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  1. Feb 2021
    1. provide information for the following call type ONLY: New Enrollment Card Not Received
    2. you may proceed with standard verification
    3. If the full SSN provides an account
    4. the caller is a Conduent CH and the Conduent Calls call type should be used for the remainder of the call
    5. If the full SSN does not populate an account
    6. refer to the New Enrollment Card Not Received call type in the DCFC
    7. advise the CH they will need to be routed back to the IVR to complete verification of their PIN before we can proceed with the call
    8. Mr./Mrs. Cardholder, please note that we’ll not be able to assist you if you have not entered your card information using the right prompts in our Automated Telephone System/IVR. Therefore, I am going to have to transfer you to the Automated Telephone System so you can enter your card information using the relevant prompts and, if needed, press the right option to talk to one of our customer service representatives.
    9. select IVR State and Card Verification
    10. select the transfer option in Intello
    11. do not put the caller on hold
    12. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you; however, your PIN must be verified in the automated system before I am able to share account specific information for your security.
    13. If the cardholder refuses to be transferred to the IVR
    14. you have confirmed the card is Active
    15. If Yes
    16. If No
    17. Ask the cardholder if they have received their Direct Express Card