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  1. May 2022
  2. Dec 2021
  3. Jul 2021
    1. Consumerism is a gross failure of imagination, a debilitating addiction that degrades nature and doesn’t even satisfy the universal human craving for meaning.

      we hebben niet zoveel spullen nodig

  4. May 2021
    1. Doch die stichhaltigere Erklärung für die Unersättlichkeit des Status- und Machtstrebens liegt in der Regression, d.h. der erlernten Unfähigkeit, im umfassenden Gebrauch der Gesamtheit der eigenen Anlagen Sinn und Erfüllung zu finden, und der daraus resultierenden Verführbarkeit durch die attraktiven Eigenschaften der Macht.“
  5. Apr 2021
    1. Can we reconfigure growth to mean richness in difference? Flourishing interdependent diversity of networks, network protocols and forms of interaction? What does this mean for digital decay, and can the decay of files, applications and networks become some form of compost, or what might be the most dignified form of digital death and rebirth?

      Also see Apoptosis

    1. Clearly, the economic contributions of biodiversity are highly significant as reflected in the many efforts to expose and capture economic values of biodiversity and ecosystem services

      The limits of this approach are the fixation on an economic evaluation of ecosystem “services”, connected to believing in green growth and not croticizing commodification as depending on capitalism.

  6. Mar 2021
    1. It’s the first time in the award’s 46-year history that retrofitting, the practice of upgrading buildings rather than knocking them down to start again, has triumphed. Lacaton & Vassal’s victory has shaken up the architectural profession and signals a remarkable shift in priorities among the world’s best city-makers. If embraced more widely, this could transform how buildings everywhere are regenerated.
  7. Jan 2021
    1. “Bullets are for killing. I’m more interested in a golden seed. What do we need to plant so we can make the design of our institutions, financial systems, and economic framework regenerative and distributive?”

      Ich finde, dass das Zitat ganz gut zeigt, was das Beondere am Zugang von Kate Raworth ist: Die Verknüpfung von konkreter Aktion mit einem Konzept für eine neue Ökonomie. Dieser Zugang steht für mich in der Tradition der anarchistischen Praxis, die Veränderung sofort vornimmt.

    1. Over the last decade, degrowth has offered a concrete alternative to eco-modernization, projecting a society emancipated from the environmentally destructive imperative of competition and consumption. Urban development is the motor of economic growth; cities are therefore prime sites of intervention for degrowth activists. Nevertheless, the planning processes that drive urban development have yet to be questioned from a degrowth perspective.
  8. Oct 2020
    1. Furthermore, many designers have limited experi-ence working on projects that defy the boundaries of a typical cor-porate design brief.

      Was könnte das für eine Content strategy 4 degrowth bedeuten?

      1. Sie findet in einer heterogenen/hybriden Umgebung statt.
      2. Sie bezieht immer auch nichtmenschliche Stakeholder ein.
      3. Sie hängt von einer genauen Analyse der Situation ab, die diese nicht nur abbildet, sondern verändert.
      4. Sie ist auf Kollaboration angelegt.
  9. Sep 2020
  10. Aug 2020
    1. Bericht über eine Studie über die ökologischen Folgen der Hightech-Branche und von modernen Services. Bezieht man die Folgen des Konsums der Angestellten ein, ist die ökologische Bilanz des Hightech-Sektors schlechter als die von herkömmlichen schmutzigen Branchen.

  11. Jun 2020
  12. Oct 2018
    1. Narratives that describe time as uniform and evolving throughout history towards more accelerated states have also been critiqued for theirpotential to reinforce social inequalities (Sharma 2014) and for justifyingthe appropriation of natural resources in unsustainable ways (Bastian 2012).

      This loosely couples with the degrowth discourses around steady state economies and possible political ecologies

  13. Mar 2016
    1. But we as an industry are doing a far better job than ever of abiding by code standards and running our work through linters and validators.

      There will be a lot to discover. Mapbox is using a linter to ease the language in documentation, for example.

    2. state regulatory boards

      Which are these in self-organized contexts?

    3. Engineers must answer for their work legally and professionally.

      Interesting to consider in community-supported, federated economies of practice.

  14. Feb 2015
    1. I think a properly-designed city could eliminate 80% of daily living expenses while providing a quality of life far beyond what we experience today. And I think this future will have to happen because the only other alternative is an aggressive transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor by force of law. I don’t see that happening.

      It's strange how he sees this crazy-well-designed city happening but not a transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor.