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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Customers care more about the value our application adds to their lives than the programming language or framework the application is built with. Visible Technical Debt such as bugs and missing features and poor performance takes precedence over Hidden Technical Debt such as poor test code coverage, modularity or removing dead code
  2. Aug 2020
    1. die Notwendigkeit, neben der als typisch männlich betrachteten Gerechtigkeitsmoral ("voice of justice") auch die feminine Fürsorgemoral ("voice of care") anzuerkennen, die sich statt an formalen Gerechtigkeitsprinzipien eher an der Qualität der Beziehung orientiert und Gefühle sowie soziales Engagement in den Vordergrund der Betrachtung rückt.[3]
  3. Jul 2020
  4. Jun 2020
    1. Beachum, L., national, closeLateshia B. assignment reporter E. H. closeAlex H. assignment reporter covering, & newsEmailEmailBioBioFollowFollow, breaking. (n.d.). Is social isolation getting to you? Here’s how to know — and what experts say to do. Washington Post. Retrieved April 9, 2020, from https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/04/04/social-isolation-mental-health-help/

    1. Goldman, P. S., Ijzendoorn, M. H. van, Sonuga-Barke, E. J. S., Goldman, P. S., Ijzendoorn, M. H. van, Bakermans-Kranenburg, M. J., Bradford, B., Christopoulos, A., Cuthbert, C., Duchinsky, R., Fox, N. A., Grigoras, S., Gunnar, M. R., Ibrahim, R. W., Johnson, D., Kusumaningrum, S., Ken, P. L. A., Mwangangi, F. M., Nelson, C. A., … Sonuga-Barke, E. J. S. (2020). The implications of COVID-19 for the care of children living in residential institutions. The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1016/S2352-4642(20)30130-9

  5. May 2020
    1. It should be every elected official’s goal to help find ways to free employers from dictatorial rules that hinder their growth. ObamaCare does the opposite, and that’s why the self-insurance option needs to be preserved.
    2. That’s why the escape hatch is so appealing. Self-insured companies can tailor their health benefits to meet the needs of their workers. They don’t have to pay for services their employees neither need nor want. And self-insured plans pay their own medical costs, without having to subsidize the health-care costs of other groups.
    3. The administration and its allies fear that the more people gravitate toward the successful, free-market self-insurance approach, the worse their government-engineered health “reform” will look. We’re already seeing the beginning of this trend.
    4. Meanwhile, ObamaCare penalties and onerous rules have forced many companies to lay off workers or cut hours to turn full-time employees into part-timers. Small-business owners should not have to make their hiring decisions based upon tens of thousands of pages of regulations in the Affordable Care Act.
  6. Apr 2020
  7. Mar 2020
    1. “We ought to have a social compact: If you’re sick, whether you’ve got Covid-19 or not, you should separate yourself from society,” Mr. Gostin said. “That’s your part of the bargain, you’re doing it for your neighbors, your family and your community.”“In exchange,” he said, “we as a nation owe you the right to a humane period of separation, where we meet your essential needs like medicine, health care, food and sick pay.”
  8. Feb 2020
    1. If immediate admission is not possible, start emergency treatment in primary care

      1) lie flat

      2) pilocarpine drops

      • 2% in blue eyes
      • 4% in brown eyes

      3) acetazolamide 500 mg orally

  9. Dec 2019
    1. p. 174-175

      Ce livre, que vous m'avez vu tout à l'heure lire […] ce livre, comme vos yeux en se penchant vers lui ne pourraient déchiffrer son titre à vingt ans de distance, ma mémoire, dont la vue est plus appropriée à ce genre de perceptions, va vous dire quel il était […]

      L'immersion du lecteur, entravé dans sa perception du support matériel (« ce livre »). Un éthos du care (de la sollicitude) produit par le narrateur qui vient au secours de l'instance du lecteur par la médiation d'un autre support, immatériel : sa mémoire.

      Cette relation de care (entre le narrateur et le lecteur) se trouvait déjà fictionnalisée en p. 165 :

      […] cette opération, en apparence si simple, d'ouvrir ou de fermer ma croisée, je n'en venais jamais à bout sans le secours de quelqu'un de la maison […]

      Ouvrir la fenêtre de la chambre et lire le titre d'un livre : deux opérations de lecture impliquant la matérialité des supports.

  • Nov 2019
    1. It needs to be fully repealed, because the first step out of the gate for Obamacare is a step in the wrong direction and that is for government control over every aspect of health care, so it’s hard to fix the system that they have put in place without ending that premise that government ought to be running and controlling health care.
    1. CARE Framework

      Thanks to @mkcow below for providing a direct link to the CARE Framework.

  • Oct 2019
  • Sep 2019
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  • Aug 2019
    1. Partlyasaresult,premiumincreasesforthemostpopularplanswillriseanaverageof34%in2018andarelikelytorisefurtherafterthemandaterepealgoesintoeffect.

      This is statistics of how they wanted to repeal it