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  1. May 2024
    1. for - wicked problems - synthentic opiods coming to EU faster due to successful Taliban war on poppy industry

      summary - the new synthetic opiod "Nitazene" is being manufactured in China and replaces the banned fentanyl. It is 300x stronger than heroin. - Due to the Taliban's successful war on drugs that has stamped out 95% of the poppy production, EU drug addicts are turning to the far more deadly nitazine

      from - youtube - BBC - Inside the Taliban's war on Drugs - https://hyp.is/hKPiKBYbEe-2ZCPwUTz0Lg/docdrop.org/video/W-gMRFEZOGY/

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    1. In Britain, John Reith, the visionary son of a Scottish clergyman, began to look for an alternative: radio that was controlled neither by the state, as it was in dictatorships, nor by polarizing, profit-seeking companies. Reith’s idea was public radio, funded by taxpayers but independent of the government. It would not only “inform, educate and entertain”; it would facilitate democracy by bringing society together: “The voice of the leaders of thought or action coming to the fireside; the news of the world at the ear of the rustic … the facts of great issues, hitherto distorted by partisan interpretation, now put directly and clearly before them; a return of the City-State of old.” This vision of a radio broadcaster that could create a cohesive yet pluralistic national conversation eventually became the BBC, where Reith was the first director-general.

      Interesting encapsulation of the idea behind the BBC.

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  25. Jul 2019
    1. Myth: Refugees are all Muslim.

      Do people actually think that? That is ridiculous and so ignorant. People shouldn't stereotype like that. Does the general public really believe that all refugees are from the middle east and are Muslim? I wonder if they know that there are thousands of Christians in the middle east."Christians now make up approximately 5% of the Middle Eastern population, down from 20% in the early 20th century" That's part of the problem. It's a war on freedom. Religious freedom, basic human rights, and personal desires. Sheesh!

  26. Mar 2019
    1. You might have also seen that our podcasts are no longer available on certain Google products - including the Google Podcast app and Google assistant. I want to explain a little bit about why that has happened. Last year, Google launched its own podcast app for Android users - they’ve also said they will launch a browser version for computers soon. Google has since begun to direct people who search for a BBC podcast into its own podcast service, rather than BBC Sounds or other third party services, which reduces people’s choice - an approach that the BBC is not comfortable with and has consistently expressed strong concerns about. We asked them to exclude the BBC from this specific feature but they have refused.

      Well, this is truly bad action from Google, not to mention how it reflects on them. The BBC are totally right in stating their claim to their own content. Cheers!

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    1. To overcome this limitation, one might consider using a “smooth” estimator. One smooth analogue to the histogram