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  1. May 2023
    1. And some holding it best to live temperately, and to avoidexcesses of all kinds, made parties, and shut themselves up from the rest of the world; eating and drinking mod-erately of the best, and diverting themselves with music, and such other entertainments as they might have withindoor; never listening to anything from without, to make them uneasy.

      Different ways to cope with trauma and tragic situations, when the destruction is so gigantic that however you react is right and painfully accurate.

    1. Gold give us, God forgive us,And from all woes relieve us;That we the treasureMay reap of pleasure,And shun whate’er is grievous,Gold give us, God forgive us.

      Why did he asked for god's forgiveness? Does that mean that he admits his request are greedy and not inclusive?

    2. Abbot

      a man who is the head of an abbey of monks. 男修道院長

  2. Apr 2023
    1. aught

      anything 任何話

    2. yonder

      something that is or is in an indicated more or less distant place 旁邊

    3. zounds

      used as a mild oath 誓言

    4. eath

      easy 簡單

    5. noddle,

      head, pate 點頭

    6. hindrance

      the act of interfering with or slowing the progress of someone or something : the action of hindering 阻礙、阻力

    7. prating

      to talk long and idly 啐唸、喋喋不休

    8. friar,

      a member of a mendicant order 修士

    9. Quoth


    10. abode

      a temporary stay 暫住

    11. multitude

      the state of being many 多數

    12. lest

      for fear that 免得

    13. amicable

      characterized by friendly goodwill 友好的

    14. eke

      also 也

    15. avowed

      openly acknowledged or declared 宣達、宣布

    16. dainty

      something delicious to the taste 可口的

    17. thence

      from that fact or circumstance 因此

    18. fillies

      a young female horse usually of less than four years 年輕母馬 ; a young girl 女孩

    19. whence

      from what place, source, or cause 何處

    20. comrades

      an intimate friend or associate 同伴們、同志們

    21. confections

      something confected 醋漬物

    22. fortify

      to make strong 強化

    23. cavalier

      a gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship 騎士

    24. behoved

      chiefly British spelling of BEHOOVE: to be necessary, proper, or advantageous for 理應、應該、必須

    25. herseemed

      =her seemed

    26. exultation

      the act of exulting : the state of being exultant: filled with or expressing great joy or triumph 狂喜

    27. requital

      something given in return, compensation, or retaliation 回禮、還禮

    28. consolation

      the act or an instance of consoling, the state of being consoled 安慰

    29. whilst

      while 當

    30. sagely

      in a sage or wise manner 有禮的、明智的

    31. limned

      to outline in clear sharp detail 被描繪輪廓的

    32. groat

      hulled grain broken into fragments larger than grits 碎穀物、燕麥

    33. blest

      to hallow or consecrate by religious rite or word 祝福

    34. hither;

      being on the near or adjacent side 在附近、靠近

    35. guise

      a form or style of dress 裝扮成

    36. delectation

      Pleasure, delight, and enjoyment 快樂、喜悅

    37. avai

      to be of use or advantage 有用、能用

    38. hath

      archaic present tense third-person singular of HAVE 有著、懷抱著

    39. sendeth

      the person to whom something is sent 發送、收件人

    40. irketh

      furious, angry 憤怒

    41. affright

      frighten, alarm 驚嚇、使恐懼

    42. bade

      past tense and past participle of BID: to issue an order to 命令

    43. mar

      to ruin or diminish the perfection or wholeness of 掃興、毀壞

    44. gospel

      something accepted or promoted as infallible truth or as a guiding principle or doctrine 真理

    45. scant

      barely or scarcely sufficient 不足

    46. shalt

      archaic present tense second-person singular of shall 將

    47. woeful

      full of woe : grievous 可悲的、多災多難的

    48. bout

      a spell or period of activity 一回合、一段時間

    49. mayst

      archaic present tense second-person singular of MAY 可能

    50. celestial

      As in heavenly: of, relating to, or suggesting heaven 天堂的

    51. disparage

      As in to dismiss: to express scornfully one's low opinion of 貶損、批評

    52. drubbing

      As in whipping: to defeat by a large margin 以很大差距輸掉(動詞); As in defeat: failure to win a contest 輸掉(名詞)

    53. cudge

      As in cane: a heavy rigid stick used as a weapon or for punishment 棍棒/長杖

    54. stout

      As in sturdy: able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure 穩固的 ; As in stocky: being compact and broad in build and often short in stature 粗壯的 ; As in valiant: feeling or displaying no fear by temperament 勇敢的 ; As in solid: not showing weakness or uncertainty 堅定的、堅固的、堅強的

    55. ere

      As in before: earlier than 在...之前

    56. orisons

      As in prayers: an address to God or a deity 禱告(名詞)

    57. chastised

      to inflict a penalty on for a fault or crime 懲罰、懲戒、責罵

    58. bespoke

      to make known (something abstract) through outward signs 展示/顯示

    59. whenas