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    1. Isn't there some tech support at Google to cancel the requirement to enter a pinfor a screen unlock?  I've been having to do this dozens of times a day for monthsand it is driving me crazy!
    2. How do I turn off the requirement to have a lock screen?Today, I'm suddenly unable to use any Google related apps on my phone, because I am now REQUIRED to set up a lock screen on my phone. I get that you want to be super-secure for businesses using enterprise devices. I am not a business. I'm some guy who just happens to have a domain name. My only "employee" is me. I have a two email addresses: My real first name, and the shorter version that most people call me. I do NOT want a lock screen on my phone. I don't want to be forced to give myself permission to use apps on my phone. Why am I now required to add all this bull$%^? Nobody is hacking my interwebs. Give me a f#$%^& break! I don't need a lock screen. I've been using this account for everything (gmail, youtube, etc) for over five years now. I'm not interested in deleting it and going back to my gmail.com account. I'm also not interested in being forced to click multiple times just to use my phone. Let me disable it.So, how do I turn this garbage off?
    1. A related technique is git submodules, but they come with annoying caveats (for example people who clone your repository won't clone the submodules unless they call git clone --recursive),
  4. Jul 2022
    1. It is sublimely annoying to have to configure the exact same parameters in config/environments, spec/spec_helper.rb and again here... all in marginally different ways (with 'http://' or without, with port number or port specified separately). Even Capybara.configure syntax can't seem to stay consistent to itself between versions...
    1. If the path in question is at the beginning of the PATH variable, you need to match the colon at the end. This is an annoying caveat which complicates easy generic manipulations of PATH variables.
  5. Apr 2022
    1. I'm trying to prevent Firefox from updating in the middle of the work day. If I try to open a new tab I get "Firefox Restart Required". One of my always open tab is a Citrix connection back to a work server, and a restart tears down all those types of secure MFA sessions. One very insecure workaround is I went to Software & Updates and set the check update to "Never" and when there are security updates I only download and will update when i remember to do so. This is what Windows used to do many years ago, when you had to restart the OS at inconvenient times. So they are forcing us to restart the browser to keep secure, but folks like me are forced to manually update. Is there a way to disable the "Firefox Restart Required" without disabling all security updates?
  6. Sep 2021
    1. t's also why it is so annoying to people who actually know what they are doing, when randomly the browser decides to take over a function provided for decades by the OS network stack, and with no notice start bypassing all the infrastructure they set up to their liking (like your hosts file) and funelling all their browsing habits to some shady company (Cloudflare).
    1. My pc and where i site when i watch netflix are not the same place, not at all.And thats beside the point, why in gods name does netflix feel the need to pause?It has a auto play function and a auto pause function that both can't be turned on or off, what the?
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    1. It is also very likely that the contents of the table might change the structure or dimensions of the table. For example, long words residing in the table cells can cause the cell width to increases. If you fix that problem, it might happen that the long words cross the cell boundaries.
    1. Its not too complicated but it is an annoyance. I want /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/rc.local and all the standard stuff to work. The heavy lifting is done in the kernel. All they need to do is leave it alone. Its getting harder to make Ubuntu behave like Linux.
  10. Dec 2020
    1. USPS, create an account. The USPS Click-and-Buy account does not offer First Class or Parcel Select rate options. You can purchase those labels through Paypal.
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    1. Especially when coming from a framework like React, it might feel very tempting to start creating a component wrapper around the input (i.e. <input> becomes <Input/>) and add your custom event handlers in there.This is a great approach in React, but not so much in Svelte. Why, you ask?Well, Svelte (at least in its current form, v3) really shines when you have native DOM elements at your disposal. You can use transition directives, conditionally switch CSS classes, bind to the current value with ease, and more.
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    1. Mozilla does not permit extensions distributed through https://addons.mozilla.org/ to load external scripts. Mozilla does allow extensions to be externally distributed, but https://addons.mozilla.org/ is how most people discover extensions. The are still concerns: Google and Microsoft do not grant permission for others to distribute their "widget" scripts. Google's and Microsoft's "widget" scripts are minified. This prevents Mozilla's reviewers from being able to easily evaluate the code that is being distributed. Mozilla can reject an extension for this. Even if an extension author self-distributes, Mozilla can request the source code for the extension and halt its distribution for the same reason.

      Maybe not technically a catch-22/chicken-and-egg problem, but what is a better name for this logical/dependency problem?

  15. Apr 2020
    1. The court's decision, which exonerated Hush-A-Phone and prohibited further interference by AT&T toward Hush-A-Phone users, stated that AT&T's prohibition of the device was not "just, fair, and reasonable," as required under the Communications Act of 1934, as the device "does not physically impair any of the facilities of the telephone companies," nor did it "affect more than the conversation of the user."
    2. Initially, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) found in AT&T's favor; it found that the device was a "foreign attachment" subject to AT&T control and that unrestricted use of the device could, in the commission's opinion, result in a general deterioration of the quality of telephone service.[1]
  16. Dec 2019
    1. In today's cruel networked world, we're too often hampered behind (evil) company proxies that restricts how we can use the internet while at work, at a customers' place or even in some cases while at home or at friends'. Not only do proxies restrict what you can do, what protocols that are accepted, what sites you can visit and what TCP ports that are let through, it also allows your company or friend to log and supervise you.
  17. Feb 2015
    1. How to Avoid Being an Annoying Person Posted: 05 Oct 2014 08:00 AM PDT 1. Don’t complain. Don’t be negative. 2. Don’t boast. Cool don’t advertise. 3. Don’t obsess. You like cats. We get it. 4. Don’t talk too much. Monologues are only cool in movies. 5. Don’t ask too many questions. This kinda goes with number three. Don’t interrogate people. It’s no fun. 6. Don’t criticize. Hold back on constructive criticism as well. Do not offer advice unless explicitly asked for it. 7. Don’t force humor. Don’t try to be the funny guy.
  18. Sep 2013
    1. And the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapiths was good for the Lapiths but bad for the Centaurs. And, what is more, the battle which we are told took place between the gods and the giants (with the resulting victory for the gods) was good for the gods but bad for the giants.

      Look, we get it. Winning is good, losing is bad. Good can be good, good can be bad. Stop starting every sentence with "and."