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  1. Nov 2018
    1. In einer solchen Gesellschaft wird es nicht für jeden, aber doch für viele offensichtlich reizvoll, sich dem Diktat der Zweckmäßigkeit zu verweigern und autonom zu handeln.

      Luxus ist die Freiheit, autonom zu handeln.

  2. Jan 2018
  3. Sep 2017
    1. CORAI Teaching offers the following:

      I really like this one!

    2. ption (SC) Teac

      Something is wrong here.

  4. Aug 2017
    1. Let’s see what will happen upcoming year!

      will happen in the upcoming years!

    2. Nonetheless blockchains do have strong use cases, where disintermediation and robustness are more important than confidentiality.

      and costs!

    3. me cos

      some costs

    4. e new primar

      new primary one

    5. availability


    6. For a start, no configuration is required

      What do you mean?

    7. o-peer fashion, so many

      fashion. Hence

    8. second benefi

      A third

    9. And once the code is been written and debugged

      And once codes has been written, it requires less people to maintain it.

    10. hey leverage

      Blockchain leverages

    11. s offering


    12. you also become dependent on the human organization in which that database resides.

      human orga that is host to your database.

    13. Because a database is not just bits and bytes, it is also a tangible thing

      This tangible thing doesn't make sense.

    14. o I have made a selection

      made a selection of arguments

    15. Examples of blockchain and regular databases Blockchain database Hyperledger is an open source architecture created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation. Regular database A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Google Sheets, Microsoft Access, or MySQL are prominent examples of conventional database programs. These software allow users to enter data, store it, protect it, and retrieve it when needed.

      Update formatting

    16. been tampered with

      has not been tampered.

    17. Acronis

      add link

    18. rified as consistent

      verified with respect to its consistency

    19. or it can be permissioned,

      what does it mean?

    20. This provides

      It provides

    21. This ledger can be visible and public.

      This ledger is publicly visible

    22. This links the blocks, creating a decentralised transaction ledger

      These hashes link the block, hence creating a ...

    23. Anyone can change the underlying code and see what’s going on

      Provide a link to the source code.

    24. e the underlying code a

      can change the codebase underlying Blockchain

    25. nd millions of computers. It’s

      millions of computers that all form part of the network.

    26. Blockchain is basically

      Blockchain basically is

    27. Like Blockchain, Sheetgo creates connections between multiple data storage pieces. In this case, spreadsheets, and therefore allows data to be distributed in a decentralized way across different spreadsheets.

      Like Blockchain, Sheetgo is a decentrally distributed technology. It allows data located in spreadsheets to be distributed in a decentralized way across different spreadsheets and spreadsheet file formats.

  5. Feb 2017
    1. Template implementation

      Implementation of existing template solutions

    2. Premium Support

      Prioritized support via Ticket Help Desk

    3. 30,000 updates per month

      Update your 40 connections 30,000 times per month

    4. Economize a week of work per month

      Using Import Sheet saves you about 7 days of work each month

    5. Automate department tasks, consolidate data, create intelligent systems

      Collaborate on multiple spreadsheets of your department, consolidate data & create intelligent systems.

    6. Template email support

      Access to spreadsheet template repository

    7. Online Support

      Google+ & Ticket Helpdesk Support

    8. 3,000 updates per month

      Update your 10 connections 3,000 times per month

    9. Economize 1 day of work per month

      Using Import Sheet saves you about 1 day of work each month

    10. Automate multiple sheets, lower redundancy, make your data more reliable

      Connect multiple spreadsheets, decrease redundancy & increase reliability of your data

  6. Sep 2016
    1. Purchase *Do you think you will purchase after this extended trial period?ChooseYESMAYBE, need to test all the feauresMAYBE, need to test in more sheetsMAYBE, haven't had time to test anything reallyNO, it doesn't solve my issueNO, I was just checking out add-onsNO, too expensiveSubmit

      Transform into Likert skale:

      How likely is your purchase of a paid license?

    2. 1st Use *How would you rate your experience during installation and first link and import/export? Was it easy or difficult to understand and use?Painful1234FantasticAdvanced features *Was the complete potential of the add-on for your work easy to understand and a good experience? Including the Add-on gallery information the on-boarding emails/notifications, blog, videos and most importantly the advanced features?

      Move questions 1st Use and Advanced features to the top.

    3. What changes do you suggest we make to the product?

      How can we improve your experience?

    4. Desired Improvements *

      Feature requests

    5. Advanced features *Was the complete potential of the add-on for your work easy to understand and a good experience? Including the Add-on gallery information the on-boarding emails/notifications, blog, videos and most importantly the advanced features?

      Transform into a matrix table form and ask hard/easy for different features (in rows).

    6. How would you rate your experience during installation and first link and import/export?


    7. Was it easy or difficult to understand and use?

      How easy was it to get started?

    8. Problem *

      Move before Other solutions

    9. Number of add-ons *Approximately how many Google Add-ons have you downloaded or tried?

      To do exactly what?

      Number of add-ons generally installed but possibly used for a different use case or add-ons complementary or potentially competing with Import Sheet?

    10. Spreadsheet Expertise *(1) data input only (2) create spreadsheets with basic formulas i.e. adding and substracting (3) complex functions such as hlookup, sum, average, or create small solutions to help my work (4) creating systems/processes/solutions for my department or company, or sometimes use macros in xls or even can do some basic programmingBasic data input1234Create complete solutions using spreadsheets

      I think this can be done better in a vertical format. I will try it out.

    11. Other solutions *

      Add another question before:

      "What problem did you try to solve with Import Sheet?"

    12. Years using Google Sheets *How long have you been using Google Sheets?

      What can we do with that information?

    13. Industry *What sector/industry do you work in?ChooseEducationEngineeringMarketingFinanceAutomobileOtherEntertainmentInsuranceHospitalityPublic sectorTechnologyReal EstateConsultingNon ProfitUse *

      I suggest to merge Industry and Use as there are overlaps.

    14. Email *Please ensure that you use the same email that you use for Import Sheet / Google apps.

      Can this become just username (username = email)?

    15. Automatically extend your free trial by filling out this short survey.

      Take this survey to receive 300 updates for free.

  7. Aug 2016
    1. Secondly, if it is possible to make a mistake, make it easy to recover.
    2. Every time your application requires input from users, either in the form of using controls or providing information, ask yourself whether it is possible to do that work for them.
    3. Instead, only show controls when they are needed
    4. Therefore, only include essential controls and information in your application interface.
  8. Jul 2016
    1. Install for Linux

      Maybe better say: Installer for Linux coming soon

    2. Enterprise

      Maybe add the pricing directly underneath?

      i.e. $60/user/year

    3. Support

      12h support

    4. Premium $5 per month

      So, we stick with the current Premium model?

    5. your blogs

      connects to your favourite publishing platforms

    6. including sharing

      including document sharing

  9. Jun 2016
    1. Poland, 42-274 Konopiska, Hutki 280

      Google Maps link with review and photos:


    2. Thank you for respect our rules.

      To add below:

      This is what our volunteer Robert has to say about us in his audio review:


    3. e one or

      there for at least one

    4. trips


    5. Some time


    6. seat


    7. weekly

      weekly. Sunday is your day off.

    8. we'll


    9. How long you have to work?

      do you have to

    10. we doin

      we are doing

    11. - grass cutting - wood for fire cutting and collecting - gardening works - renovable painting - every day cleaning works...

      taking care of the animals (including getting leftovers from the local shop)

    12. renovable

      what? removable maybe?

    13. But normally

      Aside we


      traditional clay houses

    15. STRAW

      straw houses


      we are going to

    17. help we n

      help do we

    18. If you are be able teach us spanish, french, or ita

      If you are able to teach us

    19. There is no mater colour of skin or religion,

      There is no matter of colour, skin or religion

    20. They are must be trustfully and peacefull

      You must be trustful and peaceful

    21. It is main important reason!

      This is the most important criteria.

    22. We looking

      We are looking for

    23. Who we looking for?

      Who are we looking for?

    24. facilities

      facilities (including Wi-Fi)

    25. rent


    26. what


    27. bathroom, good home m

      bathroom and very tasty home-made Polish food.

    28. This is small camping place where people can rent very simply vacations houses, or just park their mobile home or put the tent.

      As a volunteer you have your own house. But we also have space for your mobile camper van or tent.

    29. OPEN

      ALL OPEN

    30. We are tray to li

      We try to live

    31. celebrate every one.

      celebrate every single moment

    32. t is peacefully and very easy and quiet place.

      it's a peaceful and quiet place. What about it is easy?

    33. n small village i

      small village called Hutki

    34. Yes

      really? where?

    35. vegetarian, regular

      vegetarian or regular. you can choose

    36. one week

      at least one week

    37. dogs, cats, sheep

      no sheeps but ducks, geese and chicken

  10. Apr 2016
    1. We’re here to help

      A really great example of customer care for inspiration:


    1. MS Excel Compatibility

      This should go to the front page! Key feature!

    1. Export Send data directly from the spreadsheet that you are working in to any other spreadsheet that you have access to in your Google Drive.

      Directly provide a link to the explanation how to do it.

    2. Import

      So, import one tab of a sheet into one tab of another sheet? Make that more explicit.

    1. y and follow the steps and videos.

      Provide a link

    1. Furthermore, at the bottom you can see its also got a delay function. Its got a very nice basic editing tool as well as an app-indicator. I've been super please with it for a long time.

      Shutter screenshot tool delay feature.

    1. 23 de Junio a 3 de Julio

      June 23 to July 3

    2. Quieres cambiar el cómo recibes estos emails? Puedes cambiar tus preferencias or darte de baja de esta lista

      Do you want to change how to receive these emails? You can change your preferences or unsubscribe from this list

    3. ... y si nos juntáramos personas colaboradoras con las más innovadoras herramientas del momento? Qué pasaría? Esa es la invitación! Impulsemos este referente construido colaborativamente. Son ya más de 20 personas y más de 15 empresas e instituciones apoyando! Ya están a la venta las entradas, hasta el 20 de Abril, con un descuento del 40%, para ayudar a los que no pueden pagar el precio de la entrada solidaria; y para ayudarnos a la asociación sin ánimo de lucro organizadora a financiar parte del encuentro ahora. Gracias!!

      ... And if we meet people collaborating with the most innovative tools out there at the moment? What would happen? That is the invitation! We drive forward this collaboratively built benchmark.There are already more than 20 people and more than 15 companies and institutions supporting it! They offer solidarity sale tickets until April 20th, with a discount of 40%, to help those who cannot afford the full price of the entry; and to help the association of non-profit finance organizers. Thank you!!

    4. CO-FESTIVAL Y como cierre, una jornada de reflexión colectiva para mejorar la vida en la ciudad anfitriona que nos acoje y a la que rendimos homenaje. Espacio Abierto a la cocreación local.

      CO-FESTIVAL And as the closing of a day of collective reflection to improve life in the host city that hosts us and to which we pay tribute. Open space for local co-creation.

    5. CO-LAB Facilitadores y agentes del cambio de muy diferentes ámbitos, escuelas y plataformas se reúnen para promover una conversación entre ellas y cocrear. Más Información

      CO-LABFacilitators and agents of change in many different areas, schoolsand platforms meet to promote a conversation between them and the process of co-creation. More information

    6. CO-LEARNING Importantes voces del país, también europeas y mundiales compartirán sus experiencias y técnicas acerca de la Colaboración grupal. Mira aquí nuestro elenco de ponentes.

      CO-LEARNING Important national voices as well as European and world members share their experiences and techniques about group collaboration. Look at our list of speakers.

    7. Llega la Semana del Arte de La Colaboración: dedicada al aprendizaje y la puesta en práctica de la Colaboración, enfocada tanto a empresas, colectivos, instituciones y personas. Tendrá lugar entre los días 24 de Junio y 3 de Julio de 2016  en San Sebastián, este año Capital Europea de la Cultura. Todos sabemos que la colaboración es la clave del éxito de nuestros proyectos, pero cómo encontrar la manera de conectar con la inteligencia colectiva de nuestras organizaciones? Quizá éste pueda ser un buen comienzo... Mira nuestra web Cómo? Cursos de fin de semana, Talleres cortos, Conferencias, Dinámicas, debates, mesas redondas... Múltiples maneras de aprender, de venir y de colaborar.   Mas info precios       Info como participar

      We approach a week of art and collaboration: dedicated to learning and the implementation of collaboration, focused on both companies, groups, institutions and individuals. It will take place between June 24 and July 3, 2016 in San Sebastian (Spain), this year's European Capital of Culture.We all know that collaboration is the key to success of our projects, but how to find ways to connect with the collective intelligence of our organizations? Perhaps this can be a good start ... Look at our webHow? Weekend courses, short workshops, conferences, Dynamics, debates, round tables ... Multiple ways to learn, to come and help.More info prices info how to participate

    8.  Aprendizaje y Conexión

      Learning and Connection

    1. Unsichtbare sockenSneaker socken

      socken groot = Socken

    2. Boxershort schwimmhose

      Schwimmhose (Boxershort)

    3. Bh


    4. HEUTE

      Noch heute

    5. 9 basierend auf 626 Bewertungen

      9 van hoeveel?

    6. Facebook Twitter

      Ik zou logo's gebruiken.

    1. Telegram's server-side software is closed-source and proprietary. Pavel Durov has said that it would require a major architectural redesign of the server-side software to connect independent servers to the Telegram cloud.[50]

      Does that fact actually make Telegram a real alternative to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

  11. Mar 2016
    1. CO-Creators

      Maybe call it co-organizers.

    2. Where can I find more information about Early bird conditions?

    3. Choose your ticket

      Maybe a note below on how the money is spent to be transparent. Is this a for-profit event or is the money used to just cover the costs?

    4. Speakers

      Key-note speakers?

      When do the key-notes take place?

      That's not obvious from the program above.


      Can these link to a map where I can find more information about the venue?

    6. Agenda

      Maybe call it Program. Sounds less strict and forced.

    7. This should be in English.

    8. resilience, local solutions, transition towns,

      Why these? This is not obvious to me.

    9. Ecovillage movement?

      Doubling of movement.

    10. movements

      What kind of movements?

    11. offer any of your services?

      For free or for money or in exchange?

    12. european changemakers and collaborative experts from all over the world?

      Why is one focused on a European scale and the other on a global? This doesn't make sense to me.

    13. So this call is for every practitioner of any collaboration methodology in Europe to come to cocreate the future of this emerging sector. And for everyone willing to improve their knowledge in this methodologies.

      Make this a heading font type.

    14. So this call is for every practitioner of any collaboration methodology in Europe to come to cocreate the future of this emerging sector. And for everyone willing to improve their knowledge in this methodologies.

      We call for every practitioner with a background in a collabraotive methodolog in Europe to come and co-create the future as well as for everyone willing to improive their knowledge in these methodologies.

    15. of other similar and complementary disciplines.

      of similar or other, complementary disciplines.

    16. of this methodologies

      Which methodologies?

    17. the state of the art in collaboration tools.

      the latest state-of-the-art of collaborative tools.

    18. With this event

      Maybe say "in this week"

    19. Successful teams

      Successful teams don't create innovations. Success is the outcome of an innovation. Better say synergistic teams.

    20. Collaborative intelligence

      Add a link to read more about the concept.

    21. The most innovative tools for Collaboration from all fieldswill be showcased together.

      Merge into previous list of items.

    22. t is not only about connecting our tribes, it is also about cocreating something new.

      In this week we have three main objectives:

      1. To connect our different tribes
      2. To co-create something new together
      3. And to showcase the most innovative collaborative tools
    23. Collaborative Economy freaks

      Instead of freaks say geeks.

    24. the facilitators, the ArtofHosters, Integral and evolutionary thinkers, the Dragon Dreamers, the Design Thinkers, the Collaborative Economy freaks, the creative economy practitioners, the changemakers, the ecovillagers, and everyone who wants to facilitate the transition to the COLLABORATIVE AGE

      Maybe providing links to the names to provide further information on all these terms.

    25. teal tribe

      What does it mean?

    26. This is an open invitation for all to cocreate the most collaborative week ever

      Following the Ouishare Festival, this is an open invitation to follow-up and co-create another collaborative week of shared experiences.

    27. We all know that Collaboration is the key factor for the success of all our projects.

      ...and we already know that transparent collaboration is the key success factor for all our projects.

    28. Working together we can achieve extraordinary things

      In working together we can achieve amazing things.

    29. The Art of Collaboration

      Maybe put in ""

    1. Web annotation

      Maybe adding a new section about the popularity of the different tools? Which is the most popular one?

  12. Feb 2016
  13. almansurblog.wordpress.com almansurblog.wordpress.com
    1. WE ARE NOT A 5-STAR HOTEL – we are a 5 million star place to stay ! Yes in many nights you can see stars, planets, our galaxy … and, depending on the season, you will hear foxes, howls, frogs and all kind of birds and insects. You´ll feel close to Nature, Universe and God.

      Das ist die deutsche Uuebersetzung.

  14. Jan 2016
  15. oviewapp.com oviewapp.com
    1. Do you like this idea? Would you like to try this new path with us? You are very welcome to do so, and we are very excited to have you on board.

      Basically an aggregator.

    2. Would

      Wouldn't it be really cool...

  16. Oct 2015
  17. Jul 2015