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    1. For example, let’s consider the type property. For most of the projects I am working on, it isn’t practical to have a webpage dedicated to each type of possible error.

      That's not required. The standard doesn't require this to be a URL locator — merely a URI! So you can just make up a URI and use it even if it's not resolvable. ... like you did for the URN below.

    1. they allow resources to be referred to without the need for a continuously available host, and can be generated by anyone who already has the file, without the need for a central authority to issue them. This makes them popular for use as "guaranteed" search terms within the file sharing community where anyone can distribute a magnet link to ensure that the resource retrieved by that link is the one intended, regardless of how it is retrieved.
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    1. The bearerURI for a VHF/FM service is compiled as follows:fm:<gcc>.<pi>.<frequency>The <frequency> element may be replaced by the asterisk ("*") character to signify any frequency. In this case the PIcode alone shall be used by the device to locate the source
      Table 4: Example of RadioDNS bearerURI construction for RDS/RBDS

      | GCC | PI | Frequency (MHz) | RadioDNS bearerURI | |-----|------|------------------|--------------------| | ce1 | c586 | 95,8 | fm:ce1.c586.09580 | | de0 | d1e0 | 103,9 | fm:de0.d1e0.10390 | | ce1 | c201 | many | fm:ce1.c201.* |

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    1. A Canonical Fragment Identifier (CFI) is a similar construct to these, but expresses a location within an EPUB Publication. For example:


    1. hash://sha256/9f86d081884c7d659a2feaa0?type=text/plain#top \__/ \____/ \______________________/ \_____________/ \_/ | | | | | scheme algorithm hash query fragment

    1. Creating a New Identifier

      If you would like to add or update a permanent identifier of the form https://w3id.org/..., the preferred procedure is to perform the following steps:

      The maintainers of this system will then act on that Pull Request and merge it into this system's content. You will then be able to see your changes in the repository and via resolution of the identifier you created or edited.




    1. Psst: Philip gave me a copy of this piece (just like he did many others before he decided to unpublish it). I will totally let you peek at my copy (if you want, and if you happen to be in Austin—I'll respect Philip's commandment not to distribute unauthorized copies, but to reiterate: you're free to look at the copy I already have). It's a great article, even if lots of the feedback at the time unnecessarily focused on quibbling with his decision to characterize the issue as being inherent to "command-line bullshittery", rather than charitably* interpreting it as general discontent with the familiar pain** of setting up/configuring/working with any given toolchain and the problems that crop up (esp. when it comes at the price of discouraging smart or even brilliant people who have interesting ideas they wish to pursue.)

      * See also https://pchiusano.github.io/2014-10-11/defensive-writing.html

      ** See also http://lighttable.com/2014/05/16/pain-we-forgot/

    1. Cool URIs Don't Change

      But this one did. Or rather, it used to be resolvable as http://infomesh.net/2001/08/swtips/ (note the trailing slash), but now that returns 404 and is only available as http://infomesh.net/2001/08/swtips (no trailing slash).

    1. I like to keep things on the web if I can, permanently archived, because you never know when somebody will find them useful or interesting anyway.

      But Semantic Web Tips http://infomesh.net/2001/08/swtips/ is returning 404...

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    1. Employing theLinked Data paradigm for enterprise data integration has anumber of advantages:
      1. Identifizierung mit URI/IRIs

      Unternehmen, Konzepte, Daten und Metadaten können über Abteilungen, Abteilungen, Niederlassungen, Tochtergesellschaften.

      1. Zugang - dereferenzierbar URI/IRIs bieten einen einheitlichen Datenzugriffsmechanismus.

      2. Integration

      3. Das triple-basierte RDF-Datenmodell erleichtert die Integration und das Mapping zwischen verschiedenen anderen Datenmodellen (z.B. XML, RDB, JSON). Kohärenz - Schema, Daten und Metadaten können über System- und Organisationsgrenzen hinweg nahtlos miteinander verknüpft werden Grenzen.

      4. Provenienz

      5. ist gewährleistet, da der Ursprung der Informationen Herkunft der Informationen in den Bezeichnern kodiert ist. Governance - Identifikatoren, Metadaten und Schema können inkrementell und dezentral verwaltet und dezentralisiert verwaltet werden.

      6. Agilität

      7. Vokabulare, Vokabularelemente Vokabulare, Vokabularelemente und Datenquellen können schrittweise und nach dem Prinzip "pay-as-you-go" hinzugefügt werden.
    1. urn:x-pdf:a08d875ad57045edf70d283087a0e339 (PDF fingerprint)

      To find this urn address for your .pdf files and their fingerprints (particularly local/private files not otherwise hosted in the cloud):

      1. Visit https://jonudell.info/h/facet/
      2. Search for your Hypothes.is username (and perhaps a tag) to find the document name and annotations you made on it.
      3. You should be able to click on the document title which will take you to a non-loading web page with an address that looks something like this: urn:x-pdf:1ab23cd45e678fgh9012i34j56k78l90

      If others know of alternate/faster methods of finding URIs for local pdf files I'd be happy to hear about them.

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    1. This specification defines two formats and respective media types for representing sets of links as stand-alone documents. One format is JSON-based, the other aligned with the format for representing links in the HTTP "Link" header field. This specification also introduces a link relation type to support discovery of sets of links.
      GET links/resource1 HTTP/1.1
      Host: example.org
      Accept: application/linkset+json
      HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 10:46:22 GMT
      Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1
      Content-Type: application/linkset+json
      Link: <https://example.org/links/resource1>
            ; rel="alternate"
            ; type="application/linkset"
      Content-Length: 1349
      { "linkset":
          { "anchor": "https://example.org/resource1",
            "author": [
              { "href": "https://authors.example.net/johndoe",
                "type": "application/rdf+xml"
            "memento": [
              { "href": "https://example.org/resource1?version=1",
                "type": "text/html",
                "datetime": "Thu, 13 Jun 2019 09:34:33 GMT"
              { "href": "https://example.org/resource1?version=2",
                "type": "text/html",
                "datetime": "Sun, 21 Jul 2019 12:22:04 GMT"
            "latest-version": [
              { "href": "https://example.org/resource1?version=3",
                "type": "text/html"
          { "anchor": "https://example.org/resource1?version=3",
            "predecessor-version": [
              { "href": "https://example.org/resource1?version=2",
                "type": "text/html"
          { "anchor": "https://example.org/resource1?version=2",
            "predecessor-version": [
              { "href": "https://example.org/resource1?version=1",
                "type": "text/html"
          { "anchor": "https://example.org/resource1#comment=1",
            "author": [
              { "href": "https://authors.example.net/alice"}
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    1. The Annodex annotation format for time-continuous bitstreams, Version 2.0 draft-pfeiffer-annodex-01


      This specification defines a file format for annotating and indexing time-continuous bitstreams for the World Wide Web. The format has been named "Annodex" for annotating and indexing. The Annodex format enables the specification of named anchor points in time-continuous bitstreams together with textual annotations and hyperlinks in URI [4] format. These anchor points are merged time-synchronously with the time-continuous bitstreams when authoring a file in Annodex format. The ultimate aim of the Annodex format is to enable an integration of time-continous bitstreams into the browsing and searching functionality of the World Wide Web.

    1. Contributor License Agreement

      Broken link. (And it's an antipattern, anyway.)

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    1. ; http://www.e-papyrus.com/hypertext_review/chapter1.html

      This is a porn site today...



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    1. At Stanford University - Doug's lab notebooks, correspondence, reports, memos, papers - available at the MouseSite Archive page, Stanford Libraries Special Collections, with links to their Annotated Table of Contents

      broken links

    1. DTIC’s public technical reports have migrated to a new cloud environment. The link you used is outdated.

      Fuck off.

    1. How OpenVSCode Server turns VS Code into a web IDE

      This news item was submitted only 17 days ago, and yet it's already returning a 404. This is a casualty of the "our code host's presentation of our repo is our website".

      As of this writing (i.e. commit fb662ab0), the working link is https://github.com/gitpod-io/openvscode-server/blob/docs/sourcedive.snb.md.

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    1. It's possible that the URI gives it away, but this is a local copy of the resource at https://colbyrussell.com/meta/pages.app.htm.

      (~/projects/colbyrussell.com/main is the Git repository of all the Markdown sources and whatnot. It turns out that this file, though, is already in its file, publishable form and gets passed through much the same way e.g. a PNG or JPEG would be.)



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    1. Note that these are not hyperlinks; these URIs are used for identification. This is a machine-readable way to say “this is HTML”. In particular, software does not usually need to fetch these resources, and certainly does not need to fetch the same one over and over!
    1. Every URL is a URI; Every URN is a URI; URI and URL are NOT interchangeable – a URL is a URI, but a URI is not always a URL; URLs always contain an access mechanism.
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    1. For macOS, you can use either the loopback interface (where AppAuth will generate the redirect URI for you), or a custom scheme. To create a custom scheme redirect URI, reverse the client id to get the URI scheme, for example com.googleusercontent.apps.IDENTIFIER and, add your own path component. E.g. com.googleusercontent.apps.IDENTIFIER:/oauth2redirect/google. Note that there is only a single slash (/) after the scheme.

      Vital info here for "allegedly" forming proper redirect URI with Google.

      Trying it out shortly

    1. I have visited the lakes of Lucerne and Uri

      Lake Lucerne is a lake in central Switzerland and the fourth largest in the country. Lake Uri, also in Switzerland, is known for its reflective blue waters.

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    1. 8. Examples 8.1. Hello World! The following ni URI is generated from the text "Hello World!" (12 characters without the quotes), using the sha-256 algorithm shown with and without an authority field: ni:///sha-256;f4OxZX_x_FO5LcGBSKHWXfwtSx-j1ncoSt3SABJtkGk ni://example.com/sha-256;f4OxZX_x_FO5LcGBSKHWXfwtSx-j1ncoSt3SABJtkGk The following HTTP URL represents a mapping from the previous ni name based on the algorithm outlined above. http://example.com/.well-known/ni/sha-256/ f4OxZX_x_FO5LcGBSKHWXfwtSx-j1ncoSt3SABJtkGk
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    1. A URI identifies a resource either by location, or a name, or both. A URI has two specializations known as URL and URN. A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a subset of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that specifies where an identified resource is available and the mechanism for retrieving it.URL defines how the resource can be obtained. It does not have to be HTTP URL (http://), a URL can also be (ftp://) or (smb://) A Uniform Resource Name (URN) is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that uses the URN scheme, and does not imply availability of the identified resource. Both URNs (names) and URLs (locators) are URIs, and a particular URI may be both a name and a locator at the same time.
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    1. /aftp/xx.yy.edu/pub/doc/README Fig 1. Some alternative tagged and untagged representations

      An alternative notation that was considered for URIs

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    1. Axiom: Opacity of URIs The only thing you can use an identifier for is to refer to an object. When you are not dereferencing, you should not look at the contents of the URI string to gain other information.
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    1. Netzwerkgesellschaft revisited - Von den ersten Vernetzungsutopien zur Sharing Economy alternativ: Von der Netzwerkgesellschaft zum Plattformkapitalismus? Alternativ:

      Diese Zeilen sind im Originaletherpad durchgestrichen.