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    1. The typewriter division of Wanderer Werke continued unencumbered, manufacturing precision typing machines such as this one, emblazoned with its striking “WW” crest (which bears a striking similarity to the Wonder Woman logo from the 1980s).
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    1.    No tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move;

      At this point in the poem, More has begun to cry. John Donne is trying to comfort More by telling her not to cry or sigh because it would "cause" floods and storms that would only make his journey more difficult. This is showing the idea of a Petrarchan woman. A Petrarchan women is a lady who is able to control the power of her lover through her emotions. He is saying that More's love for him is so powerful that it can actually cause physical disasters , so if she begins to grieve his death it will actually cause his death. This is also an example of a hyperbole.

  7. Feb 2017
    1. female

      Grimké's distinction between "female" and "woman" is really fascinating here. As if "female" appeals to the baser, more primitive nature of humanity and "woman" is a more refined, idealized, God-envisioned version of the sex.

  8. Nov 2013