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  1. Mar 2020
    1. We are independently developing each of our products and don’t require permission from any other organization to improve them or create new functionalities.
  2. Feb 2018
  3. Nov 2017
    1. find /volume1/Movies /volume1/Music /volume1/Photos "/volume1/Home Videos" "/volume1/Music Videos" -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

      recursively changing permissions with find, specifically for directories versus files

  4. Feb 2017
    1. Where the library is the copyright holder, the library is completely within its rights to require patrons to ask permission before making use of the documents in question that goes beyond fair use.

      This is what I'm used to from my research.

  5. Feb 2014
    1. Unlike in copyright law, where derivative works require authorization, new inventions can incorporate prior inventions wit hout permission — in these cases, the patents are independent of each other (the patent of one inventor does not give him or her any rights over the patent of the other inventor).

      Copyright law requires authorization for derivative works, but under patent law new inventions can incorporate prior inventions without permission.