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  1. Jan 2024
    1. this is kinda the concept of Patreon and other "tipping" services ... honestly I am pleasantly surprised at how widespread this has become! :) Almost all the YouTubers I follow, who still rely on Google/YouTube ad revenue to some degree, also rely on their Patreon funding to a significant degree. (Crucially the Patreon funding is more dependent on audience desires than advertiser desires, e.g. less sensitive to "The Algorithm.")It's pretty interesting ... given the voluntary dynamic of paying for the media. I personally doubt Hollywood (or any national newspapers or "magazines") would ever adopt this "voluntary" model (instead attempting to enforce per-unit sales via DRM), but without question "pay what you want" is remarkably sustainable for smaller creators.
  2. Mar 2023
  3. Dec 2022
    1. Descartes, and others, when they were considering that mind is separate from body — notice that that theory fell apart because the theory of body was wrong; but the theory of mind may well have been right. But one of the things that they were concerned with was voluntary action. You decide to lift your finger. Nobody knows how that is possible; to this day we haven’t a clue. The scientists who work on voluntary motion — one of them is Emilio Bizzi, he’s one of MIT’s great scientists, one of the leading scientists who works on voluntary motion — he and his associate Robert Ajemian recently wrote a state-of-the-art article for the journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in which they describe what has been discovered about voluntary motion. They say they’ll put the outcome “fancifully.” It’s as if we’re coming to understand the puppet and the strings, but we know nothing about the puppeteer. That remains as much a mystery as it has been since classical Greece. Not an inch of progress; nothing. Well, maybe that’s another permanent mystery.

      !- example : permanent mystery - Descartes study of mind & body and voluntary motion - MIT researcher Emilio Bizzi concludes we don't know why

  4. Apr 2022
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    1. Any company, family-run or otherwise, needs employees who are passionate about both the corporation and their role within it

      voluntary. internal motivation

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  8. Jun 2021
    1. That was it. I still got the paper. I got all my voluntary departure, everything.

      Leaving the US - voluntary departure - Separation from family Feeling like a burden to his family

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    1. 8 unexpected benefits of microlearning online training libraries While I am not sure that the benefits are unexpected, this does provide a list of advantages for employee driven voluntary professional development that happens via mobile devices in small doses. The usability of the page is satisfactory. rating 4/5

  15. Sep 2013
    1. The Forensic speaker should have studied wrongdoing -- its motives, its perpetrators, and its victims. Definitions of wrongdoing as injury voluntary inflicted contrary to law. Law is either (a) special, viz. that written law which regulates the life of a particular community, or (b) general, viz. all those unwritten principles which are supposed to be acknowledged everywhere. Enumeration and elucidation of the seven causes of human action, viz. three involuntary, (1) chance, (2) nature, (3) compulsion; and four voluntary, viz. (4) habit, (5) reasoning, (6) anger, (7) appetite. All voluntary actions are good or apparently good, pleasant or apparently pleasant. The good (or expedient) has been discussed under political oratory. The pleasant has yet to be considered.

      Forensic rhetoric and understanding of wrongdoing. types of wrongdoing. Voluntary and involuntary actions.