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  1. Jan 2022
  2. www.metacritic.com www.metacritic.com
    1. Absolutely shockingly awful game from a company that puts out poor quality games. And furthermore, tries to sue YouTubers who don’t like their games for ‘slander’. Shocking games and shocking developers. Avoid at all costs.
  3. May 2021
    1. You may have noticed your emails looking a little cramped in Hotmail and Outlook.com recently. The culprit? Discontinuation of support for the margin property in these email clients. Rather than honoring your carefully spaced paragraphs and images, Hotmail and Outlook.com are now completely stripping margin from paragraph tags, leaving default values (0 for the top, right and left; 1.35em for the bottom, to be exact) in their place.
  4. Nov 2020
    1. You saved my time ... Already spent 1 hour to figure out how to send First Class with USPS
    2. This is sooo helpful. I just printed a label for media mail. USPS is pretty shady for not enabling other online shipping methods,
    3. Hadn't realized I needed to go through PayPal and was stuck using the higher prices on the USPS site.
    4. this pisses me off every time I go to USPS.com to ship stuff and there is only two options!
    5. I knew something seemed funny. Thank you so much for this! I was really wondering why the hell the first class option wasn't available anymore.
    6. USPS is trying to pretend "First Class" shipping doesn't exist. SHAME ON THEM!
    7. The USPS CNS service does not allow any services other than Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. Watch this video how to do it anyway.
  5. Oct 2020
    1. Yet we receive a surprisingly large number of requests for such resources: up to 130 million requests per day, with periods of sustained bandwidth usage of 350Mbps, for resources that haven’t changed in years.
  6. Sep 2020
  7. Jun 2020
    1. For a political body that devotes a lot of attention to national security, the implicit threat of revoking Section 230 protection from organizations that implement end-to-end encryption is both troubling and confusing. Signal is recommended by the United States military. It is routinely used by senators and their staff. American allies in the EU Commission are Signal users too. End-to-end encryption is fundamental to the safety, security, and privacy of conversations worldwide.
  8. Apr 2020
  9. Mar 2020
    1. The mean total length of these descriptions per site is 7,985 words: roughly 31.9 minutes of reading for the average 250 words-per-minute reader, not counting interaction time to e.g. unfold collapsed boxes or navigating to and reading specific privacy policies of a vendor.