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    1. The French Court of Cassation has decided to reclassify the contractual relationship between Uber and a driver as an employment contract.
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    1. sometimes rise above the dome of Mont Blânc

      Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps, the highest in Europe west of Russia's Caucasus peaks, at about 15,000 feet. It is situated between the regions of Aosta Valley, Italy, and Haute-Savoie, France. It gave Percy Shelley the title of one of his most powerful poems.

    2. We arrived at Havre on the 8th of May

      Havre is in the Normandy region of northwestern France. It is situated on the right bank of the river Seine, on the Channel southwest of the Pays de Caux. It was known for its maritime traditions.

    3. We learned Latin and English

      In addition to French, it stands to reason that Victor and Elizabeth would have also known German, since it was still the predominant language in Switzerland at the time. English and Latin bear mentioning since they were less common in Switzerland, at least for daily use. Latin also draws a connection to Victor's studies, since much of his course instruction would have been in Latin.

  6. Aug 2019
    1. Health care spending was 11% of GDP in 2016. Approximately $4,600.00 per person. 7.8% of patients skipped prescriptions because of cost. The life expectancy was 85.5 years in 2015.  

      France health care system

  7. Sep 2018
    1. Commandez dès maintenant les objets de l'Enlysée, pour une bonne cause et sans dépenser un pognon de dingue !
  8. Sep 2017
    1. Le greffe assure une mission de secrétariat auprès du tribunal de commerce où il occupe un rôle central. Il prépare et assiste chaque audience et apporte son concours aux juges afin qu’ils mènent à bien leurs missions.

      C'est quoi le rôle d'un greffe et d'un greffier du tribunal de commerce ?

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    1. over-run with tyranny

      In 1689, at the time of the Glorious Revolution, most other monarchs, particularly Louis XIV in France, ruled as absolute monarchs. Louis XIV, 1701

    1. Le droit des sociétés regroupe la globalité des lois françaises qui dirigent la vie des personnes morales, la globalité des règles nécessaires à la constitution, à l'usage ainsi qu'à liquidation d'une société. Le droit des sociétés est une sous-famille du droit privé qui se porte sur les sociétés commerciales comme sur les sociétés civiles.

      Informations utiles sur le droit des sociétés en France et toutes les lois qui encadrent la vie d'une société commerciale et civile. exemple : https://www.litinerant.fr/pourquoi-creer-eurl.html

  11. Mar 2017
    1. That summer was the first time he rented an inexpensive cottage on Gotts, a remote island off the coast of Maine; it lacked running water and electricity but was covered in pine forests and romantic mists. There, he wrote Levin, he was “reading nothing more frivolous than Plotinus and Husserl,” and Harry was welcome to join him “if Wellfleet becomes too worldly.”

      Paul de Man is buried on Gotts

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    1. in France, ma

      will this highlight stay here when this text is inevitably deleted?