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  1. May 2024
    1. The Guardian: Donald Trump hat Big-Oil Managern angeboten, klimapolitische Maßnahmen der Biden-Administration rückgängig zu machen, wenn sie seinen Wahlkampf mit einer Milliarde Dollar unterstützen. Einer Studie des Guardian zufolge können die Ölkonzerne von Trump vor allem 110 Milliaren Dollar Subventionen (u.a. Steuererleichterungen für neue fossile Projekte) erwarten, die die Biden-Regierung abschaffen will. Hintergrundartikel zu Lobbyisten im US-Ölgeschäft und aktuellen Konflikten<br /> https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/article/2024/may/16/donald-trump-big-oil-executives-alleged-deal-explainedlog

  2. Feb 2024
    1. The GNR technologies do not divide clearly into commercial andmilitary uses; given their potential in the market, it’s hard to imaginepursuing them only in national laboratories. With their widespreadcommercial pursuit, enforcing relinquishment will require a verificationregime similar to that for biological weapons, but on an unprecedentedscale. This, inevitably, will raise tensions between our individual pri-vacy and desire for proprietary information, and the need for verifica-tion to protect us all. We will undoubtedly encounter strong resistanceto this loss of privacy and freedom of action.

      While Joy looks at the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions as well as nuclear nonproliferation ideas, the entirety of what he's looking at is also embedded in the idea of gun control in the United States as well. We could choose better, but we actively choose against our better interests.

      What role does toxic capitalism have in pushing us towards these antithetical goals? The gun industry and gun lobby have had tremendous interest on that front. Surely ChatGPT and other LLM and AI tools will begin pushing on the profitmaking levers shortly.

  3. Jan 2024
    1. Der Einfluss der Automobilindustrie ist einer der Hauptgründe dafür, dass die Verkehrsemissionen in Deutschland nicht zurückgehen. Gründlicher Artikel der taz über Lobbyismus der deutschen Automobilfirmen vor allem in der Ära Merkel und auch über die Parteispenden dieser Branche. https://taz.de/Einfluss-der-Autobranche-auf-Klimaschutz/!5982041/

  4. Dec 2023
    1. Will artificial intelligence create useless class of people? - Yuval Noah Harari

      1:00 "bring the latest findings of science of the public", otherwise the public space "gets filled with conspiracy theories and fake news and whatever".<br /> he fails to mention that ALL his beautiful "scientists" are financially dependent on corporations, who dictate the expected results, and who sabotage "unwanted research".<br /> for example, the pharma industry will NEVER pay money for research of natural cancer cures, or "alternative" covid cures like ivermectin / zinc / vitamin C, because these cures have no patent, so there is no profit motive, and also because the "militant pacifists" want to fix overpopulation this way.<br /> a "scientist" should be someone, who has all freedom to propose hypotheses, which then are tested in experiments (peer review), and compared to real placebo control groups. because that is science, or "the scientific method". everything else is lobbying for "shekel shekel".

  5. Nov 2023
  6. Oct 2023
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  8. Feb 2023
    1. The boss system is based on and thrives by injustice. Wherever you get the boss, wherever you get a Legislature controlled by mercenary politicians, there you will always find that privilege flourishes; there you will always find the great special interests striking hands with the crooked politicians and helping them plunder the people in the interest of both wings of the corrupt alliance.

      This form of Quid-pro-Quo in the modern day can be defined as lobbying. Corporations use this tactic in order to influence government decision by written or oral communication. Compensation to political decision makers is another way that big company can gain influence within the government.

      https://www.ncsl.org/ethics/how-states-define-lobbying-and-lobbyist .

  9. Dec 2022
    1. Leaks show attempts to water down UN climate report, Greenpeace says Some countries tried to remove findings threatening their economic interests from an IPCC report, documents seen by Greenpeace have revealed. The report comes before a critical round of UN climate talks.

      Government lobbying (economic interests) to water down UN climate report

  10. Jun 2022
    1. A sign of the NRA’s new determination to influence electoral politics was the 1980 decision to endorse, for the first time in the organization’s 100 years, a presidential candidate. Their chosen candidate was none other than Ronald Reagan,
    2. In May 1977, Carter and his allies staged a coup at the annual membership meeting. Elected the new executive vice president, Carter would transform the NRA into a lobbying powerhouse committed to a more aggressive view of what the Second Amendment promises to citizens.
    3. In 1976, Maxwell Rich, the executive vice president, announced that the NRA would sell its building in Washington, D.C., and relocate the headquarters to Colorado Springs, retreating from political lobbying and expanding its outdoor and environmental activities.
  11. Apr 2022
  12. May 2021
  13. Feb 2021
    1. Wien/Schwechat – Die Lufthansa-Tochter AUA legt Pressearbeit und Lobbying zusammen. Leiten wird diesen neuen Bereich namens "Corporate Communications, Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility" ab April die bisherige Leiterin der ÖAMTC-Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Sophie Matkovits, wie die Fluggesellschaft am Mittwoch mitteilte.
  14. Aug 2020
  15. Apr 2020
    1. About InfluenceMap InfluenceMap empowers investors, corporations, the media and campaigners with data-driven and clearly communicated analysis on critical issues associated with climate change and the energy transition. Our flagship platform is the world's leading analysis of how companies and trade associations impact climate-motivated policy globally.
  16. Feb 2020
    1. Don’t hate corporations for playing to win — they don’t make the rules, you do.

      Well articulated!

      That reference to computer games is awesome but the problem comes down the the fact that winners of the corporate game are influencing the rules - the corporate tax law, regulations etc.

      Now this is also another problem with how the rulemakers are chosen or how the rules are made. So maybe the solution is to rectify the few rules that influence many other rules being made!

  17. Nov 2018
    1. In October 2017, Facebook also expanded its work with a Washington-based consultant, Definers Public Affairs, that had originally been hired to monitor press coverage of the company. Founded by veterans of Republican presidential politics, Definers specialized in applying political campaign tactics to corporate public relations — an approach long employed in Washington by big telecommunications firms and activist hedge fund managers, but less common in tech.
  18. Aug 2018
  19. Feb 2015
    1. "We provide half a billion dollars (annually) to the District. One would think they would be much more compliant with the wishes of Congress," Rep. Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican and one of the most vocal pot opponents, said in an interview Thursday.

      It's almost unbelievable to me that a representative can say something like this. It really speaks to how comfortable we've gotten with money politics.

  20. Feb 2014
    1. The innate qualities of intellectual pr operty, however, in combination with INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: POLICY FOR INNOVATION 15   strong economic motivations have led U.S. intellectual property policy to operate according to rights - based, non - utilitarian theory, possibly as a result of lobbying (capture theory).

      Lobbying has led to a rights-based non-utilitarian theory copyright policy in the US at the present time (2014).

    2. In addition to broad economic trends affecting domestic politics evenly, Fisher also notes the uneven distribution of effects stemming from intellectual property rights (1999, Sect. II. C.). The positive effects of intellectual property rights accrue strongl y to a small number of rights - holders (the paper assumes that there are no significant negative effects to rights - holders); for this reason, rights - holders have significant motive (and potentially greater means) to overcome the significant barriers to acti ve political lobbying.