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  1. Jul 2024
    1. Olympia SM3 (1/2/4/5/7) Silent Return Spring Fix Part 5: Complete Olympia Service and Repair Series by [[The HotRod Typewriter Co.]]

      Removal of SM3 carriage with one screw and bolt.

      Repairing silent return spring (also works for Hermes and other European models) which operates via friction. American models don't have this sort of mechanism, so one will always get the zipper sound moving the carriage back.

    1. Then again, at times the little steel“dog” with its escapement working backand forth in the ratchet which controlledthe movement of the paper frame wouldfail to do its work properly, and the car-riage would jump an inch or two, or per-haps half a line, stopping with a suddenjerk, which was calculated to make onenervous, to say the least.

      Apparently they were calling it a "dog" pretty early on...



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