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  1. Jan 2024
    1. Zusammenfassender Artikel über Studien zu Klimafolgen in der Antarktis und zu dafür relevanten Ereignissen. 2023 sind Entwicklungen sichtbar geworden, die erst für wesentlich später in diesem Jahrhundert erwartet worden waren. Der enorme und möglicherweise dauerhafte Verlust an Merreis ist dafür genauso relevant wie die zunehmende Instabilität des westantarktischen und möglicherweise inzwischen auch des ostantarktischen Eisschilds. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/dec/31/red-alert-in-antarctica-the-year-rapid-dramatic-change-hit-climate-scientists-like-a-punch-in-the-guts

  2. Nov 2023
  3. Oct 2023
    1. I'm going to kind of give you my 00:04:56 take on what I believe to have been the natural history of or what I believe is the natural history of awareness a sort of a sequence of innovations that occurred that facilitated the appearance 00:05:09 of consciousness on Earth
      • for: key claim, key claim - natural history of awareness leading evolution of consciousness, natural history - awareness leading to consciousnessn
  4. Sep 2022
  5. May 2022
    1. This hyper-response is a six-phase operation that will extend until the year 2100. It is civilian-led and involves a whole-of-society layered mobilization.

      Aligned to Stop Reset Go, global bottom-up, social superorganism approach and the "awaken the sleeping giant" campaign, to awaken the sleeping social superorganism giant composed of the ordinary citizens of the globe.

    1. The words just wouldn't come...

      linguistic erectile dysfunction?

      Sorry, that's what the poet in my head said so I could not resist.

  6. Apr 2022
    1. If a creative artefact is the basis of the contribution to knowledge, the research ispractice-based.2. If the research leads primarily to new understandings about practice, it is practice-led.

      Difference between practice-based and practice-led research (Specific to design research).

      Practice- based: based on practice and improving knowledge of practice Practice- Led - leads to new understandings about the practice we are engaged in

  7. Feb 2022
    1. Employing theLinked Data paradigm for enterprise data integration has anumber of advantages:
      1. Identifizierung mit URI/IRIs

      Unternehmen, Konzepte, Daten und Metadaten können über Abteilungen, Abteilungen, Niederlassungen, Tochtergesellschaften.

      1. Zugang - dereferenzierbar URI/IRIs bieten einen einheitlichen Datenzugriffsmechanismus.

      2. Integration

      3. Das triple-basierte RDF-Datenmodell erleichtert die Integration und das Mapping zwischen verschiedenen anderen Datenmodellen (z.B. XML, RDB, JSON). Kohärenz - Schema, Daten und Metadaten können über System- und Organisationsgrenzen hinweg nahtlos miteinander verknüpft werden Grenzen.

      4. Provenienz

      5. ist gewährleistet, da der Ursprung der Informationen Herkunft der Informationen in den Bezeichnern kodiert ist. Governance - Identifikatoren, Metadaten und Schema können inkrementell und dezentral verwaltet und dezentralisiert verwaltet werden.

      6. Agilität

      7. Vokabulare, Vokabularelemente Vokabulare, Vokabularelemente und Datenquellen können schrittweise und nach dem Prinzip "pay-as-you-go" hinzugefügt werden.
    2. Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) mightbe considered as an embodiment of LED

      Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) als eine Verkörperung von LED

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    1. Natural light is the grace of nature to human beings, but natural light has uncontrollable shortcomings. People hope to see the deep ‘Liao’, which is unknown to the night, with the eyes of the night. It’s for this reason we explored, what would we have to do in order to make the artificial light infinitely close to the natural light, while controlled by people? This gave us a glimpse of the existence of the LUXON bulb.

      the existence of the LUXON bulb.

    2. We will provide you with the following LED LIGHTINGLong Life – long operational life time expectations // Energy Efficiency – much better energy efficiency // Ecologically Friendly – much more eco-friendly // Durable Quality – LED illumination can withstand rough conditions // Zero UV Emissions – close to no UV emissions // Design Flexibility – powerful flexible design features // Operational in extremely cold or hot temperatures // Light Disbursement – achieve higher application efficiency // Instant Lighting &100% Dimmable // Low-Voltage – can run on low-voltage power supply. This time, in the name of light, we will do better than any lighting!We also provide other electronic accessories, such as socket adapter that can convert ordinary bulbs into sensing bulbs, decorative LED strips, drones for beginners and car emergency tools to save you from danger. It is rich in product and is selected by you.

      The profile of LUXON LED Light bulb

  11. Oct 2018