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  1. Aug 2019
    1. depicting antagonism in YouTube’s comment space as essentially a site of flaming or abuse, fails to realize that users can be engaged in purposeful discussions entangled with a multitude of forms of hostile expression.

      misrepresentation downplays the effect that participation has on the shape of modern discourse.

    1. Online men’s groups have given space to members’ glorifi-cation of tragedies like the Isla Vista Killings, in which Elliot Rogerkilled 6 people and wounded 14 others, after communicating exten-sively online about his contempt for women (and people of colour)[1]. That rhetoric is believed to have attracted others, includingAlek Minassian, the alleged perpetrator of the Toronto van attackthat killed 10 and wounded 16 people [2]. Along with the #Gamer-Gate and #TheFappening controversies, which impacted hundredsof women [31], there are growing concerns that misogynyonlinehas some worrying qualities in scope and scale that women areunable to avoid [25]

      a case for taking the trolls seriously

    2. Feminist analysis of the manosphere concludes that there isanideological shiftaway from the men’s rights topics that usedto unite members toward more misogynistic and violent ideas.

      the path to radicalisation

    3. violent crimes perpetrated in the real world by individualsbelonging to online communities of self-proclaimed misogynists

      link between online speech and real world behaviour

  2. Jan 2016
    1. unlawfully assembling themselves together

      in other words, if you are black or mixed-race you have to have permission to gather in a group. Did they have permission to gather in churches? Might this be one way they "legally" gathered and help explain the prominence of black churches in the Civil Rights Movement many years later?