doesn't know anything yet. Therefor, everything is possible. Aside from that, This also helps with understanding the content of the topic in which the three people are discussing.

    2. . i have my foot on the pedal

      This is meant to say that he is the person that takes charge of his life and no one else. Also, by not using capital letters at the beginning of the sentence(s), it allows it to seem more intimate and less professional, scripted.

    3. my mom hugs

      The purpose of the poem is to portray the life of a Mexican immigrant in The United States and the relationship with his mom

  9. Aug 2019
  10. Jul 2019
    1. Internet Reciprocal Teaching Promotes the Five CsCreativity: Students use divergent-thinking skills to generate their own questions and keywords for online searches. Their final projects require them to creatively express their own point of view. Communication: Students share what they learn as they work in small groups and with the whole class. They communicate with a wider audience by posting on a class blog. Collaboration: Students create collaborative knowledge through Internet inquiry and social interactions. They comment on one another's work using technologies such as VoiceThread and support one another through instant messaging. Critical Thinking: When using the Internet, students build the text they read, choosing which links to follow and which to ignore. The nonlinear nature of online reading helps support critical thinking. Students also learn to question the perspective and bias of online sources. Comprehension: Students learn important online reading skills, such as how to distinguish news articles from blog posts and editorials. They carefully read texts they encounter online to understand and evaluate different perspectives.

      5 Cs

    2. Internet Reciprocal Teaching Promotes the Five Cs

      5 C's of Internet Reciprocal Thinking: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Comprehension

    1. five phases:
      1. students collaborative with instructor to pick area of interest and work on a DQ to guide their research.
      2. students engage in OCI as the do research and use digital tools to make discoveries 3.Students use critical thinking to evaluate online info by analyzing credibility of their info. 4.Students synthesize what they learned/researched by combining info in multiple, multimodal sources.
      3. Students engage in online content construction by putting their research into their own words and choosing the best digital tool/text before sharing their answers.
    1. Despite the serious wrong done to us, the occupation of the port of Kiaochow was undertaken with the greatest care. We wish for the continuation of the friendship that has so long bound Germany with China and which so far has never been clouded.

      Germany wants to continue friendly relations while also being Asia's equal

    1. ake up the White Man’s burden — The savage wars of peace — Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease;

      Are they talking about the sacrifices the colony made?

    1. Evolutionary relationships of sorghum, rice and Arabidopsis with respect to Dofgene family
    2. Phylogenetic and motif analysis of sequenced Dof domains
    3. In silico characterization of sequenced Dof domains of cereal
    1. Treatment of L. donovani infected hamsters and isolation of mononuclear cells (lymph node cells)
  11. Jun 2019
    1. Increased Chemokine and Toll like receptor on T cells after vaccination in HBV positive newborns.
    2. Vaccination improved the Chemokine receptor CCR1, CCR3, CCR9 and Toll like receptor TLR2, TLR4 and TLR9 expression in HBsAgpositive newborns compared to healthy newborns.
    3. T cell frequencies(Post vaccination response)
    4. Post-vaccination immune responses in newborns
  12. shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in
    1. Procedure
    2. Extraction of Tannin
    3. Reagent
    4. Tannin
    5. Standard
    6. Estimation
    7. Extraction
    8. Reagent
    9. Free amino acid
    10. Calculation
    11. Procedure
    12. Reagent
    13. Proline
    14. Extraction and determination of sugar
    15. Standard curve of sugar
    16. Reagents
    17. Estimation of total sugar
    18. Extraction and determination of protein
    19. Standard curve of protein
    20. Reagents
    21. Estimation of protein
    22. Extraction and determination of ascorbic acid
    23. Standard curve of ascorbic acid
    24. Reagents
    25. Estimation of ascorbic acid
    26. Biochemical
    1. Peptides were synthesized by standard solid phase synthesis protocols using Fmoc chemistry on a semi-automated peptide synthesizer (Model 90, Advanced Chemtech). For this, Wang resin pre-loaded with N-a-Fmoc-Glu was used as the starting material. The stepwise coupling of Fmoc amino acids was performed with DIPCDIIHOBT activation procedure. The coupling of each step was monitored by Kaiser test for free amine and wherever necessary, a double coupling was used to increase the yield. Before each coupling step and on completion of the synthesis, the N-terminal Fmoc group was removed using 20% piperidine (v/v in DMF). The peptides were cleaved from the resin and the side chains deprotected with appropriate volume of a mixture containing TF A, ethanedithiol, phenol, thioanisole and water (80:5:5:5:5, v/v). The resin was removed by filtration and the crude cleaved peptides were precipitated using cold diethyl ether and extracted in water. The peptides were purified by RPHPLC and their chemical identity was checked by mass spectrometry
    2. ynthesis of al-30 analogs
  13. May 2019
    1. But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord. So he went down to Joppa, found a ship which was going to Tarshish, paid the fare and went down into it to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.

      This is more than just a travel log. Here Jonah is saying no to God. He is refusing God’s plan for him. He is actually rejecting a direct request from the creator because of his own interests. Maybe he is afraid to prophesy repentance because his life could be at risk. There may be smooth sailing at first, but the wrath of God eventually catches up with him.

    1. The activities ofβ-xylosidase, xylan acetylesterase and arbinofuranosidase were measured using 1 mM p-nitrophenylxylopyranoside, p-nitrophenylacetate and p-nitrophenylarabinofuranoside, respectively prepared in sodium citrate buffer (0.1 M, pH 7.0). One mL of reaction mixture containing 0.2 mL of crude enzyme solution, 0.3 mL of sodium citrate buffer (0.1 M, pH 7.0) and 0.5 mL of substrate was incubated at 80 °C for 30 min. The reaction was terminated by adding 2 mL sodium carbonate-bicarbonate buffer (1.0 M, pH 10.0). The activities were determined using p-nitrophenol standard curve (1-10 μg mL-1) drawn using absorbance values measured in spectrophotometer at 400 nm. One unit of the enzyme is defined as the amount of enzyme that liberates 1μmole of p-nitrophenol mL-1min-1 under assay conditions.
    2. Assays for β-Xylosidase, acetylesterase and arbinofuranosidase
    3. Metagenomic library obtained from various extracted DNA was screened by replica plating method on 0.3 % w/v RBB xylan containing LB-amp plates. The cells were allowed to grow for overnight at 37 °C and thereafter incubated at 4 °C till the appearance of zone of hydrolysis. A total of 36,400 clones from various environmental samples were screened.