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    1. Our culture made a virtue of living only as extroverts. We discouraged the inner journey, the quest for a center. //Anaïs Nin

      I guess that makes sense, if you take time to spend alone, people usually consider you selfish and self seeking and they want you to be outgoing and this is what the world wants right now, basically

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    1. She was just as immovable as ever. My mind was in a strange conflict of feelings about her when I left her that day. She was obstinate; she was wrong. She was interesting; she was admirable; she was deeply to be pitied.

      Miss Rachel is someone who doesn't care about the public opinion, she only cares about what she thinks is important. She's being herself.

    2. I am going to the devil!”

      Does Mr. Franklin affect by the Moonstone when he said that he is going to the devil?

    3. “I shall be delighted,” says he, “to send the Professor my card, if you will oblige me by mentioning his present address.”

      Mr. Candy doesn't know how to take the cue from others before his "speech." Under the description, Mr. Candy seems to be a no-one-like man.

    4. I never remember her breaking her word; I never remember her saying No, and meaning Yes.

      Ms. Rachel is a stiff-necked and trustworthy pretty girl who is loyal to friends.

    5. He never attempted to sell it–not being in need of money, and not (to give him his due again) making money an object.

      So the reason of Herncastle to keep the diamond is not due to his greed?

    6. He was, out of all sight (as I remember him), the nicest boy that ever spun a top or broke a window.

      Mr. Franklin had been a naughty boy when he was young.

    7. he was absurdly angry with me, and with others

      Herncastle's personality - get angry easily, later annotation are more detail about it.

    8. Herncastle’s fiery temper had been, as I could plainly see, exasperated to a kind of frenzy by the terrible slaughter through which we had passed

      Herncaslte has a fiery temper, and easy to get angry. This also was implied earlier, "absurdly angry with me, and with others."

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    1. This is not to say that I don’t also cherish more traditionally precious heirlooms, it’s just that the objects with utility feel like they maybe have more of the life of the person in them.

      I love this idea about heirlooms and utility.

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    1. New study shows that our personal memories might not be personal at all. All it takes to change your memories is thinking about a different person, and considering how they would approach what happened to you. Perhaps our character isn’t as unique as we think, but more fluid, and changed by every person we meet. Our evaluation of ourselves changes even when we think of objects, not just other people

      Plasticity of our mind

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    1. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator can be one way to learn about oneself as a student or teacher and can be a way to help teachers consider how they should present information so as to reach learners of all types (and/or how they should be careful to present information for types other than their own). This is the main site; others can be found that focus specifically on education, but I thought their own site should be featured. Rating 3/5

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    1. Ensure the Personality of Employees Working in Your Organization

      Today if you want hat your businesses progress then you have to take all the precautions that are important. You have to make sure that all your employees are effective, professional and dedicated. You cannot take anyone on any role because it is about your reputation and productivity. While many businessmen think that it is all about the core areas, it is about the overall personality too. No matter how skilled or qualified a person is, if his or her personality is not pleasing, they might become a burden on your business.

      Being the owners or employers, it gets your responsibility to recruit the best candidates as employees in your business. There are tools like online personality test that can be of great use in measuring the immeasurable. You can always know about the skills and qualification of the candidates but when it comes to the personality and traits; you have no instrument to examine it right? This is the reason that these tests have become really popular in all organizations. Every organization has a test today that examines the candidate’s ion different aspects. In the case of personality test, it measures the traits, negative habits, qualities and personality of the candidate. The test has different areas that have questions to be solved. There are even situational based questions too. It meansthe candidate has to give his opinion about the different options given so as to go through a specific given situation in the test. The options he chooses or the explanation he gives tells a lot about his traits, personality and overall attitude.

      You should understand it when a person is spending 8 hours a day with the same fellows or colleagues, it is not really their educationor experience that will decide what type of relationships one would have with them. It would be utterly their personality. Suchtraits, or natural reactions, that create an individual’s character are important not just when predicting how individuals will interact and behave with one another, but also how these people will fit with the responsibilitiesand tasks required for a position. Personality has always been a crucial part in business world.

      A positive attitude

      No matter how good your candidates are if they have a negative approach and attitude, they would not do much for your organization. Their knowledge, skills and agility would stand null in the presence of negative thinking. There has to be positivity in the employees so as to make the most of their skills and qualification. A positive attitude always plays a crucial role in the overall working and performance of the candidates.

      If an employee is positive, he keeps the environment positive too. Even during the times of stress, pressure and negativity; he would help everyone to stay positive through his own positive attributes. After all, positivity is such a strong yet underestimated tool that one can have. Just imagine if all your employees have positivity stuffed in them? It would be a boon for your organization. These positive individuals would always bring a win-win situation for your organization. On the flip side, if the employees are negative, even the right decisions would end up in less affectivity. So, make sure that you assess the positive or negative attributes of the candidates before you recruit them.

      Motivating people

      There should always be employees who are motivating. Such individuals not just motivate themselves but also motivate other people do go ahead and make a difference. They always motivate others to acquire the best out of the circumstances. When you have a personality test in your recruitment program, you would always be able to measure the motivational side of the individuals. In this way you can find out whether a specific candidate can help your business to grow or not.

      Is it pleasing?

      Communication plays a great role in this present world. The employees you have on different business roles in your organization should have a pleasing personality. Their personality should be such that everybody loves to talk to them. The clients should feel good and positive when they exchange words with the employees. In this way, a staff member having a pleasing personality would always attract business for your organization. After all, his pleasing and charming personality would play a role in attracting the potential audience and clients. For example, suppose you have an individual as a manager and his personality is quite rude. He is always frowning and serious. Do you think that anybody would like to talk to him? Come on, everybody is so stressed and irritated with the harshness of life that they want pleasance and positivity. They won’t like to talk to your employees if they don’t have a good personality.

      Reduced conflicts

      When personalities clatter, it can lead to a ripple effect of destruction in the organization. It is never fun to see two individuals go at it during a project, or listening about why somebody is upset with so-and-so for different reasons.But what if you might forecast which individuals might require making more of an effort when they are working together and, more particularly, which dimensions of the personality might be the culprits in these conflicts so that the authorities know what to work on? It is one of the various reasons that personality at work is a vital determinant of collaboration between your staff members.Once you examine the personality of your candidate’s right during the time of recruitment, you can make the best recruitments.

      Remember, cold-shoulders, disputes and resentments come from these personality incompatibilities between staff members, and although other attributes might influence conflicts like stress, poor management, or simple fact that a person spend hours on end with such people that they are certain to get on your nerves at some point, there are always instruments at your disposal to assist you objectively pinpoint which type of personality trait has to be changed and which is good for the better tuning in the working space.

      So, having a personality test in your recruitment program can get you an edge in making recruitments.

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    1. No. It’s not you. You were different before. – I’m still the same person, Lin. – I wasn’t, when I was on it. I did things I would never do. – Those things saved your life. – But they weren’t me. – Yes, they were. No, the way it works… – I know how it works. I get it. I totally get it. You feel invincible.

      The rhetoric of this passage raises a very important question. Are the people who are taking this drug really themselves still? If this was just a thought enhancing drug then perhaps this would be the case, however it does more than just make the user hyper-intelligent. The fact that this drug changes people's attitudes and their personalities proves that these people aren't themselves. On the other hand a hyper-intelligence may not directly change the person, but may enable them because a higher intelligence could reasonably lead to a higher confidence and a higher rationale of thinking.

  22. Dec 2017
    1. Ironically, research has shown that personality traits are determined largely by heredity and are mostly immutable. The arguably more important traits of character, on the other hand, are more malleable—though, we should note, not without great effort. Character traits, as opposed to personality traits, are based on beliefs (e.g., that honesty and treating others well is important—or not), and though beliefs can be changed, it's far harder than most realize.
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  24. www.youthvoices.live www.youthvoices.live
    1. The thing I like to do the most is go to the hospital and visit the people in the chemotherapy hall and ask them how they are and make sure they are good, because I know they feel because I used to go through that.

      Reading this showed me you are a kind soul, that cares about the well-being of others.

  25. Jul 2017
    1. Psychotic, hysteric, obsessive, pervert ― which are we?

      Funny, easy to read, lay description of Lacan's different personality configurations. From a Malaysian news source, so some of the examples might seem obscure to some.

  26. Mar 2017
    1. Although some professors who urged a focus on public discourse and argumentation expressed opposition to the current-traditional approach, that method prevailed and, indeed. continued to be the predominant approach to composition through the first two-third~ of the twentieth century-and on some campuses much longer.

      It seems as though this decision to mandate the "current-traditional" approach of rhetoric in the academic setting cut out a large personal aspect of what rhetoric originally had

  27. Dec 2016
    1. First, you will find that this quality of relationship will come to you as you have something important to do in life. People who are actively engaged in life do not have to go searching for relationship. This is a fact. If you have found something truly meaningful to do in this world that it is natural for you to do
  28. Nov 2016
    1. there can be a bond that is deeper than the personalities involved and stronger than any divergent interests or orientations. This is something that transcends personal realities and has purpose and direction. This is something that is not created by the people involved but is something that they discover together. It is a discovery, and yet it is a discovery with a purpose. It is here to do something.
  29. May 2016
    1. For I, within him, do all that he does; but I necessarily do it through his organism, through hispersonality, his body, mind and soul.I will point out how this can be.First, try to realize that I made you in My Image and Likeness, and that I have My Being withinyou. Even if you do not know this now and believe that I, God, AM somewhere without, and thatwe are separated, try for the time being to imagine I AM within you.Next, realize that which you do when you think is not real thinking, because it is not consciousthinking; for you are unconscious of Me, the Inspirer and Director of every idea and thought thatenters your mind.Next, realize because I AM within you, and you are My Image and Likeness, and thereforepossess all of My Faculties, you have the power of thinking; but not being conscious thatthinking is creating and that it is one of My Divine Powers you are using you have indeed allyour life been thinking, but it has all been mis-thinking, or what you would call error-thinking.And this error-thinking, this not knowing it is My Power you have been thus misusing, has beenseparating you in consciousness farther and farther from Me; but all the time fulfilling MyPurpose, which later on will be made manifest to you.The proof of this is, you think you are separated from Me, that you are living in a materialWorld, that your body of Flesh engenders and harbors pleasure and pain, and that an evilinfluence, called the Devil, is manifesting in the world, opposing My Will.Yes, you think all these things are so.

      I am made in the image of God..... the Essence of my Being is God............. even my thoughts come from this source yet I have been unconscious of this. This mis-thinking and misuse of Gods power within me has been separating me further from the Truth, yet there still is a purpose in this.

    2. Now you may not even yet know I AM, or believe that I AM really you, or that I AM likewiseyour brother and your sister, and that you are all parts of Me and One with Me.You may not realize that the Souls of you and your brother and sister, the only real andimperishable parts of the mortal you, are but different phases of Me in expression in what iscalled Nature.Likewise you may not realize that you and your brothers and sisters are phases or attributes ofMy Divine Nature, just as your human personality, with its mortal body, mind and intellect, is aphase of your human nature.No, you do not realize this yet, but I speak of it now, that you may know the signs when theybegin to appear in your consciousness, as they surely will.In order to recognize these signs, all that now follows must be considered carefully and studied,and should not be passed by until My meaning, at least in some degree, is grasped.Once you fully understand the principle I here set down, then all My Message will become clearand comprehensible

      This part encourages that even if I do not know yet what this text is sharing it is important to have some understanding so as I may recognise the signs when they do occur.

    3. Always I AM there to pick you up, after the fall, although you do not know it at the time; firststraightening you out and then starting you onward again, by pointing out the reason for yourfall; and finally, when you are sufficiently humbled, causing you to see that these powersaccruing to you by the conscious use of My Will, My Intelligence and My Love, are allowed youonly for use in My Service, and not at all for your own personal ends.Do the cells of your body, the muscles of your arm, think to set themselves up as having aseparate will from your will, or a separate intelligence from your intelligence?No, they know no intelligence but yours, no will but yours.After a while it will be that you will realize you are only one of the cells of My Body; and thatyour will is not your will, but Mine; that what consciousness and what intelligence you have areMine wholly; and that there is no such person as you, you personally being only a physical formcontaining a human brain, which I created for the purpose of expressing in matter and Idea, acertain phase of which I could express best only in that particular form.All this may be difficult for you now to accept, and you may protest very strenuously that itcannot be, that every instinct of your nature rebels against such yielding and subordinatingyourself to an unseen and unknown power, however Impersonal or Divine.Fear not, it is only your personality that thus rebels. If you continue to follow and study MyWords, all will soon be made clear, and I will surely open up to your inner understanding manywonderful Truths that now are impossible for you to comprehend. Your Soul will rejoice singglad praises, and you will bless these words for the message they bring

      I am supported through my healing, growing, learning, fashioning..........

      to be able to be.. "a physical form containing a human brain, which I created for the purpose of expressing in matter and Idea, a certain phase of which I could express best only in that particular form."

      It is only my personality that resists Truth.

    4. You, as one of the cells of My Body, have a consciousness that is My Consciousness, anintelligence that is My Intelligence, even a will that is My Will. You have none of these foryourself or of yourself. They are all Mine and for My use only.Now, My consciousness and My Intelligence and My Will are wholly Impersonal, and thereforeare common with you and with all the cells of My Body, even as they are common with all thecells of your body.I AM the directing Intelligence of All, the animating Spirit, the Life, the Consciousness of allmatter, of all Substance. If you can see it, You, the Real you, the Impersonal you, are in all andare one with all, are in Me and are one with Me; just as I AM in you and in all, and thereby amexpressing My Reality through you and through all.This will, which you call your will, is likewise no more yours personally than is thisconsciousness and this intelligence of your mind and of the cells of your body yours.It is but that small portion of My Will which I permit the personal you to use. Just as fast as youawaken to recognition of a certain power or faculty within you and begin consciously to use it,do I allow you that much more of My Infinite Power

      The I Am, the God in me is the one directing all Life

    5. that which you have read has awakened a response within, and the Soul of you yearns formore, -- then you are ready for what follows.If you still question or rebel at the seeming assumption of Divine authority for what is hereinwritten, your intellect telling you it is but another attempt to beguile your mind with cunningsuggestion and subtle sophistry, -- then you will receive no benefit from these words; for theirmeaning is as yet hidden from your mortal consciousness, and My Word must come to youthrough other avenues of expression.It is well if your personality with its intellect impels you thus to question and rebel againstauthority you do not yet know to be Mine. It is really I Who cause your personality thus to rebel;for your personality with its proud sense of individuality is still needed by Me to develop a mindand body strong enough that they can perfectly express Me. Until you have become prepared toknow Me it is but natural for your personality thus to question and rebel. Once you recognize MyAuthority, that moment the undermining of the authority of the personality has begun. The daysof its dominion are numbered, and you will more and more turn to Me for help and guidance.Therefore, be not dismayed. Read on, and mayhap the recognition will come. But know that youcan read or not, as you choose; but if you do it is really I Who choose, and not you.For you, who seemingly choose not to read further, I have plans, and in due season you shalllearn that whatever you do, or like, or desire, it is I leading you through all the fallacies andillusions of the personality, that you may finally awaken to their unreality and then turn to Me asthe one and only Reality. Then these words will find a response within:

      As I practice the mantra, I can feel the energy within of the Truth of it, yet I witness the egoic mind doubt that I can really allow this.......... yet I am aware that the part of me that doubts is simply the egoic mind itself..............

      And the amazing thing here is that even this that to me it says that there is 'no problem' in this as it simply means that the persona is "still needed by Me to develop a mind and body strong enough that they can perfectly express Me". This is powerful and it undermines the doubt........... I can relax, allow, surrender and know that my Being is unfolding me.

  30. Apr 2016
    1. Weigh and study carefully these words.Rise up and free yourself now and for always from the domination of your personality, with itsself-inflated and self-glorifying mind and intellect.For your mind henceforth must be Your servant, and the intellect Your slave, if My Word is topenetrate to your Soul consciousness.I AM come now to your Soul consciousness, which I have quickened expressly in preparation forthe reception of My Word

      There is a very clear invitation here to 'rise up and free myself' from my perceptions of identifying as the human mind and persona.............. and receive the Word, the Truth.......

    2. 3Now, if you are strong enough to bear it;If you can put aside all your private personal fancies, beliefs and opinions, which are but therubbish you have gathered from the dumping grounds of others;If you are strong enough to cast them all away; --Then My Word will be to you a source of endless Joy and Blessing.Be prepared to have this personality of yours doubt My Word as you read It all along the way;For its very life is threatened, and it knows it cannot live and thrive and longer dominate yourthinking, your feelings, your going and coming, as of old, -- if you take My Word into your heartand permit It there to abide.

      I need to let go of my beliefs about myself and the world that I have taken on from what has been role modelled to me through my human life....

      And to realise that the part of me that has believed other than what is Truth may be resistant to the message in this text.

      The invitation extends to taking the Word within my heart and to abide, be with it and it will become a source of joy and blessing...

  31. Mar 2016
    1. INTPs are pensive, analytical folks. They may venture so deeply into thought as to seem detached, and often actually are oblivious to the world around them.

      Precise about their descriptions, INTPs will often correct others (or be sorely tempted to) if the shade of meaning is a bit off. While annoying to the less concise, this fine discrimination ability gives INTPs so inclined a natural advantage as, for example, grammarians and linguists.

      INTPs are relatively easy-going and amenable to almost anything until their principles are violated, about which they may become outspoken and inflexible. They prefer to return, however, to a reserved albeit benign ambiance, not wishing to make spectacles of themselves.


      INTPs are detached, analytical observers who can seem oblivious to the world around them because they are so deeply absorbed in thought. They spend much of their time focused internally: exploring concepts, making connections, and seeking understanding. To the Architect, life is an ongoing inquiry into the mysteries of the universe.

      WHAT MAKES THE INTP TICK INTPs present a cool exterior but are privately passionate about reason, analysis, and innovation. They seek to create complex systems of understanding to unify the principles they've observed in their environments.

      Their minds are complicated and active, and they will go to great mental lengths trying to devise ingenious solutions to interesting problems.

      The INTP is typically non-traditional, and more likely to reason out their own individual way of doing things than to follow the crowd. The INTP is suspicious of assumptions and conventions, and eager to break apart ideas that others take for granted. INTPs are merciless when analyzing concepts and beliefs, and hold little sacred. They are often baffled by other people who remain loyal to ideology that doesn't make logical sense.

  32. Jan 2016
    1. The experience of personality is, indeed, the effective block to the experience of Individuality, of Identity. Again—and this is imperative now—if you are not “channeling” me, then be in touch with me constantly. I will not be imposed upon by your constantly dialoguing with me, even in the midst of your relating to others and engaging in daily activities.

      In this I hear of the importance of listening to our true Self, our Being..

  33. Nov 2015
    1. Extroverts, for example, would likely benefit most from positives activities that involve socializing and being surrounded by others, whereas religious people might prefer an activity with a spiritual component.
    2. posit in their theorizing about person-activity fit that perhaps people who are high in sensationseeking might choose a really varied and novel kinds of activities for boosting their ownhappiness, whereas people who are more sort of quiet or less social or less extravertedare more likely to choose these less demanding self-reflective kinds of activities.
    3. For people to benefit from a positive activity,or any self-improvement behavior for that matter, they have to effortfully engage in it,be motivated to become happier, and believe that their efforts will pay off.
    1. Ego behaves exactly like a drug. As one gets used to it, it requires a bigger “fix” in order to get the thrill. It also engages one in a quest which had no foundation to begin with. Each additional “fix” requires the further development of a personality and an intellectual originality which can then become identified in a “thrilling” way, so that a higher “high” can be achieved.

      Ego is like a drug (Analogy/Simile), it engages one on a quest with no foundation which moves deeper into development of personality and intellectual originality.

  34. Oct 2015
    1. The easiest way—by far—to demonstrate interest in others is to ask questions. The most socially successful people ask not just factual questions (“What do you do for work?”) but questions that are a little more personal (“How do you like what you do?”). These two types of questions, used in conjunction, accelerate feelings of connectedness.
    2. Introverts may have a hard time feeling as socially connected as extroverts. But the most extroverted person in the room may not be the most socially connected. They may receive attention, but if an extrovert does not learn a bit about those around them—by quietly listening to them—those other people will hardly feel closer to them. Listening to others makes people want to be around you, and wanting to be around each other is the essence of feeling connected.
  35. Sep 2015
    1.  Studies suggest that online communication may especially benefit less extraverted individuals by giving them opportunities to provide support to others in a non-threatening environment, an experience that can in turn increase self-esteem and reduce depression. Contrary to popular opinion, research also shows that using Facebook can help satisfy our need for connection.