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  1. Jun 2021
    1. That was it. I still got the paper. I got all my voluntary departure, everything.

      Leaving the US - voluntary departure - Separation from family Feeling like a burden to his family

    2. So yeah, those two years being away from her, my dad had lied to us and said that she didn't want us anymore because she had another kid on the way. And yeah, my dad didn't care. He just lied to us and said that my mom didn't want us.

      Time in US - keeping secrets - abuse - separation - family

    3. My dad was already in the States. But a couple of years passed after we crossed the border, my mom and my dad didn't get along, and my dad was really controlling and abusive.

      Time in the US - homelife - domestic abuse - seperation

  2. May 2016
    1. 29Now, perhaps, you can see why this all had to be, why You (Humanity) had to leave the Edenicstate of Impersonal Consciousness and lose Your Self wholly in the Earth illusions of this DreamWorld, in order to be able to create a body and develop in it a personal or self consciousnesscapable of fully expressing My Perfection.

      Humanity entered the Dream fully to create a body mind and develop in it a consciousness capable of fully expressing God here on Earth...

    2. You likewise possibly now can understand how in your Dream you became more and moreengrossed in and attached to this false Earth state, through first eating of this fruit and learning toknow Good and Evil, and after learning of the new and enticing world thus opened up to you,dying to the knowledge of the Reality back of it all; and how and why it was You learned thatYou were naked -- both the thinking and the feeling parts of You; and also why you grew afraidand tried to hide from Me, thus creating in your consciousness the sense of separation from Me
    3. So it was then that the first tendency to think yourself as separate from Me was born. Thecomplete consciousness of separation did not become established until long after.In the beginning, when You thus first entered into Earth expression, obeying the impulse I hadsent forth through My concentrated Thought, You, one of My Attributes, surrounded or clothedYour Self with My Idea of My Self in expression as the particular Attribute You represented.You being the animating Force of that Idea.In other words, My Idea of My Self expressing that particular Attribute then became the Soul ofYour particular expression. But that Idea or Soul is not You, remember, for You are really a partof Me, being My Self in expression through the medium of that particular Attribute.Having clothed Your Self with My Idea, this Idea then, through the necessity of Its be-ing,immediately began to attract to Itself the necessary Thought Substance requisite for theexpression of that particular Attribute, and to build and shape it into My Image and Likeness. Itthus became a Holy Temple, filled with My living Presence, because inhabited by You, one ofMy Divine Attributes

      First there was a tendency to think as being separate, however the consciousness of separation did not occur until later.... First entered the realm of Earth, one of Gods attributes.... Then became a particular expression and this attracted to itself "the necessary Thought Substance requisite for the expression of that particular Attribute, and to build and shape it into My Image and Likeness. It thus became a Holy Temple, filled with My living Presence, because inhabited by You, one of My Divine Attribute."

    4. In the Eternal there is no Time, or Space, or Individuality, and it is only by reason of thephenomenon of Thought being born from the womb of Mind into the world of Matter that theillusions of Time, Space and Individuality occur; the thought, or Creature, acquiring theconsciousness of separateness from its Thinker or Creator

      Time and space were created for individuality to occur, for creature to have a consciousness that it is separate from its Creator....

    5. For I, within him, do all that he does; but I necessarily do it through his organism, through hispersonality, his body, mind and soul.I will point out how this can be.First, try to realize that I made you in My Image and Likeness, and that I have My Being withinyou. Even if you do not know this now and believe that I, God, AM somewhere without, and thatwe are separated, try for the time being to imagine I AM within you.Next, realize that which you do when you think is not real thinking, because it is not consciousthinking; for you are unconscious of Me, the Inspirer and Director of every idea and thought thatenters your mind.Next, realize because I AM within you, and you are My Image and Likeness, and thereforepossess all of My Faculties, you have the power of thinking; but not being conscious thatthinking is creating and that it is one of My Divine Powers you are using you have indeed allyour life been thinking, but it has all been mis-thinking, or what you would call error-thinking.And this error-thinking, this not knowing it is My Power you have been thus misusing, has beenseparating you in consciousness farther and farther from Me; but all the time fulfilling MyPurpose, which later on will be made manifest to you.The proof of this is, you think you are separated from Me, that you are living in a materialWorld, that your body of Flesh engenders and harbors pleasure and pain, and that an evilinfluence, called the Devil, is manifesting in the world, opposing My Will.Yes, you think all these things are so.

      I am made in the image of God..... the Essence of my Being is God............. even my thoughts come from this source yet I have been unconscious of this. This mis-thinking and misuse of Gods power within me has been separating me further from the Truth, yet there still is a purpose in this.