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    1. The better way I found to do review is to replace ALL review lecturing with problems that the students  solve in class that cover the material I want to review. 

      I can relate this to my earlier experiences. Active involvement and students' engagement is guaranteed if they are tasked with solving actual physics problems related to the materials being taught before.

  7. Mar 2016
    1. I really hate to admit this, but you do the same thing with your competitors asyou do with grant agencies. You sucker-punch them. You might have—when Isubmit a paper, I already have the next two or three papers’ worth of data. Imean, I know what I’m going to be publishing a year from now, mostly. But thepaper that comes out of my lab is Part A. Parts B and C are mostly on my desk.And I’ve put things in part A to basically entice my competitors into making anass out of themselves, or to second guess, or say, ‘‘Oh that must be wrongbecause of that, or something.’

      Gaming referees.