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  1. Mar 2024
    1. so they reduce a million parameters to one parameter (CO2 emissions)<br /> and then they get that one parameter wrong...<br /> evil and stupid going hand in hand, straight to hell on earth

  2. Nov 2023
    1. haha, china and russia and friends are shitting all over your "scientific models".<br /> the ONLY problem is "too many humans", aka overpopulation, caused by pacifism.<br /> these "save the world" policies are collective suicide for the 95% useless eaters. byee!

  3. Oct 2023
    1. Carbon capture is a phishing scheme introduced by the Koch brothers at MIT in 2004, the same year that Charles and David Koch provided the funds for Americans for Prosperity.
      • for: Carbon capture - MIT hoax, climate delay, kick the can down the road
  4. Jan 2022
    1. Demokratická prosperujúca Ukrajina predstavuje zásadný problém pre režim v Kremli, hovorí analytik Rasťo Kužel.

      Zavadzanie a manipulacie faktami

    1. Podľa informácií britských spravodajských služieb si Rusko želá, aby sa ukrajinským premiérom stal proruský politik Jevgenij Murajev.

      Briti, klamu, tak ako klamali o Novicoku tak klamu aj teraz a rozhravaju svoju spinavu hru

  5. Dec 2021
    1. obrázok je údajne screenshot z webu novinky.cz. neuvádza sa však odkaz na článok, ktorý je na screenshote przentovaný. Pri snahe nájsť pôvodný článok som neuspela. Nenašla som cez prehliadač ani titulok, ani text, ktorý mala údajne osoba v texte povedať. Nič podobné som nenašla ani pri hľadaní priamo na novinky.cz. Článok, ktorý je na "screenshote" neexistuje a "Screenshot" bol vytvorený umelo ako montáž. Podnecuje odpor a strach z očkovania, pretože tvrdí, že hlavná hygienička Pavla Svrčinová povedala, že ak by sa nechala zaočkovať, tak zomrie.

  6. Oct 2021
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  9. Mar 2021
    1. Brian Stelter. ‘One Year Ago Tonight, in Front of Millions of Loyal Viewers, Fox’s @SeanHannity Accused the Media of “Scaring the Living Hell out of People” about the Coronavirus and Said “I See It, Again, as like, Let’s Bludgeon Trump with This New Hoax.”’ Tweet. @brianstelter (blog), 10 March 2021. https://twitter.com/brianstelter/status/1369460806367199232.

  10. Sep 2020
    1. This dynamic is playing out during the pandemic among the many people who refuse to wear masks or practice social distancing.

      Many people say they care for each other but when it comes to a pandemic that many think is a hoax, they don't care for the health of others. Even if it is a hoax, wouldn't you still be careful?

  11. Aug 2020
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  13. May 2017
    1. Cindy A. Buckmaster: Animal research Is a labor of love for animals and people

      This page was analyzed on May 5, 2017 and was found to have low virality and impact. While the content may be either true or false, it is nnot moving through the network in the way we see hoaxes or clickbait move.

  14. Jan 2017
    1. The idea that the popularity of the moon hoax led to a rise in the Sun's circulation has become a standard part of the story of the hoax. However, it turns on its head what actually happened and obscures the historical significance of the event. In fact, as Mario Castagnaro (2009) has argued, it was the Sun's already high circulation and broad reach that ensured the success of the moon hoax — not the other way around.

      Circulation Powered Hoax

      The Moon Hoax was a result of the high circulation of the Sun, not the other way around.

    2. The Sun's high circulation was made possible by its use of steam-powered printing presses. Such presses, which had only recently become available, allowed papers to print tens of thousands of copies at a cheap rate, thereby broadening their readership and turning them into a medium of truly mass communication. In addition, the Sun used an innovative means of distribution that further broadened its reach — newsboys who sold issues on the street, shouting out the headlines for everyone to hear. The Sun was the first paper anywhere to use newsboys to sell copies. It had started using them in 1833, less than two years before the moon hoax, so their presence on city streets was still a relatively new part of the urban environment.

      Steam Powered Printing

      The Moon Hoax was a result of new technologies and distribution platforms.

  15. Aug 2015
    1. Here, on page 2, a study on infrasound conducted by Mr. Richard James is referenced. Mr. Richard James references Nina Pierpont's "Wind Turbine Syndrome" in articles he has written, namely "Wind Turbine Infra and Low-Frequency Sound: Warning Signs That Were Not Heard," see this link. Wind turbine syndrome is not a real medical syndrome, see this link and this link. In fact, Mr. Richard James and his methodologies for measuring sound has been discredited in a Michigan court, see Rick James – A Technical Discussion of His Deposition and Testimony in the Spencer / Kobetz Lawsuit.

      On page 7, we learn that Mr. Richard James trained a field technician to set up sound measuring equipment at a dozen homes within the Shirley Wind Farm. It's unclear if Mr. Richard James was present to ensure set up and staging of equipment was per professional protocol. The trained field technician is stated to live within the Shirley Wind Farm. Mr. Richard James also collected weather data using a website called wonderground.com [sic]. Note that the field technician didn't record weather data via actual observation while domiciled within the Shirley Wind Farm. Also to consider is the likelihood of gaps in the collection of data, "On many occasions, there was an observer recording the events of the turbines..." This sounds fuzzy. Brings doubt to the reliability of collected data.

      On page 13, the Brown County Board of health declares the Shirley Wind Farm a human health hazard.

      As a result of Brown County's declaration, the Governor of Wisconsin will spend $250,000 to study health effects of wind power.