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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Kurzer Überblicksartikel der taz zur Krise in der Windindustriebranche. Sie hängt unter anderem mit Lieferkettenproblemen, Preissteigerungen und Genehmigungsverfahren zusammen, aber auch mit eigenen Fehlern der drei westlichen Marktführer #Siemens Energy, #Ørsted und #Vestas. https://taz.de/Windenergiekonzerne-in-der-Bredouille/!5987469/

      Mehr zu Ørsted: https://hypothes.is/search?q=tag%3A%22Orsted%22

      Mehr zu Siemens Energy: https://hypothes.is/search?q=tag%3A%22Siemens%20Energy%22

      Mehr zu Vestas: https://hypothes.is/search?q=tag%3A%22Vestas%22

  2. Jan 2024
    1. Mit South Force Wind hat die erste große Offfshore-Windfarm der USA mit der Stromproduktion begonnen. Eine von 12 Turbinen wurde in Betrieb genommen. Vorangegangen waren mehr als 20 Jahre Auseinandersetzungen über das Projekt. Interactive der New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2024/01/11/nyregion/ny-wind-farm-south-fork.html

    1. Der Ausbau der Windenergie in Deutschland hat sich unter der Ampelkoalition beschleunigt. Es werden aber im Augenblick nur etwa halt so viele Anlagen gebaut, wie es nach den Plänen der Bundesregierung nötig wäre. In den südlichen Bundesländern ist der Ausbau viel zu langsam. Genehmigungsverfahren z.B. für den Transport dauern zu lange. https://taz.de/Ausbau-der-Windenergie/!5983011/

  3. Dec 2023
  4. Nov 2023
    1. In einem Brief wollen mehr als 100 britische Energieunternehmen Premierminister Rishi Sunak warnen von der aktuellen Dekarbonisierungspolitik abzugehen. Gerade erst hat ein Gutachten gezeigt, mit welchen Gefahren die zu große Abhängigkeit Großbritanniens von gaslieferungen verbunden ist. Für das net sirocil sind diesen Bericht zufolge 327 Milliarden Pfund Investitionen nötig Punkt bisher haben sich die Regierung aber nur zu gut 22,5 Milliarden Pfund verpflichtet. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/jul/16/top-uk-energy-firms-to-warn-rishi-sunak-dont-back-off-green-agenda

      Net Zero-Bericht von Chris Skidmore: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/review-of-net-zero

      Report des Office for Budget Stability: https://obr.uk/frs/fiscal-risks-and-sustainability-july-2023/#:~:text=In%20this%2C%20our%20second%20FRS,on%20the%20UK's%20public%20debt.

    1. Die europäischen Produzenten von Windturbinen machen enorme Verluste. Die Hauptgründe sind Kostensteigerungen und logistische Probleme. Hinzu kommen Investitionen für neue, stärkere Modelle und chinesische Konkurrenz. Ein zusätzliches Risiko könnte die Förderung der US-Turbinen-Industrie durch die Biden-Administration darstellen. Die europäischen Produzenten erwarten mehr Unterstützung durch die Regierungen, um Kompetenzen in Europa zu halten.

    1. Der dänische Konzern Ørsted hat zwei große Offshore-Windenergie-Projekte in den USA gestoppt. Ørsted ist der weltweit größte Entwickler von Windenergie-Anlage. Ursache sind Kostensteigerungen. Die Windenergiebranche befindet sich gerade insgesamt in einer Krise, wobe in China sehr schnell zusätzliche Produktionskapazitäten aufgebaut werden. https://taz.de/Erneuerbare-Energien-in-der-Krise/!5967100/

  5. Oct 2023
    1. Die Europäische Kommission hat am Dienstag einen Aktionsplan zum Ausbau der Windenergie vorgelegt. Trotz schnell gestiegener Investitionen ist die EU weit von den für 2030 angestrebten 37 Gigawatt Leistung durch Windenergie entfernt. Die Vorschläge sind allerdings Waage und beziehen sich zu einem großen Teil auf Beschleunigungen der Verfahren, nicht auf eine bessere Finanzierung.https://taz.de/Ausbauplaene-der-EU/!5965373/

  6. Sep 2023
    1. Once the breath has been released and the sound started, it may be possibleto play a succession of notes without the tongue interrupting the supply ofbreath. The result is an extremely smooth legato, and a group of notes playedthus is marked by a slur. But a legato effect can also be obtained by the use of aless explosive consonant than 't' to start the sound, such as 'd' or 'dh'. 'Legatotonguing' implies individually tongued notes but played as smoothly aspossible. Here it has to be added that tonguing techniques vary according tothe nature of the instrument. Legato tonguing, for example, is common withbrass instruments because a completely slurred legato would often beimpracticable, if not impossible.When notes are to be tongued separately but very rapidly (e.g. insemiquaver passages at fast speeds), more elaborate methods oftonguing areneeded. A succession of notes produced by the tip of the tongue - 'tttttt' etc. -would soon become tiring, so a 'k' sound produced with the back of the tongueis used in alternation: 'tktktk' etc. (double tonguing) or, in groups of three,'tkttkt' etc. (triple tonguing). Double and triple tonguing also make it possiblefor very rapid repetitions of a single note to be performed.An unusual kind of tonguing, occasionally required by 20th-centurycomposers, is created by rolling an 'r' on the tip of the tongue. This technique,known as 'flutter-tonguing', is generally indicated by the use of tremolo signs(e.g. J )and/or in words: the German Flatterzunge (abbreviated as Flzg.) isoften used. Flutter-tonguing is particularly suited to flue instruments such asthe flute, but it can be successful on others too, such as the trumpet andtrombone.
  7. Jul 2023
    1. A New Golden Age Of Sailing Is Here: Five Exciting Projects
      • Title
        • A New Golden Age Of Sailing Is Here: Five Exciting Projects
      • Author
        • Nishan Degnarain
      • Source
        • Forbes magazine
  8. Apr 2023
  9. Nov 2022
  10. Sep 2022
    1. Renewable energy critics argue that wind and solar are not reliable sources because of their variability. Others argue that wind farms encroach on pristine environment and destroy a country’s natural habitat, as is the case with the installation of thousands of wind turbines on scores of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. How would you respond to such concerns, and are there ways around them?
    1. if we want to deliver a thousand terawatt hours a year using these systems you could use 142 00:29:07 coal-fired power stations or 30 000 solar pv arrays or 12 309 wind turbine arrays of average size 00:29:18 where each array is like 10 win windows this is this is where we're getting the extra numbers from so each of these sites will have to be built and constructed and maintained and then when they wear out they need to 00:29:30 be decommissioned so renewables have a much lower energy return on energy invested ratio than fossil fuels and they and the the truth is they may not be strong enough to power the next industrial era 00:29:45 so gas and hydro power generation has to balance with demand supply and demand has to balance otherwise the grid will age

      !- for : EROI, energy density - lower energy density = more plants

  11. Sep 2021
    1. J. M. Synge, Plays, Poems, and Prose (Everyman edn., London, 1941), p. 257

      Curious that he quotes the writer Synge here or even that this is something Synge would have written.

      I like the idea that a culture would have been able to keep time based on the direction of the wind.

  12. Oct 2020
    1. I’ll remember it again after the party’s over, she decided. And somehow that seemed quite the best plan...

      The use of the word quite again--it's like nothing is real, or embodied. There is a lot of flighty language and flighty characters, 'Laura flew' 'butterfly' descriptions of air, and wind, and puffs, and angels--nothing feels grounded. The characters and the place feel like they could just be blown away like dead dandelion puffs.

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  16. Sep 2017
    1. combination of blast, heat, and radiation would kill virtually everyone in this zone. The blast would be accompanied by winds of many hundreds of miles per hour
  17. Feb 2017
    1. which is the means by which weaker, less robust individuals preserve them-selves-since they have been denied the chance to wage the battle for existence with horns or with the sharp teeth of beasts of prey.
  18. Nov 2016
  19. Nov 2015
    1. LOPINOD is also being used to fund the development of a Low Carbon Plan. This plan will focus on the full spectrum of renewables including wind, solar, marine source heat pumps and tidal. It is hoped that we will become a hub for all green energy going forward, building on our existing involvement in the wind farm industry.

      Beachhead for solar, tidal, marine source heat pumps as well as wind energy

  20. Aug 2015
    1. Here, on page 2, a study on infrasound conducted by Mr. Richard James is referenced. Mr. Richard James references Nina Pierpont's "Wind Turbine Syndrome" in articles he has written, namely "Wind Turbine Infra and Low-Frequency Sound: Warning Signs That Were Not Heard," see this link. Wind turbine syndrome is not a real medical syndrome, see this link and this link. In fact, Mr. Richard James and his methodologies for measuring sound has been discredited in a Michigan court, see Rick James – A Technical Discussion of His Deposition and Testimony in the Spencer / Kobetz Lawsuit.

      On page 7, we learn that Mr. Richard James trained a field technician to set up sound measuring equipment at a dozen homes within the Shirley Wind Farm. It's unclear if Mr. Richard James was present to ensure set up and staging of equipment was per professional protocol. The trained field technician is stated to live within the Shirley Wind Farm. Mr. Richard James also collected weather data using a website called wonderground.com [sic]. Note that the field technician didn't record weather data via actual observation while domiciled within the Shirley Wind Farm. Also to consider is the likelihood of gaps in the collection of data, "On many occasions, there was an observer recording the events of the turbines..." This sounds fuzzy. Brings doubt to the reliability of collected data.

      On page 13, the Brown County Board of health declares the Shirley Wind Farm a human health hazard.

      As a result of Brown County's declaration, the Governor of Wisconsin will spend $250,000 to study health effects of wind power.

  21. Jul 2015
    1. Forexample, in a 2–MW wind turbine, the weight of the rotorand the tower is typically about 250 tons [10]. As reportedbelow, a kite generator of the same rated power can beobtained using a 500–m2kite and cables 1000–m long, witha total weight of about 2 tons only.

      Is this a reasonable claim?