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  1. Aug 2023
    1. For largely financial reasons, the intensity of bookings is increasing (the number of artists scheduled to perform per year, per season, etc.) and the bookings themselves are growing more and more extensive (the kilometres/miles travelled by artists continue to rise with fewer and fewer performance dates in each region)
      • for: music industry - touring economics, concert booking arms race, unsustainable booking
        • the intensity of bookings ( number of artists scheduled to perform per year or per season) is increasing
        • the average booking is becoming more geographically widespread ( more kilometers travelled per artist) with fewer performance dates per region
        • increase in artistic fees and technical requirements force organizers to attract more audiences who come from further away, creating a concert booking arms race
  2. Jan 2023
    1. I think it's really kind of the philosophy behind our civilization is not even remotely 00:10:43 predicated on principles of sustainability and just to be clear something that's not designed to be sustainable is almost certainly unsustainable you'd have to get you know crazy lucky for 00:10:56 something that wasn't designed to be sustainable to you know accidentally be sustainable our civilization is very clearly not uh sustainable and I like to think of 00:11:08 flight analogies here so a rock is not designed for sustainable flight it can't continue level on definite flight it can however be launched to soar upward for a while but inevitably 00:11:21 it's going to come back down toward Earth and I think our civilization is very similar because it's also like a rock not founded on principles of sustainability 00:11:34 it can soar upward for a time as we're doing now as we spin Earth's inheritance it's a big spending spree and it's great fun for the paying passengers and lots of 00:11:46 satisfaction but it's temporary and patiently waiting is Earth and what I would call Planetary limits so that's going to find us before long

      !- key claim : civilization is inherently unsustainable

      !- comment : SRG When we analyze the meaning of this statement and look for examples, we can find them - When we try to produce a technological solution,it sequesters resources and creates some ecological impact - If we use anything within our complex system, it has an ecological impact associated with it

  3. Dec 2021
  4. Nov 2021
    1. Perspectives that emphasize lifestyles and consumption help to foreground the fundamental inequalities and injustices in the drivers of climate change (see Section 5.1). There are large variations in emissions between different lifestyles even within similar social groups and geographic regions (not least those with high income versus those without) (2, 129)—and yet, there has so far been a pervasive failure to direct mitigation efforts toward high emitters and emission-intensive practices (156, 158, 162). Confronting such variation and inequality requires demand management practices that target high-carbon lifestyles without disproportionately impacting more vulnerable communities. Such tailored approaches could lead to more effective mitigation policies by focusing on high-emission practices (e.g., frequent flying by wealthier groups). Furthermore, participatory and practice-oriented policy processes, where these involve citizens questioning how to bring about more system-wide change, can engender critique of the very power dynamics and patterns of influence that facilitate unsustainable lifestyles.
  5. Oct 2021