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  1. Jul 2024
    1. for - transition - renewable energy - won't work - because - the price is wrong! - Brett Christopher - green energy - the price is wrong - transition - alternative to capitalism - book - The Price is Wrong: Why Capitalism won't Save the Planet - Brett Christopher

      summary - This book provides rationale for why capitalism won't scale renewable energy, but a public sector government approach might - What about the alternative of community-owned or cooperative-owned energy infrastructure? A pipe dream? - Is renewable energy just not profitable and therefore has to be subsidized? - Perhaps it could be seen as a stopgap to buy us time until fusion, deep geothermal or other viable, scalable options become widespread?

      from - Planet Critical podcast - 6th Mass Extinction - interview with paleontologist Peter Brennan - https://hyp.is/3ss3Vj9vEe-iDX-3vRVlFw/docdrop.org/video/cP8FXbPrEiI/

  2. Jun 2024
    1. A gyrotron uses high-power, linear-beam vacuum tubes to generate millimeter-length electromagnetic waves. Invented by Soviet scientists in the 1960s, gyrotrons are used in nuclear fusion research experiments to heat and control plasma. Quaise has raised $95 million from investors, including Japan’s Mitsubishi, to develop technology that would enable it to quickly and efficiently drill up to 20 km deep, closer to the Earth’s core than ever before

      Fusion power tech adapted to ease geothermal power. IMO a good example of remixing knowledge from one domain to another. And, for example, if you think fusion isn't worth pursuing, then we might not get this cross-cutting adaptation that's valuable for advancing renewable energy.

  3. May 2024
  4. Apr 2024
    1. for - deep geothermal - Quaise Energy - Paul Woskov - adjacency - deep geothermal - gyrotron - microwave energy - drilling - use oil & gas industry drilling expertise - rehabilitate old mines

      summary - see adjacency statement below

      adjacency - between - deep geothermal - gyrotron - microwave energy - drilling - use oil & gas industry drilling expertise - rehabilitate old mines - adjacency statement - gyrotrons pulse high energy microwave energy in nuclear fusion experiments - Woskov thought of applying to vaporing rocks - Quaise was incorporated to explore the possiblity of using gyrotrons to drill up to 20 miles down to tap into the earths heat energy to heat water and drive steam turbines in existing coal-fired and gas power plants - oil and gas industry drilling expertise can be repurposed for this job - as well as all the abandoned resource wells around the globe - Such heat can provide a stable 24/7 base load energy for most of humanity's energy needs.

      implications for energy transition - This is a viable option for replacing the dirty fossil fuel system - It has the scale and engineering timelines to be feasible - It is a supply side change but can affect our demand side strategy - The strategy that may become the most palatable is one of a "temporary energy diet"

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    1. Die europäischen Produzenten von Windturbinen machen enorme Verluste. Die Hauptgründe sind Kostensteigerungen und logistische Probleme. Hinzu kommen Investitionen für neue, stärkere Modelle und chinesische Konkurrenz. Ein zusätzliches Risiko könnte die Förderung der US-Turbinen-Industrie durch die Biden-Administration darstellen. Die europäischen Produzenten erwarten mehr Unterstützung durch die Regierungen, um Kompetenzen in Europa zu halten.

  9. Sep 2023
    1. Dark sides of REP
      • for: progress trap, progress trap - REP, progress trap - Renewable Energy Prosumerism

      -progress trap - commercialization - exclusion - instrumentation - projectification - Responsibilization and overburdening - Hidden systemic repurcussions

    2. renewable energy prosumerism (REP)
      • for: acronym, acronym - REP, Renewable Energy Prosumerism

      • acronym: REP

        • Renewable Energy Prosumerism
  10. Jul 2023
  11. Apr 2023
    1. Bericht von Bloomberg Green über grüne Investitionen von Venture-Kapitalisten. Im Vordergrund stehen - oft mit öffentlicher Beteiligung - nicht mehr die schon eingeführten Technologien zur Energieerzeugung sondern Elektrifizierung neuer Bereiche und auch das Speichern von CO2. 2022 würden ca. 70 Milliarden USD venture Capital und insgesamt 652 Milliarden in Climate Tech investiert. Der International Renewable Energy Agency zufolge müssen sich die Investitionen jährlich vervierfachen. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2023-climate-tech-startups-where-to-invest/?srnd=green&leadSource=uverify%20wall

    1. "The transition to renewable energy, it is based on a longstanding ideology. And the longstanding ideology is that human ingenuity can solve our problems." Lisi Krall explains the downsides of renenwable energy, arguing that it isn't the answer to our problems.

      Where there is a problem to be solved, there is a focus of attention Where there is a focus of attention, there is simplification of a complex system Where there is simplification of a complex system, there is a vast amount of knowledge relationships that is ignored Where this is a vast amount of ignored knowledge relationships, there is the potential for a progress trap

      The systemic problem is the way our form of progress formulates problems and the inherent (over) simplification that comes with.that.

    1. Informationsreicher Artikel des Guardian über eine neue Anlage von #ExxonMobil zum chemischen Recycling von Plastik im texanischen Baytown-Komplex. Viele Basis-Informationen zu dieser umweltschädlichen Technik und ihrer Verwendung durch die Ölindustrie, um von der wachsenden Produktion von Single Use-Plastik abzulenken. Anlagen zum chemischen Recycling werden vor allem in räumlicher Nähe von Communities, die bereits extrem und der Verschmutzung durch Plastik und Abgase leiden Chemisches Recycling gehört auch zu den Geschäftsfeldern der #OMV-Tochter #Borealis. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/apr/10/exxon-advanced-recycling-plastic-environment

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  13. Dec 2022
    1. But 80% of the sector is already off fossil fuels. Our entire transport sector is fossil fuels. And that's actually the main challenge. But we've got a lot of heavy industry here like smelters and factories, and they're all 00:03:52 running on non fossils fuel energy. And so we can actually run an industrial sector without fossil fuels right now, which is amazing.

      Finland renewable energy stats: 80% is renewable transport sector is still dependent on fossil fuels heavy industry such as smelters and factories all run on renewables

  14. Nov 2022
  15. Sep 2022
    1. Renewable energy critics argue that wind and solar are not reliable sources because of their variability. Others argue that wind farms encroach on pristine environment and destroy a country’s natural habitat, as is the case with the installation of thousands of wind turbines on scores of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. How would you respond to such concerns, and are there ways around them?
    1. here are those same numbers compared 00:41:21 against reported global reserves so there's the amount of metal we need and there is the global reserves this column is the proportion of metals required to 00:41:33 phase out fossil fuels as a percentage that is of all the copper we need to make one generation of units current global reserves will get us 19.23 00:41:45 of the way there we don't have enough copper for one generation

      !- for : metals for energy transition - only have 19% of metals required for the first generation of phase out

    2. we used to have 500 years ago a small human system a big pile of natural resources and a small pollution plume 00:46:47 an industrial ecosystem of unprecedented size and complexity that took more than a century to build with support of the highest calorifically dense source of cheap energy the world has ever known that would be oil 00:46:59 in abundant quantities with easily available credit and unlimited mineral resources and now we've got a system that's a human system that's really large 00:47:10 a depleted natural resources [Music] portfolio compared to what we had but we've now got a massive pollution stream so now we seek to build an even more complex system with very expensive 00:47:24 energy a fragile finance system saturated in debt not enough minerals with an unprecedented number of human population embedded in a deteriorating environment 00:47:35 so at this point i'm going to say this is probably not going to go as planned

      !- key finding : green growth is not likely to be feasible - Simple diagram that illustrates the problem

    3. it also is summed together so everything we need is summed together per metal and that gives us this column here total metal required to produce one generation of technology units to phase 00:40:15 out fossil fuels and so that the that we've got these numbers here the next column is global metal production as it was from mining in 2019 00:40:28 so this is all from the usgs and the bgo the final column is how many years of production at the 2019 rate um would be needed to hit the actual 00:40:42 volumes needed so 2019's the last year before covert is the last year of stable data that's why i've used it so you might notice some of these numbers are rather large 00:40:55 like we will need seven thousand one hundred and one years of production to produce the needed number of volume of vanadium that's your uh your redox batteries

      !- for : metals for energy transition - unfeasible numbers

    4. the idea that we're going to do this in seven or eight years is very amusing so then the question is oh we'll just open more mines it's simple right

      !- for : metals for energy transition - not feasible

    5. assessment of extra capacity required of alternative energy electrical power systems to completely replace fossil fuels

      Title: Assessment of extra capacity required of alternative energy electrical power systems to completely replace fossil fuels Author: Prof. Simon Michaux, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) Year: 2022

  16. Apr 2022
    1. Need for Speed How offshore wind and renewable power-to-X can help solve Europe’s energy crisis

      Scaling-up renewables can help solve Europe's energy crisis

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    1. It’s clear that we need to make the switch to clean, reliable sources of renewable energy like solar and wind. Unlike fossil fuels, renewables don’t add greenhouse gases to our atmosphere.

      We need to change to renewable energy

    1. The local electricity linesmen, electricity inspectors, and other nodal officials in the electricity department also have key roles to play. Building their capacities to disseminate such information and handle consumer queries and concerns, and providing basic training in billing and metering for solar power can go a long way in improving consumers’ experience.

      Why will Discom want to disseminate the information when:

      1. They themselves don't understand how the system works
      2. They feel that rooftop solar will cut into their revenues? Here, instead of a top-down approach or bottom-up approach, RE generators and regulators need to have a 2 pronged synchronous approach to educate people about the technologies.
  21. Nov 2015
    1. The port’s nascent concentration of expertise creates opportunity to provide cost effective through-life engineering and logistics support in Thanet.

      Surprising that they make no reference to Richborough Energy Park and the transmission to the grid from there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richborough_Energy_Park Then there is the National Grid's Richborough Connection Project http://www.richboroughconnection.co.uk/

    1. LOPINOD is also being used to fund the development of a Low Carbon Plan. This plan will focus on the full spectrum of renewables including wind, solar, marine source heat pumps and tidal. It is hoped that we will become a hub for all green energy going forward, building on our existing involvement in the wind farm industry.

      Beachhead for solar, tidal, marine source heat pumps as well as wind energy