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  1. Oct 2020
    1. In this future, we’re all being asked to accept that the sticker price of our success is indifference to how things turn out for others. Of course, this isn’t a novelty, and it’s barely a disruption; this is how the demands of profit have needed work to be managed for a long time.
  2. Jul 2020
    1. e

      (commenting the end of McCaffrey's because we can't highlight the text):

      I'm debating Helva’s access to independence--her life also prescribed and assigned like Delphi's, even to the practice of metaphorical marriage with the scout. But she could still choose Jennan, she could mourn his loss, and she was well aware of what she was programmed not to overthink.

      Perhaps McCaffrey celebrates the ambiguity of fate alongside programming, and the humanity of hybridity--embodied in Helva’s own voice, both beyond human capability and deeply moving to the ear. Perhaps not?

      I love when mechanized parts can invoke the indescribable, like the feeling of a song.

  3. Jun 2020
    1. Master/slave sex fundamentally acknowledged the humanity of Black and biracial women, but it simultaneously reduced that human-ity to their sexuality. I n the Christian world, s exuality was believed to be the animal t rait of humans.



  4. May 2020
  5. Mar 2020
    1. I did not have much time to take the picture because helping those people get off the vessel was the priority for everyone. I put my camera down after a few shots, and I started to help people.

      When shooting photos is your job and you put your camera aside to help people, this decision honors you in every possible way

  6. Jan 2020
    1. Remove humans from the equation, and we are less complete as people and as a society.
    2. The consumer technology I am talking about doesn’t claim or acknowledge that eliminating the need to deal with humans directly is its primary goal, but it is the outcome in a surprising number of cases. I’m sort of thinking maybe it is the primary goal, even if it was not aimed at consciously.
  7. Feb 2019
    1. Escobar casts wide the net of his critique, his objective is not merely to tackle neoliberal capitalism, rampant individualism, patriarchy or colonialism — although each of those topics are explored in detail. He is writing against nothing less than all of modernity, a “particular modelo civilizatorio, or civilizational model… an entire way of life and a whole style of world making.” Our toxic, modern lifestyle in the Global North and the way it understands (or fails to understand) the relationality between humanity and other forms of life plays the dominant role in creating the contemporary crises. To preserve the future we need a different way of life and way to relate to all of life, “no less than a new notion of the human.” The crises are inseparable from our social lives. We need to step outside of our established worldviews to bring about significant transformations. Is this possible? How can we achieve such a transition?

      Designs for the Pluriverse book review

  8. Jan 2019
    1. My argument is that today the critical posthumanities are emergingas post-disciplinary discursive fronts not only around the edges ofthe classical disciplines but also as o

      What if we view the posthumanities as it's own evolutionary process? Much like the "Dawn of Humanity" film explained with human evolution, the posthumanities could be seen as evolving as a braided stream alongside the classical disciplines.

    1. The Bank of England’s survey asks participants to choose their preferred way to receive money as a Christmas gift, showing the options cash, bank transfer, gift voucher and digital currency. At press time, 8,230 people have responded and 70 percent of them have chosen digital currency.Cash is in second place, with 21 percent of respondents indicating it as a their “favorite way to get” money as a gift. Bank transfers and gift vouchers are currently the least popular forms, chosen by 7 percent and 2 percent of respondents respectively.

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>「礼物」是一种颇有人文主义关怀的存在,它让人直观感受到 “live in the moment” 的美好。不管是国外的 gift card 还是中国人喜欢发的红包,它们身上那种「即时触碰」的特质都能触发某种廉价而有质感的梦幻——就像过去几十年人类为各种平权运动摇旗呼喊时一样。<br/><br/>现如今,数字货币以暧昧的身份介入到这场并无虚荣可言的游戏中。有多少人是奔着它的匿名性而去?可能暗恋中的小青年和别有心思的贿赂者会为了不暴露身份而选用其作为礼物。但是不争的事实是,大部分人已不再贪图现世,转而把目光锁定在了未来的价值。

  9. Sep 2018
    1. For the age of biotechnology is not so much about technology itself as it is about human beings empowered by biotechnology

      The author mentions a great argument surrounding modern technology which is not limited to biotechnology alone. when new technologies are invented the entire focus of humanity will be shifted towards the effects of that certain technology on human beings and not the technology itself therefore in the age of biotechnology we will be more concerned about the results that biotechnology brings rather than the biotechnology itself

    1. The merely instrumental, merely anthropological definition of technology is therefore in principle untenable. And it may not be rounded out by being referred back to some metaphysical or religious explanation that undergirds it.

      Saying that the usual and formal definition of Technology as simply a tool or a means to end is untenable, not able to be defended from objection, is to take away Technology's connection to humanity. This is problematic. Technology, at least in the way humanity knows it, would never exist without humans. Sure, if you classify the way an otter uses a rock to open a clam or the way a monkey uses a stick to get ants as technology, then yes it would exist without humanity. However I believe that although technology can be classified as a tool, I do not believe that a tool can be classified as technology. Technology, as defined, is the practical application of knowledge to an area. A tool is a device used to accomplish a task, especially in a profession. The key to Technology is the idea of knowledge. Does an otter have knowledge about the anatomy of the clam or of the physics behind using a rock to open the clam? No, so the rock is a tool. Technology only exists because of Humanity's knowledge, humanity creates Technology as a tool to solve our problems, technology has in its very existence an instrumental definition. Taking that away, takes away it's connection to humanity. It makes it impersonal.

    2. The will to mastery becomes all the more urgent the more technology threatens to slip from human control.

      Mastery is a very interesting word here. It would be assumed that anything that humans have the capability to create we could retain mastery over. It is also interesting to consider the two meanings we could take from mastery. On one hand its that we are the masters or owners of that object, on the other it could be a mastery in the way a person masters a craft or a skill. So would this quote mean that compared to improving technology and the possibility of an ultra-intelligent A.I, our skill of creating technology would appear to be becoming obsolete, or does it mean the gradual loss of our control over technology? Either way it raises an important concern over the dangers of advancing technology and the ever looming possibility of an ultra-intelligent A.I.

    3. Everything depends on our manipulating technology in the proper manner as a means.

      The author suggests that technology can be both negative and positive. If used inappropriately it can create chaos but if used in the proper way it can be a tool to take humanity to new highs as it has been doing so, so far.

    1. – Do you know what happened? I’m sorry, Dave. I don’t have enough information.

      Hal is having a very human experience at this point in the film. Not only has he killed one of the cremates and intends to kill the other cremates, but he has some sense that it is wrong and it will lead to bad things for him. Even though he knows exactly what happened, he knows that it would be best for him to keep it away from Dave. This human experience only enhances when begins to die through the slow and monotonous process of being shut down. He begins to tell Dave that he can feel it and that he is afraid, showing that he has more than intelligence, but that he also has consciousness.

  10. Oct 2016
    1. old man with wrinkled dugs

      The term which is repeated often, "jugs" is the same as "dugs" in it's reference to female breasts. This once again touches upon not only Apollo's clairvoyant prophet, but the concept of life and nourishment.

    2. Unreal

      This word is mentioned three times within the poem, pointing out how reality is often presented in a fictitious light and at times, can be truly hard to fathom.

    3. rose and fell

      Rising and falling again, like the sun each day, Eliot is reflecting upon life's many instances of change.

    4. Son of man

      In Christian scripture, Jesus often refers to himself as the "Son of man." This shows his humanity, rather than solely identifying his divinity.

  11. Sep 2016
    1. While this false vision, inspired by Desire, caused many mis-steps and much trouble andsuffering, and you gradually lost confidence in your Self -- in Me, the Impersonal One within, --in fact, you forgot Me, so that you did not know where to turn in your helplessness; yet it wasonly through your thus losing the memory of your Divine estate, and centering all yourconsciousness in these Earthly conditions, that I could develop your human mind and will, andall your faculties, and provide your human body with the strength and powers that would enableMe to give perfect expression to My Divine Idea on Earth, which eventually must BE

      "While this false vision, inspired by Desire, caused many mis-steps and much trouble and suffering, and you gradually lost confidence in your Self -- in Me, the Impersonal One within, --in fact, you forgot Me, so that you did not know where to turn in your helplessness; yet it was only through your thus losing the memory of your Divine estate, and centering all your consciousness in these Earthly conditions, that I could develop your human mind and will, and all your faculties, and provide your human body with the strength and powers that would enable Me to give perfect expression to My Divine Idea on Earth, which eventually must BE"

    2. So having fallen or stepped out of your Impersonal or Edenic estate, you yielded completely tothe lure of this Dream World, and now permitting Desire wholly to lead, you no longer werecapable of seeing the Reality or Soul of things; for you had put on a physical body, an Earthlycovering with a human brain, which acted as a veil to your Soul Consciousness, and sobedimmed your sight and clouded your mind that the light of Truth did not penetrate through,and everything was falsely colored and distorted by your human understanding.In this Dream condition you saw all things darkly, as through a mist, and with this mistenshrouding everything you could not see things in their Reality, but only their mistyappearance, which now however seemed to you the real things themselves.This was so with everything you saw through your Dream eyes, with things both animate andinanimate, with everything you conceived in your human mind, with even your own Self andyour other Selves round about you.Thus no longer seeing the Soul of things, but only their misty shadows, you grew to thinkingthese shadows were real substance, and that the world about you was composed of and filledwith such substance

      In the immersion into humanity with body and mind I lost conscious connection with Soul and hence Truth was conscious to me..... no longer seeing Truth rather 'misty shadows'.

    3. While dwelling in the Garden you were still wholly Impersonal, for you had not yet tasted of thisfruit. Having once yielded to Desire, the Earthly agent of My Will, whose main work is to makeyou eat this fruit, the moment you had eaten, that moment you descended, or fell, or were forcedfrom your Edenic estate (like the chick from the shell or the rose from the bud), and you foundyourself involved in conditions altogether new and strange. For now, instead of having dominionover the lower kingdoms, and of their supplying your every want, you had to till the ground toget it to bring forth fruit, and by the sweat of your brow had you to earn your bread.Having taken upon yourself this Earthly mission, it now became necessary for you to enter fullyinto all conditions of Earth life, in order to develop a mind and perfect a body capable ofexpressing perfectly My Idea on Earth, -- the real cause and reason of your entering into thisDream condition.

      Gods desire was for us to fully immerse in the human experience....... it is necessary to fulfil this Earthly mission.............. to have a body mind capable of expressing God in this dimension.

  12. Aug 2016
    1. all Desire to express in Words that Idea, without the consciousness of My Will being theOne and Only source of Inspiration, is futile. Likewise, all desire to express that Idea in livingacts, without losing all consciousness of your human personality -- of your personal part in theacts, and centering your self wholly in Me, -- is vain and fruitless and will end only in failure,disappointment and humiliation

      "all Desire to express in Words that Idea, without the consciousness of My Will being the One and Only source of Inspiration, is futile." "Likewise, all desire to express that Idea in living acts, without losing all consciousness of your human personality -- of your personal part in the acts, and centering your self wholly in Me, -- is vain and fruitless and will end only in failure,disappointment and humiliation."

    2. n Your search for the most favorable conditions for the manifestation of Your particularattributes, You gradually spread over the face of the Earth, each containing many words, and allborn of Desire in the human mind to express in Earthly terms the infinite phases of My Idea eversurging within.The more the human mind strove thus to express " in Words" My Idea, the greater and moreabject the failure

      The desire to express is all born of Gods desire, yet the more we tried to express in our humanity the more we failed to truly express.

  13. Jun 2016
  14. ou-expo.nicklolordo.com ou-expo.nicklolordo.com
    1. , I think I would have wept over it. Somehow, now that it has happened actually, and to me, it seems far too wonderful for tears.

      I really enjoy this idea, for some reason, as something so unfathomably sad has happened to Dorian, as if his life were a novel (hmhmhm) and he finds it too amusing to be bothered by. Wilde demonstrates the surreal reality that plagues life and continues somewhat of a commentary on how precious one's life is, and how it must not be wasted on conforming when one does not see fit.

    2. He was made to be worshipped.

      Wilde over-exaggerates the human form here, specifically for a man, painting Dorian as something of a god.

  15. May 2016
    1. Thus was born Your human personality, and since its birth have I impelled You to nourish,support and strengthen it, by filling You with longings, hopes, ambitions, and aspirations, withall the various manifestations of Desire; which are but the human phases of My Will, operatingin the preparation and development of a medium capable of expressing perfectly My Attributeson Earth

      The human journey has been one of being strengthened by longings, hopes, ambitions, aspirations and manifestations so as to develop a vehicle capable of expressing God here on Earth.

    2. 29Now, perhaps, you can see why this all had to be, why You (Humanity) had to leave the Edenicstate of Impersonal Consciousness and lose Your Self wholly in the Earth illusions of this DreamWorld, in order to be able to create a body and develop in it a personal or self consciousnesscapable of fully expressing My Perfection.

      Humanity entered the Dream fully to create a body mind and develop in it a consciousness capable of fully expressing God here on Earth...

    3. And finally the necessity of Desire casting its complete spell over You (Humanity), that YourCelestial or Impersonal nature might be kept deep in sleep; until, in your Dream, by the free butignorant use of My Will, You could taste and fully eat of the fruit of the so-called Tree ofKnowledge of Good and Evil, and through the eating could learn properly to discriminate andknow its fruit for what it really is; and thus acquire the strength to use the knowledge thus gainedwisely and perfectly in the expression of My Idea onl

      Humanity entered full forgetfulness to learn "and know its fruit for what it really is" to develop the strength so as to use the knowledge as a perfect expression of God...

    4. And the wisdom of having this influence, through the Serpent of Selfishness (the shape I causedit to assume in your mind), first generate in the passive, feeling, receptive part of You -- Desire,the mortal agent of My Will, which was to supply the motives and the power for the further andcomplete expression of My Attributes on Earth

      The feminine, the passive, feeling, receptive part was first generated....

    5. Now, I shall not tell you in detail how or why it became necessary for Me to "drive" You (nowmanifesting as Man or Humanity) out of the Garden of Eden, other than to remind you of the partthat Desire plays in Earth expression, and its relation to My Will; how it centers your interest inouter things and makes you forget Me within.When you have solved that and comprehended somewhat of My reason, then perhaps you canunderstand the necessity of first causing You (Humanity) to fall into a deep sleep (You havingarrived at the close of another Cycle called a Cosmic day), and of letting you dream you hadawakened, -- but in reality you were and are still asleep, and everything from that day to this,including all seeming Earthly events and conditions, have been but a Dream, from which youwill fully awaken only when You (Humanity) again become wholly conscious of Me within, --and of finding Yourself (Humanity) no longer outwardly one, but two; one an active, thinking,aggressive part, thereafter called a man, and the other a passive, feeling, receptive part, -- awomb-man, or woman

      Masculine, the outer..... Feminine, the recpetive, feeling, womb..........

    6. Thus were now manifest all the various mediums for the Earth expression of My Idea; and You,being one of My Attributes, naturally had dominion over all of these mediums, or possessed thepower of utilizing any or all of them, if necessary, for the full and complete expression of Your --My Attributes -- powers and possibilities.In this manner and for this reason alone did You and Your Brothers and Sisters come into humanexpression. While in human form yet Your expression was so entirely Impersonal, that, thoughself-conscious, you still looked wholly to Me within for inspiration and guidance
    7. Shall I explain further? -- That the quickening power within My Idea (your Soul) proceeded toattract to it the various elements of life substance (dust), and, atom by atom, and cell by cell, indue course of time, to mold and shape each into substantial reality, after the pattern of theThought Image composing your Soul Body, thus forming an Earthly outer covering, as it were, --until finally your mortal form actually became manifest to the psychic sense, if not yet to what iscalled the physical sense. Whereupon, all being now prepared for this cyclic moment, You, MyAttribute, breathed into and then through its nostrils (from within) the breath of life, and Youthen made your first appearance of Earth as a human being-- a living Soul (My Idea now able toexpress consciously through a suitable Earth medium), containing within your Self all of MyAttributes, all of My Powers and all of My Possibilities

      My Soul is God's Idea...............

    8. Before that can be it will be necessary for you thoroughly to know that supposed other self, thatself which You created by thinking it real and separate from Me, and then kept alive by giving itthe power thus to entice and deceive you; yes, that self-created self, with its purely selfish prideand ambitions and imagined power, its love of life, of possessions, of being thought wise orgood, -- but which self is merely your human personality, which was born only to die as aseparate identity, and as such has no more reality or permanence that the leaf, the snow or thecloud.Yes, you will be brought face to face with that petty personal self, and will see with perfectvision all its sordid selfishness and human vanities; and you will then learn -- if you but turn toMe and ask in simple faith and trust -- that it is I, the Infinite, Impersonal part of You, abidingalways within, Who am thus pointing out to you all these illusions of the personality, which forso many ages have separated you in consciousness from Me, Your glorious, Divine Self

      In awakening I will come to see all aspects of my humanity and the egoic self I had identified with.and come to know that it was my Impersonal Self guiding the whole process.

    9. saw You in perfect expression, even as I see You now -- the Real You, an Attribute of My Self-- perfect.For in Reality You are an Angel of Light, one of My Thought Rays, an Attribute of My Being,ensouled in Earth conditions, with no other purpose (which is no purpose at all, but a necessity ofMy Being) but the final complete expression of My Idea.

      "the Real You, an Attribute of My Self-- perfect.For in Reality You are an Angel of Light, one of My Thought Rays, an Attribute of My Being,ensouled in Earth conditions, with no other purpose (which is no purpose at all, but a necessity of My Being) but the final complete expression of My Idea."

    10. But there yet remained the final and culminating medium of expression.Up to this point, while each perfectly expressed some phase of My Nature, yet all existingmediums and avenues were unconscious of Me, and were mediums of expression only as a wireis a medium for conducting heat, light and power.The conditions were ripe, however, for the creation of mediums through which My DivineAttributes could find conscious expression, conscious not only of their relationship to Me, but oftheir ability and power to express My Idea.It was at this moment in Time that You and Your Brothers and Sisters were born into existenceas human expressions, coming into manifestation as you did, similarly with all other mediums, inresponse to My concentrated Thought, in which I saw all the infinite variety of My Attributes inactual expression in entitized forms, each manifesting in predominance some particular phase ofMy Being, and each conscious of Me, Its Creator and Expressor

      Humanity was birthed so God could have mediums that can express God consciously...

    11. You may wrongly interpret My Desires, My Urges from within, and seek to use them for yourown selfish purpose, but even while permitting this they still fulfill My Purpose. For it is only byletting you misuse My Gifts and by the suffering such misuse brings, that I can make you intothe clean and selfless channel I require for the perfect expression of My Ideas.

      I can misperceive true inspirations..... yet even this is God supporting me to reach a point so that I am willing to go within and learn what is truly True.

    12. I have said that man does not think; that it is I, within him, Who do his thinking.I have also said man thinks he thinks.As this is an apparent contradiction, I must show you that man ordinarily does not think, anymore than he does anything else he supposes he does

      Here it brings out what may appear to be a contradiction.

    13. You may, with your personality, try a thousand times a thousand times to burst through the shellof your human consciousness.It will result only, if at all, in a breaking down of the doors I have provided between the world oftangible forms and the real of intangible dreams; and the door being open, you then no longercan keep out intruders from your private domain, without much trouble and suffering.But even through such suffering you may gain the strength you lack and the wisdom needed toknow that, not until you yield up all desire for knowledge, for goodness, yes, for union with Me,to benefit self, can you unfold your petals showing forth the perfect Beauty of My Divine Nature,and throw off the shell of your human personality and step forth into the glorious Light of MyHeavenly Kingdom.Therefore I give you these directions now, at the beginning, that you may be learning how torecognize Me

      I of my egoic self can try however this doesn't work, however the experience still leads to a time when I surrender and allow God..........

  16. Apr 2016
    1. Weigh and study carefully these words.Rise up and free yourself now and for always from the domination of your personality, with itsself-inflated and self-glorifying mind and intellect.For your mind henceforth must be Your servant, and the intellect Your slave, if My Word is topenetrate to your Soul consciousness.I AM come now to your Soul consciousness, which I have quickened expressly in preparation forthe reception of My Word

      There is a very clear invitation here to 'rise up and free myself' from my perceptions of identifying as the human mind and persona.............. and receive the Word, the Truth.......

    2. I, the I AM of you, bring to you this My Message, My living Word, as I have brought to youeverything in life, be it book or "Master" to teach you that I and I alone, your own True Self, AMThe Teacher for you, the only Teacher and the only God, Who is and always has been providingyou not only with the Bread and Wine of Life, but with all things needed for your physical,mental and spiritual growth and sustenance.Therefore that which appeals to YOU, as you read, is MY Message, spoken to your outer humanconsciousness from within, and is but a confirmation of that which the I AM of you always knewwithin, but had not yet translated in definite, tangible terms to your outer consciousness.Likewise, all that ever appealed to You, coming from some outward expression, was but theconfirmation of My Word already spoken within. The outward expression was the avenue ormeans I chose at the time through which to reach and impress your human or self consciousness.I AM not your human mind, nor its child, the intellect. They are but the expression of yourBeing, as you are the expression of My Being; they are but phases of your human personality, asYou are a phase of My Divine Impersonality

      Even when I have been attracted to things perceivably outside of me, it really comes from within appearing in a way that I may pay attention to it until I go within.......

      The True Self is not my human mind or the intellect, they are the 'expression of my Being' and I AM an expression of Gods Being.

      I AM not the human personality, rather an aspect of Gods Divine IMpersonality.

  17. Jan 2016
    1. It addresses you in terms of your divinity and says, wake up! And it addresses you in the language of your humanity so that you might comprehend it.

      Our Divinity and our humanity... Jalan Cinta Sanctuary..