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  1. May 2021
    1. An orientation module survey

      I've included a pre-assessment quiz to help gauge what my students know. (In my graduate sats class students range from never having taken a stats class before to some that have taken 2-3 classes). I may add a question or two on course design in Canvas and general navigability.

    2. change-adept faculty re-envision course revision

      My takeaway: Don't be afraid to change things while your course is ongoing. Be adaptable and don't wait until the end-of-course evaluations to come back to see what needs to be changed.

    3. This transparency shows students that we have read their feedback and take it seriously.

      I found this to be insightful - if you're more transparent in showing that you're changing things that student's provide feedback on, it shows you're listening. It also shows that you want to deliver a high-quality course.