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  1. May 2019
    1. We will provide you with the following LED LIGHTINGLong Life – long operational life time expectations // Energy Efficiency – much better energy efficiency // Ecologically Friendly – much more eco-friendly // Durable Quality – LED illumination can withstand rough conditions // Zero UV Emissions – close to no UV emissions // Design Flexibility – powerful flexible design features // Operational in extremely cold or hot temperatures // Light Disbursement – achieve higher application efficiency // Instant Lighting &100% Dimmable // Low-Voltage – can run on low-voltage power supply. This time, in the name of light, we will do better than any lighting!We also provide other electronic accessories, such as socket adapter that can convert ordinary bulbs into sensing bulbs, decorative LED strips, drones for beginners and car emergency tools to save you from danger. It is rich in product and is selected by you.

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    1. Lifestance is a brand only specializing in Waxing, with particular focus on home and beauty salons. Lifestance only selects the best ingredients when designing its waxes. Its meticulous process of selecting resins ensures its fantastic grip, color, and stability. Its precise quality control safeguards the formula of its waxes so that outstanding depilatory results are repeated time and time again during each waxing treatment. Lifestance prides itself on being more than a beauty supplier but also has developed its own special formulations and patents with specialist chemists, aimed at each type of hairs, all skin types and all areas of the body. We believe that if we focus on ONE thing, we should be the best at it.

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