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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Last 4 of SSN
    2. Full Card Number
    3. First and Last Name
    4. For Outbound Calls
    5. Last 4 of SSN
    6. Last 4 of the Card
    7. First and Last Name
    8. For Inbound Calls
    9. If the full SSN provides an account
    10. If the full SSN does not populate an account
    11. advise the CH they will need to be routed back to the IVR to complete verification of their PIN before we can proceed with the call
    12. select IVR State and Card Verification
    13. select the transfer option in Intello
    14. do not put the caller on hold
    15. you have confirmed the card is Active
    16. Ask the cardholder if they have received their Direct Express Card
    17. DO NOT disclose that City or State where the Direct Express call center is located.