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  1. Oct 2021
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    1. Off Grid Solar Power With a DifferenceWe’ve combined a simple and powerful goal with bold and beautiful artistic choices to create something unique, adaptable, and fully customizable. The Perennial is the fruit of our labor and is an off grid solar power system that harnesses the natural and limitless energy of the sun in a beautifu

      SO Collective provides a selection of off grid solar panel systems. Our system kits provide an easy way to get started with your off-grid solar needs. Get in touch today to further discuss your solar panel needs.

  3. Aug 2021
    1. Collective, a uniqu

      SO Collective - sustainable solar energy solutions & commercial solar solutions. Unique patented, sustainable, solar, renewable, artistic design, solar panel charging station with IoT capabilities that provides a service to your community while beautifying.




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    1. It’s clear that we need to make the switch to clean, reliable sources of renewable energy like solar and wind. Unlike fossil fuels, renewables don’t add greenhouse gases to our atmosphere.

      We need to change to renewable energy

    1. The local electricity linesmen, electricity inspectors, and other nodal officials in the electricity department also have key roles to play. Building their capacities to disseminate such information and handle consumer queries and concerns, and providing basic training in billing and metering for solar power can go a long way in improving consumers’ experience.

      Why will Discom want to disseminate the information when:

      1. They themselves don't understand how the system works
      2. They feel that rooftop solar will cut into their revenues? Here, instead of a top-down approach or bottom-up approach, RE generators and regulators need to have a 2 pronged synchronous approach to educate people about the technologies.
  9. Feb 2019
    1. A.T.E.’s Concentrated Solar Thermal system has provided solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Solar thermal technology is used in it which uses solar energy from the sun. This technology directly impacts costs and increase your savings by being energy-efficient. The system also has many benefits like easy to install, longer life cycle, user friendly etc.

  10. Sep 2018
  11. Mar 2018
    1. Se señala el comportamiento de algunos hornos solares dentro de una área delimitada (caribe colombiano) y la reacción que estos pueden tener en este ambinete especifíco.

    1. Lo que destaca en este trabajo es la información de las características de distintos tipos de hornos solares, lo cual es de mucha ayuda para saber cual tipo de horno solar puede satisfasfacer las necesidades de la problemática que buscamos resolver.

    1. Básicamente, en este trabajo se evalúa la eficiencia de dos prototipos de hornos solares y finalmente se determina la viabilidad de uso que ambos tienen.

    1. En esta tesis se expone la problemática existente y una solución propuesta por un prototipo, del cual se especifíca todo lo necesario para su construcción, además de los principios que conlleva el funcionamiento adecuado del propio horno solar, Las condiciones a las cuales se llevaron las pruebas de calidad del mismo deberían de ser en ambientes menos controlados, puesto que al aplicarlo en un hogar, hay muchas variables que no pueden ser controladas que en esta tesis si se toman en cuenta.

    1. El objetivo de este artículo es exponer la implementación de tecnologías solares térmicas, que se convierten en una alternativa complementaria para satisfacer las necesidades de cocción de alimentos básicos, que puede contribuir favorablemente en la problemática del deterioro ambiental; asimismo, que generen estrategias de aprovechamiento sustentable de los recursos naturales, estableciendo productos con valor agregado.

    1. En este artículo se examinan puntos claves para un horno solar como: energía aprovechable y funcionamiento, además de materiales utilizados para un prototipo ya establecido.

    1. En este artículo se detalla la problemática en una región y sector poblacional especifícos.

    1. En este tipo de celdas, la función del “sensibilizante” es la de absorber luz visible e inyectar electrones foto-generados hacia la banda de conducción del TiO2.

      Tengo mucho interés en el uso de este tipo de celda, ya que es fácil de crear y barata.

    1. Las llamadas celdassolares sensibilizadas por colorantes (DSSCdel término en inglésDyesensitized solar cell) son de interés porque son relativamente baratas de producir y abren un nuevo campo de investigación. No se necesitan tecnologías especiales para su fabricación y los materiales, en su mayoría,están ampliamente disponibles

      Celdas más fáciles para una experimentación usando pocos recursos, (¿CUCEI tendrá ya antecedentes de esto?).

  12. Apr 2017
  13. Jul 2016
    1. Please watch this video to understand the difference between this amendment and the amendment tat is more likely to actually bring you solar at little to no upfront costs. https://www.facebook.com/Renewabledrive/videos/970883766353482/

    2. I am seeking opinions as to the nature of this amendment. Is this good for homeowners or good for only big business? Is this Yes on 1? Or is this the REAL amendment?

    1. This is a bit heartbreaking. Their facebook page is heavily monitored as well. I know folks that have been blocked from commenting there at Yes on 1. Thank goodness for hypothes.is.

    1. Yes On 1 For The Sun

      This FB page and amendment has said to be a sneaky back door legislation that will actually ensure power to the big dogs and make it harder for us to get solar. Please correct me if wrong.

    2. This bill is on alert as it may actually make buying solar HARDER and not EASIER. Please help me out on this one. Trying to annotate a better link but this will have to do for now. I am trying to comment on yes on 1 video..

  14. Jun 2016
    1. But EEI, its member utilities, Koch-backed groups, and their corporate and conservative allies have been lobbying states, sometimes successfully, to eliminate net metering or otherwise reduce the financial incentives for clean home power generation. When they succeed, people with solar leases could end up with less in savings on their electricity bill than the cost of renting their solar array. EEI’s letter feigns concern for these consumers — an impressively cynical maneuver, as it’s the very group leading the push to raise those consumer costs.
  15. Nov 2015
    1. LOPINOD is also being used to fund the development of a Low Carbon Plan. This plan will focus on the full spectrum of renewables including wind, solar, marine source heat pumps and tidal. It is hoped that we will become a hub for all green energy going forward, building on our existing involvement in the wind farm industry.

      Beachhead for solar, tidal, marine source heat pumps as well as wind energy

  16. Dec 2014