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  1. Sep 2019
    1. There is already a lot of information Facebook can assume from that simple notification: that you are probably a woman, probably menstruating, possibly trying to have (or trying to avoid having) a baby. Moreover, even though you are asked to agree to their privacy policy, Maya starts sharing data with Facebook before you get to agree to anything. This raises some serious transparency concerns.

      Privacy International are highlighting how period-tracking apps are violating users' privacy.

  2. Aug 2019
    1. Today Cargobot is an innovative, reliable, and transparent technology

      Today Cargobot is an efficient, innovative, and reliable technology platform...

    2. Full transparency

      Maximum efficiency is the key to every successful shipment.

    1. transparent

      Receive rate confirmations directly, creating a more transparent relationship with carriers.

    1. Transparency is paramount here, with no hidden fees

      Delete entire sentence.

    2. We know that it’s important that you know who you are partnering with when doing business, so we want to be transparent with you.

      We know it's important for you to know who you're partnering with. That's why we promote direct relationships between shipper and carrier. It's the smarter way to do business.

    3. Transparent

      Replace with "Direct"

  3. May 2019
  4. Apr 2019
    1. In September 2017, Pompeo sought authority for the CIA to make covert drone strikes without the Pentagon's involvement, including inside Afghanistan.

      Did he get it? Scary thought; program had very little accountability as it was.

    1. expressed through many different mediums: rituals, ceremonies, paintings, poems, drama, oral texts such as prayers and music such as hymns, symphonies and folk songs

      in the case of the transparency myth, we see it built into the very institution of the Court, glass everywhere, social media use, etc.

    2. or Christians this myth is believed to be the natural condition of the world, something they take for granted in their everyday lives

      transparency also as a natural condition accepted

  5. Mar 2019
    1. fall short of the ideal of data journalism

      Is this the ideal of data journalism? Where is this ideal spelled out, and is there any sign that the NYT and WaPo have agreed to abide by this ideal?

  6. Aug 2018
    1. Rationality and transparency are the values of classical liberalism. Rationality and transparency are supposed to be what make free markets and democratic elections work. People understand how the system functions, and that allows them to make rational choices.

      But economically, we know there isn't perfect knowledge or perfect rationality (see Tversky and Khaneman). There is rarely every perfect transparency either which makes things much harder, especially in a post-truth society apparenlty.

    1. Legislative staff members had finished rewriting AB 375, and a deal seemed imminent. That Friday, as he drank his morning coffee, Mactaggart decided to read the new bill — the fine print — one more time. He noticed a seemingly minor alteration in one section, the kind of thing most people would skip over. Mactaggart realized it would completely gut what remained of the private right of action. Furious, he called Hertzberg and Chau and told them the deal was off. Neither lawmaker could explain who made the change, Mactaggart told me, but Hertzberg scrambled to fix it. “In most negotiations, you are talking to all these different interest groups,” Hertzberg told me recently. “This is a situation where we had to go and reach out to everyone and bring that information to Mr. Mactaggart and ask him what he wanted to do.”

      Here's a case where we ought to consider creating our bills and laws via version control, so we can see exactly who, what, and when things changed along the way. It might mean much less gets done, but there'd be a lot more transparency and accountability.

  7. Jul 2018
    1. Instead, I would encourage the social platforms to include prominent features for filtering and flagging. They should work with journalists and social psychologists to invent a new visual grammar so that when content is fact-checked, debunked, corrected, or verified, those processes are transparent and available to anyone seeking to understand more about the origins of a story.
  8. Oct 2017
    1. OxTREC Reference: 593-16

      Kudos for listing the identifier. I googled that, which brought me to http://researchsupport.admin.ox.ac.uk/governance/ethics/committees/oxtrec , and under "Approved studies 2016", I found the entry

      593-16 Elizabeth Pisani What makes data sharing work? WWARN case study Minimal Risk N/A 16/5/16

      which is way more transparent than most ethics statements in published papers.

      Also kudos to the Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC) for the decision highlighted under the "Approved studies 2016" headline:

      It was agreed by CUREC in early 2016 that, in the interest of transparency, OxTREC should make publicly available a list of studies that it has approved. The list below sets out those studies that have been approved by OxTREC since January 2016.

  9. Sep 2017
    1. Pill is now, and much like “mere” tools such as cellphones or computers.

      This part of the text is a good example of how technology has become transparent because cellphones and other computers are used so regularly that the knowledge of how to use them, are second nature; however, social groups that are excluded from this idea are the lower class whom cannot afford such luxuries. Most of these examples seem to be geared towards the upper middle class.

  10. Aug 2017
    1. For instance, in partnership with Cambridge University Press and the technology firm Hypothes.is, and with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, QDR has begun to develop a new approach to transparency called “annotation for transparency inquiry (ATI).” ATI allows social scientists to link relevant data – a document or interview transcript, for instance – directly to a particular passage within a digital publication, and to use digital annotations to elucidate how those data support their claims and conclusions.              

      Very nice reference. Thanks for the shout out!

  11. May 2017
    1. a tax plan

      Simplify the tax code.

      Evolve public accounting/finance into a more real-time, open, and interactive public service. Transaction-level financial data should be available internally and externally.

      Participatory budgeting and other forms of public input should be well-factored into the public-planning process. 21st century government participation can be simplified and enriched at the same time.

  12. Apr 2017
    1. Non-governmental organizations were consulted in order to identify the commitments the Government should treat as priorities in order to increase transparency in public administration

      This is contradicted by other documents here.

  13. Mar 2017
    1. Following the Guardian action, Google and YouTube promised to make significant changes to its policies to deal with the problem. A spokesman said: “We have strict guidelines that define where Google ads should appear, and in the vast majority of cases, our policies work as intended, protecting users and advertisers from harmful or inappropriate content. “We accept that we don’t always get it right, and that sometimes, ads appear where they should not. We’re committed to doing better, and will make changes to our policies and brand controls for advertisers.”
  14. Feb 2017
    1. We increasingly live in an age of hard-fought-for and, at times, diminishing transparency: in government;  in media; and now, at times, in scholarly communication.

      See here for example:

  15. Jan 2017
    1. The hallway window extends our periphery by creating a two-way channel for clues about the environment. Whether it is motion of other people down the hall (its time for a lunch; the big meeting is starting), or noticing the same person peeking in for the third time while you are on the phone (they really want to see me; I forgot an appointment), the window connects the person inside to the nearby world.
  16. Jan 2016
  17. Mar 2015
    1. there's no change to the revocation of bad certificates, which is still done by the CAs.
    2. certificates continue to be issued and revoked as they always have been
    3. Finally, everyone who interacts with logs should check with each other that they have all seen the same log—that is, that the log is not presenting different views to different people.
    4. The core idea behind Certificate Transparency is the public, verifiable, append-only log.
    5. Whenever a client connects to a server, it sends a few items to the server, which the server may verify or merely cache; in return the server sends a few items back from its cache. This establishes what is effectively a peer-to-peer network between the clients.