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  1. Nov 2021
  2. Dec 2020
    1. I think what the narrative of Incendies is trying to do is to first distinguish the mother's side of Oedipal desire from the male desire and then integrate them. Female characters are femininized as personified obstacles in traditional Oedipus story. The feminist narrative of Incendies seeks to contrast this idea by complicating the reality of Nawal in order to give her personalities, so her desire would not be subdued by the patriarchal desire. Therefore, the film has to focus on the desire of Nawal and her daughter first. The film also tries to challenge the traditional Oedipal narrative by integrating the double- identity of Simon/Nahid into that of Jeanne/Nawal through the blood tie they share, and suggests that they are all persecuted by the conflicts between two existing orders: Muslim and Christian. What the film is trying to do is to separate Nawal's reality from the patriarchal discourse, and to portray her as a misfit (in contrast to the feminized characters in Oedipus' story, where they all serve the Oedipal desire), so Nawal could not only have her own voice, but her desire can be fulfilled and outlive the patriarchal framework through the reunion of her children.

  3. Mar 2017