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    1. Anomie (/ˈænəˌmi/) is a "condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals".[1] It is the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community, e.g., under unruly scenarios resulting in fragmentation of social identity and rejection of self-regulatory values.

      I can't help but see this definition and think it needs to be applied to economics immediately. In particular I can think of a few quick examples of economic anomie which are artificially covering up a free market and causing issues within individual communities.

      College Textbooks: Here publishers are marketing to professors who assign particular textbooks and subverting students which are the actual market and consumers of those textbooks. This causes an inflated market and has allowed textbook prices to spiral out of control.

      The American Health Care Market In this example, the health care providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) have been segmented away from their consumers (patients) by intermediary insurance companies which are driving the market to their own good rather than a free-er set of smaller (and importantly local) markets that would be composed of just the sellers and the buyers. As a result, the consumer of health care has no ability to put a particular price on what they're receiving (and typically they rarely ever ask, even more so when they have insurance). This type of economic anomie is causing terrific havoc within the area.

      (Aside: while the majority of health care markets is very small in size (by distance), I will submit that the advent of medical tourism does a bit to widen potential markets, but this segment of the market is tiny and very privileged in comparison.)

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    1. Kalau pembangunan ekonomi Bali dilaksanakan melalui pembangunan sektor sekunder, maka ‘’kaki’’ ekonomi Bali akan lebih kokoh. Maka, kalau sektor tersier (pariwisata) di Bali kolaps, pengaruhnya akan dapat ditopang oleh sektor primer dan sektor sekunder dengan sepadan.
    2. Selain itu, menurut Windia, pertanian yang perlu dilakukan tidak berhenti hanya menghasilkan produk untuk dijual mentah. Hasil pertanian mestinya diolah melalui proses produksi melalui industi pascapanen. Ini berarti Bali harus mengembangkan sektor sekunder berupa industri pengolahan.
    3. Normalnya, ekonomi bergerak dari sektor primer yakni pertanian ke sektor sekunder (industri pengolahan) baru ke sektor tersier (jasa, dalam konteks Bali adalah pariwisata). Pariwisata itu, kata Windia, sangat rapuh (fragile).
    4. Bali mulai dimanjakan oleh pariwisata, karena transformasi ekonomi Bali yang terlalu kencang. “Tiba-tiba saja melompat dari sektor primer ke sektor tersier. Sumbangannya pada PDRB Bali tiba-tiba saja melompat menjadi lebih dari 70 persen, dalam 25-30 tahun terakhir,”
    5. Guru Besar Fakultas Pertanian Unud Prof. Dr. I Wayan Windia mengatakan, Bali sangat mungkin tetap tangguh tanpa pariwisata karena sebelumnya sangat kuat pertaniannya. “Tiga puluh tahun lalu, 70 persen ekonomi Bali dipengaruhi oleh pertanian,”
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    1. The massive project, which is still at an early stage, foresees the construction of a tourist and entertainment complex which would include hotels with casinos, an aquapark, conference halls, a shopping mall, offices, green spaces and other facilities near the town of Elin Pelin.
    1. The Greek urban system is characterised by the primary role of the metropolitan urban areas of Athens and Thessaloniki; roughly half of the population of Greece lives in these two cities. Metropolitan governance is not foreseen in the Greek local government law despite the population size and challenges of these two extensive areas. There is a number of much smaller cities (under 200,000 inhabitants) which are unable to compete with them in most indicators. Many port-cities such as Rhodes, Heraklion, Chania, Nafplio, Kavala, Volos are depending their local economic development mostly on tourism. Regarding the main urban strategies of the last decades these were more focused on physical planning and less to the confrontation of social and economic problems. Nowadays youth unemployment, social innovation, urban sprawl, heritage management and tourism planning are some of the key challenges Greek cities are looking into.
  16. Jan 2018
    1. They focus on what happens at the time of the trip or stay, eventually taking into account the preparations and ensuing memories. On the other hand, these works do not pay attention to the way in which the instantaneous experience falls within the individual’s life trajectory, or in which way it depends on a previous tourist experience and influences subsequent experiences1.

      This is interesting!

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    1. The Miracle here is that Shirdi Sai Baba will answer your questions...

      You can ask him for the solution to any of your problem and seek his guidance to proceed further.

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    1. Oliver Curtis traveled to the world’s most-photographed tourist sites, from the Parthenon to the Hollywood sign, and took pictures while facing the “wrong way.”

      Interesting concept!

  19. Sep 2016
    1. With a decline in negative publicity, 2013 began what Colombian officials hope is a continual dramatic increase in tourism, hosting three times the number of tourists than was the case a decade earlier. This included an increase in spending to 5.4 percent of GDP, as compared to 1.9 percent in 2008. Investment programs in 2008 and 2011 seem to be producing benefits, and the Colombian government hopes to increase employment in this area by 50 percent within the next four years.

      People are hoping for more tourists to come to colombia

    2. Tourists who decide to visit Bogotá are treated to colonial churches and museums nestled among the modern architecture of the capital city. The Caribbean coast near Cartagena is home to historic Spanish forts, and islands boasting coral reefs that are ideal for snorkeling. The town itself is famous for its Spanish colonial architecture.

      More stuff to do for tourists

    3. Colombia offers a multitude of options for the traveler. Its mountains, beaches, rivers, and cities the country should be a popular vacation spot. However, Colombia has gained a reputation as an unsafe destination due to news of drug dealers, kidnappings, and guerilla violence.

      Lots of things to do as a tourist like mountains, beaches, rivers, and cities. But, visitors should be cautious of the drug dealers, kidnapping, and guerilla violence