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  1. May 2024
    1. I’m certainly happy they decided to trust us to service this delightful QDL. According to the serial number RA-2961306 this machine is from the year 1954.

      The anniversary gold plated Royal QDLs included gold plated type points, levers, and even set screws on the platens.

    2. I’ve seen plenty Royal Dreyfuss Quiet DeLuxe typewriters that are the gold metal plated anniversary edition.

      Example of a typewriter repairman calling a 1954 model a Royal Dreyfuss Quiet De Luxe.

      While they did have some of the general design elements of Henry Dreyfuss' 1948 redesign, would one really still call them a Dreyfuss?

    1. Royal Typewriter Platen Variable Repair, Roller Removal by [[Phoenix Typewriter]]

      I'm seeing this issue on my 1949 Royal QDL. I figured it'd be an easy fix.

      Turns out, it was exactly my issue and the pieces had "frozen up". A quick clean out and we're back in business in under 20 minutes.

  2. Apr 2024
    1. Harry RansomCenter at the University of Texas, which houses Sexton’sletters and memorabilia. And her typewriter.

      Anne Sexton used a Royal Quiet De Luxe (beige)

    2. I have my work cut out for me withHemingway, since he used many type-writers: a gigantic Royal No. 10 desk-top with glass side panels from his earlyKey West days, an Underwood Noise-less that helped him fi nish For Whomthe Bell Tolls and fi le dispatches fromhotel rooms while he was a World WarII correspondent, and black matte Roy-als from the early 1940s—especiallythe Quiet DeLuxe and Arrow—he fa-vored while at Finca Vigía in Cuba.