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    1. A good example for the motivation of this work is the website of the Hypertext Conference in 2008. The original URI http://ht2008.org is not accessible anymore and returns a 404 error today.
    1. The paper had the "Artifacts available" badgea in the ACM Digital Library, highlighting the research in the paper as reproducible. Yet, the instructions to get the dataset required several steps rather than just a link: log in, find the paper, click on a tab, scroll, get to the dataset.
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    1. Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at research-compendia.org

      That's not good.

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    1. Psst: Philip gave me a copy of this piece (just like he did many others before he decided to unpublish it). I will totally let you peek at my copy (if you want, and if you happen to be in Austin—I'll respect Philip's commandment not to distribute unauthorized copies, but to reiterate: you're free to look at the copy I already have). It's a great article, even if lots of the feedback at the time unnecessarily focused on quibbling with his decision to characterize the issue as being inherent to "command-line bullshittery", rather than charitably* interpreting it as general discontent with the familiar pain** of setting up/configuring/working with any given toolchain and the problems that crop up (esp. when it comes at the price of discouraging smart or even brilliant people who have interesting ideas they wish to pursue.)

      * See also https://pchiusano.github.io/2014-10-11/defensive-writing.html

      ** See also http://lighttable.com/2014/05/16/pain-we-forgot/

    1. Cool URIs Don't Change

      But this one did. Or rather, it used to be resolvable as http://infomesh.net/2001/08/swtips/ (note the trailing slash), but now that returns 404 and is only available as http://infomesh.net/2001/08/swtips (no trailing slash).

    1. I like to keep things on the web if I can, permanently archived, because you never know when somebody will find them useful or interesting anyway.

      But Semantic Web Tips http://infomesh.net/2001/08/swtips/ is returning 404...

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    1. Contributor License Agreement

      Broken link. (And it's an antipattern, anyway.)

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    1. ; http://www.e-papyrus.com/hypertext_review/chapter1.html

      This is a porn site today...



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    1. At Stanford University - Doug's lab notebooks, correspondence, reports, memos, papers - available at the MouseSite Archive page, Stanford Libraries Special Collections, with links to their Annotated Table of Contents

      broken links

    1. DTIC’s public technical reports have migrated to a new cloud environment. The link you used is outdated.

      Fuck off.

    1. How OpenVSCode Server turns VS Code into a web IDE

      This news item was submitted only 17 days ago, and yet it's already returning a 404. This is a casualty of the "our code host's presentation of our repo is our website".

      As of this writing (i.e. commit fb662ab0), the working link is https://github.com/gitpod-io/openvscode-server/blob/docs/sourcedive.snb.md.

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