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  1. May 2019
    1. Natural light is the grace of nature to human beings, but natural light has uncontrollable shortcomings. People hope to see the deep ‘Liao’, which is unknown to the night, with the eyes of the night. It’s for this reason we explored, what would we have to do in order to make the artificial light infinitely close to the natural light, while controlled by people? This gave us a glimpse of the existence of the LUXON bulb.

      the existence of the LUXON bulb.

    2. We will provide you with the following LED LIGHTINGLong Life – long operational life time expectations // Energy Efficiency – much better energy efficiency // Ecologically Friendly – much more eco-friendly // Durable Quality – LED illumination can withstand rough conditions // Zero UV Emissions – close to no UV emissions // Design Flexibility – powerful flexible design features // Operational in extremely cold or hot temperatures // Light Disbursement – achieve higher application efficiency // Instant Lighting &100% Dimmable // Low-Voltage – can run on low-voltage power supply. This time, in the name of light, we will do better than any lighting!We also provide other electronic accessories, such as socket adapter that can convert ordinary bulbs into sensing bulbs, decorative LED strips, drones for beginners and car emergency tools to save you from danger. It is rich in product and is selected by you.

      The profile of LUXON LED Light bulb

  2. May 2017
    1. Frost Bulb
      Hugh M. French, a member of the department of geography at the University of Ottawa, states that “nowhere has the frost heave problem been more critical than in the recent design of proposed chilled buried gas pipelines in Arctic regions” in his article entitled “Periglacial Geomorphology in North America: Current Research and Future Trends.” These chilled buried gas pipelines must function under extremely harsh conditions. They will be exposed to sub-zero temperatures in Arctic regions. Any water and vapor will “migrate towards the pipe” causing a frost bulb to form. This frost bulb will lead to the formation of an ice lens or numerous ice lenses which will cause frost heave around the chilled buried pipe (French, 1987). There are currently many techniques to attempt to predict the behavior of a buried pipeline that experiences frost heave. One such attempt to describe this phenomenon was proposed by Selvadurai and Shinde, both members of the American Society of Civil Engineers, in which they describe a detailed model of a frost heave zone caused by its associate frost bulb. They base their model off of the “heave of a frost bulb zone that develops around the pipeline as it transmits its contents such as chilled natural gas” (Selvadurai & Shinde, 1993). 


      French, H. M. (1987). Periglacial Geomorphology in North America: Current Research and Future Trends. Ecological Bulletins, 5-16. Selvadurai, A. P., & Shinde, S. (1993). Frost Heave Induced Mechanics of Buried Pipelines. American Society of Civil Engineers, 1929-1951.

  3. Jul 2016
    1. For example, the type of bulb and reflector greatly impact how much light reaches your cannabis plants.

      For example, the type of bulb and reflector greatly impact how much light reaches your cannabis plants

      this matters because your cannabis=plants need good light

      this connect to me because i have had a bulb that is good to grow weed.